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  • Title: Lombards
  • Author: Neil Christie
  • ISBN: 9780631182382
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Hardcover

This book offers a survey of the history and archaeology of the Longobards known until recently as the Lombards , one of the many barbarian tribes who exploited the collapse of the Roman Empire.

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Very interesting and well-researched book. It covers a "people" and a period not well studied and explored, but which are very important to the overall history of Early Medieval Italy. Christie writes well, the narrative is interesting, and the work is well footnoted. I would have preferred some more detail in some areas, but overall this is a really good book.The book is very extensively based on Paul The Deacon's Historia Langobardorum, as unfortunately this period is notoriously not well supp [...]

The Lombards (whom Christie insists on calling “Longobards” for obscure reasons) are up with the Huns and the Vandals in terms of largely unwarranted bad press -- but they’re also second only to the Franks in their long-term success. The author is a recognized expert in medieval Italy, especially its archaeology, and this study, organized both chronologically and thematically, is of a high standard. He traces the Lombards from their hazy origins to their sojourn in trans-Danube Pannonia, t [...]

Neil Christie offers an overview of the Longobards/Lombards and unlike Menghin, his interest is their impact on Italy, especially from an archaeological perspective. A pity then that he is so sparing with illustrations. The book discusses some of the most amazing evidence (such as the wall paintings at Castelseprio), but unless you know about the site, you may be left with the impression that we are talking about foundations, rather than a near complete church. On the other hand, when Menghin us [...]

Questionable uses of literary and archaeological evidence make this disappointing and less informative than it claims to be.

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