Perfect Harmony: Unfinished Business / Local Hero

Nora Roberts

Perfect Harmony: Unfinished Business / Local Hero

Perfect Harmony: Unfinished Business / Local Hero

  • Title: Perfect Harmony: Unfinished Business / Local Hero
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780373281374
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Paperback

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Unfinished BusinessVanessa Sexton used to know what she wantedglamour, fame and applause At sixteen, answers were simple and dreams were cheap But at twenty eight nothing is easy Not even going home She misses her mother, but she can t even say the word mom She wants peace and space to figure out the future, but rational thought is impossible when she s around Brady TUnfinished BusinessVanessa Sexton used to know what she wanted glamour, fame and applause At sixteen, answers were simple and dreams were cheap But at twenty eight nothing is easy Not even going home She misses her mother, but she can t even say the word mom She wants peace and space to figure out the future, but rational thought is impossible when she s around Brady Tucker, her first love her only love Everyone wants a piece of her, but how can Vanessa give herself away when she s not even sure who she is any Local HeroHester Wallace is proud of her independence She only needs one man in her life her nine year old son, Radley But when Rad starts idolizing their neighbor Mitch Dempsey, Hester begins to wonder if she s been cheating her son out of a male role model he desperately needs Hester would do anything for Rad, but inviting Mitch into their lives is dangerous Because she might start to rely on Mitch on his comfort, on his humor, on his passion Or worse, she might fall in love with him.

Recent Comments "Perfect Harmony: Unfinished Business / Local Hero"

Nora Roberts is one of the only authors whose novellas I enjoy. While they are obvious in how they will turn out and formulatic, she manages to give the characters some depth. This is a good, quick read for a trip or the beach.

Two stories being re-released in this volume. I realized once I started that I had read the stories before but long enough ago that I was happy to re-read them. Both really good, early Nora.

I did enjoy this story, just thought maybe it was a little too unrealistic; they didn't even have any time to get to know each other - things just went too fast. While his career as a comic book writer was entertaining, there just wasn't enough time to create a good chemistry between the two main characters.

Pretty predictable. Brady is such a well-developed character, though. Loved him! Vanessa, in the other hand, is pretty boring to me. But I enjoyed this novel. It's good but it doesn't take my breath away.

I like Nora Roberts. As always, I liked the storyline, the development and interaction of the characters. I just found this particular story to be predictable and in some ways similar to another of her stories.

Love Nora Roberts and all of her books they are fast, easy, fun romances.

I really enjoyed both stories in this book! Both stories were very interesting and hard to put down. I really enjoy romance stories by Nora Roberts, I highly recommend this book!

just started this book we'll see how it goes,it sounds familiar, like I've read it before Maybe I did!! lol I have so many!

Predictable. Boring. Expected. Nora Efron could do better. Seems like it was written just to be written and without any real thought about story or plot or character

I was kinda surprised to know that Nora Roberts write this kind of novel before she became a suspense writer. Anyway, It's a good story but kinda typical that I've already predicted the ending.

Good light read in Nora Roberts usual "happy-ever-after" style. These novellas also published under title Unexpected

Unfinished Business - 3/5 - Another Nora Roberts that frustrates mee seems to have this theme in some of her early stories where the long lost child comes home after years without contact and instead of a round of explanations, the characters evade. Vanessa, a piano player, has not seen or heard from her mother in 12 yearster her father took her on a concert piano tour and her mother never fought to keep her with her or stay in touch. For that matter, there's Brady (the hero) who stood her up fo [...]

Perfect Harmony by Nora RobertsUnfinished BusinessWorld-renowned pianist, Vanessa Sexton, returns to her hometown after 10 years after her father/agent passes away. She has to rebuild her relationship with her mother whom she feels abandoned her when her father spirited her off for her career. She also has to face her unresolved feelings for her former fiance, Brady Tucker, now a doctor like his kindhearted dad, whom she thought left her at the altar back when they were teens.Local HeroHester Wa [...]

I absolutely loved the first story in this book, and found myself really drawn to the characters and couldn't put it down. It was a very predictable story, but also a very quick read, so it was just a pleasant break from life.The second story, however, left me really bored. I don't know if it was the names of the characters or what, but when I read a story, I like to be able to visualize the characters, and I just couldn't picture them in my head, so it was hard to let myself visualize them as p [...]

Read these two a looong time ago and decided to pick them up again as a quick beach read.I remembered and enjoyed Unfinished Business. The hero and heroine are both likable, and the family dynamics are fun.I don't remember having read Local Hero. I don't like it as much. It feels rushed and the heroine especially feels just a little too cold.Still, worth picking up in the grocery store aisle.

I enjoyed both of these books for what they were - something to help me pass the time while traveling. It wasn't a book that I couldn't put down or one that I minded picking back up when I had a free moment. Ultimately, both novels failed to reel me in and make me care about the characters. I am typically a Roberts fan, but this is one book I won't be picking back up for a reread.

Unfinished Business: As always, this was sweet and good and lovely to read. Vanessa was lovely and Brady was yummy and everyone else was great too. I'd really love to have grown up in a town like that, I think. I really, thoroughly, enjoyed reading this.I'd already read Local Hero, and have only fond memories of it, but didn't feel the need to read it again.

I am a long time Nora Roberts fan so I do not think twice about picking up one of her books. They are always well written. I liked it, it was an good read,;) a pleasant way to spend the afternoon. Not a book I stayed up in the wee hours finishing but as always her characters are interesting and I am a sucker for a good happy ending romance.

LOVED IT!! One of my new favourite male characters- Brady Tucker- is beautiful! There are 2 stories in the book. I read the first and I believe I read the 2nd a while ago so I don't remember much about it. Definitely recommend it to a romance reader!

There are two books included. The first Unfinished Business was pretty good. The second is not up to her other books. When I purchased I did not realize it was an older book until the excitement of the purchase of the "first VCR"

Would have given it 4 stars, but for the fact that it was so very very short. Only about 200 pages. Nora Robert writes everything well. This is no exception.

I liked the first novel a lot, but I had trouble getting into the second one.

This story was ok just a little boring.

Read unfinished business only, good summer read for the beach. Quick read

I though Unfinished Business was ok,, it was a quick easy read that I was looking forward to finish.I loved Local Hero,, the story was warm and cute!!

Two more stories down in my Nora Roberts Reading Challenge

Read the first half. Eh.

LH a fav,2nd rdg; dvrced mom & boy meet comicbk wrtr. UB

I loved it. great read!

it was a good light reading!

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