A Garlic Testament: Seasons on a Small New Mexico Farm

Stanley Crawford

A Garlic Testament: Seasons on a Small New Mexico Farm

A Garlic Testament: Seasons on a Small New Mexico Farm

  • Title: A Garlic Testament: Seasons on a Small New Mexico Farm
  • Author: Stanley Crawford
  • ISBN: 9780826319609
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Paperback

A treasure trove of planting lore as pungently powerful as Crawford s crop of choice Publishers Weekly

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Garlic farming as a subversive activity? Maybe. There is much more to this book than garlic lore. Stanley Crawford muses on the meaning of life, what makes it worthwhile and how raising something as seemingly insubstantial as garlic connects us to eternity."You pay homage when and where you can. I love the smell of the bulb as the earth opens and releases it in harvest, an aroma that only those who grow garlic and handle the bulb and the leaves still fresh from the earth can know. It is a smell [...]

For a book about garlic it was rather interesting. It takes a skilled hand to write 239 pages of essential, garlic.

Approximately a year ago my copy of this book vanished from a chair in my own house, where I set it down while (fittingly) cooking. I was pretty upset. My particular copy came from a used bookstore in Albuquerque and is signed by the author. But these artifacts have a way of coming back to me, and eventually the book emerged out of the maze of things my eighty-year-old housemate had to leave behind when she moved.So one year later, I finished the thing, and I am so glad I did. Smart, lucid, prag [...]

This is one of the older books in this relatively new genre (I dropped everything and started gardening). While it isn't the best in story-telling, it shines through as one of the best because of its' maturity. One part philosophy, one part social critic, one part growing garlic in New Mexico; It reminds us of the vital connection to land and community. Comparison to Thorough or Leopold would be appropriate. Pulling no punches this book is honest, and thoughtful. I think that fact that the write [...]

3 stars leaning towards 4t born into a farming family, crawford came to it only as an adult. this aspect provides endless subject matter for his book. his decision making, errors, learning experiences and day-to-day duties culminate as a well-written "life in a place" story that features man, plant and animal as its characters. crawford embraces his daily interactions with the earth, the seasons, the local wildlife and his customers, and uses these experiences and observations to frame pondering [...]

What might you do for a day job if you write novels? Grow garlic of course. If there is poetry in garlic the author discovers it here. His responses and explorations of the soil the sunlight, the air and the irrigated water, and the way that garlic likes to grow make this account a compelling read. The book takes us through the planting, growing, harvesting, and to-market cycle, also telling the story of years and how the author's understanding has matured. He simultaneously intrigues us with an [...]

The odd thing about doing tons of travel is that you find yourself in the next place thinking about the last place. An example is on my recent trip to Great Barrington Massachussets I found this book about a farmer from Santa Fe NM, who sold at the farmers market there. Sometimes I am humbled by the secret life of books and how far they travel.So I picked it up to see what that farmer thought about 21st century farming and markets.And he did just that. And he grows heirloom garlic too which make [...]

A story of raising garlic from planting to harvest in Northern New Mexico. To tell the truth, I just read this, and I can't remember much except that it was a source of comfort during a time of stress. The predictability of patterns, the peace from nurturing and nature, the ebb and flow of time. It was about knowing your neighbors (both human and non) and still, not knowing your neighbors. The innocence of a question, and the depth of thoughts and emotions it brings. All I can say is that this w [...]

Crawford focuses on the small-scale, taking piece by piece the elements of the farm. He discusses the garlic's growth under the earth, his local community, his family, birds, markets, equipment, each in little studied chapters. Each is a story in itself, and they unfold together into a complexity that reaches far beyond the farm into nuclear catastrophe. This is some of the best nature writing I've ever come across, crystalline and unsentimental.

"Free enterprise, so called, knows no bounds and shrinks from no means in the pursuit of its power over the imagination." This book is tinged with brilliance which makes it worth slogging through overly granular details about garlic farming. Don't get me wrong -- I expected and looked forward to a certain amount of garlic-farming basics. But again, worth it for those times Crawford moves into the broader meanings of life and the errant paths "civilization" has taken.

this is a memoir written by a man who escaped the rat race in the 70's and bought a farm in New Mexico. He and his wife built an adobe house, a farm and a new life. The author is able to weave all of his ideas and observations very well into the mundane and ordinary and somehow transform them into something he really likes.

Interesting autobiographical story of author on garlic farm in northern New Mexico. Didn't enjoy it as much as Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miralce. Best parts were his personal musings about his surroundings. Could have done more with this to have held my interest.

A moving, romantic, real story of a life spent trying to achieve the parallel quests of making money/doing good. This is Crawford's well told tale of the challenges, trade-offs and triumphs of that life mission. This is a great read for an aspiring entrepreneur.

A beautfiul, thoughtful discussion/explanation of garlic farming in New Mexico. Particularly interesting exploration for me of the "seasons of life" and appreciting those times of reflection and introspection (fall/winter) as much as those of growth, development, and success.

If you are curious what it is like to be one of those farmers at the farmer's market this is a good choice. It is more about imagery than turning pages kind of a meditative, semi-philosophical, ode to nature with some down sides thrown in. I liked it a lot.

Yeah, I like garlic. And this is Straight-up about growing garlic and livin the farm life, which is nice, and very different from his super-meta-weirdo book about the barge, The Logbook of the S.S. the Mrs. Ungentuine, one of my all-time favourites.

Hope to read the rest later

The subject matter is interesting, but the storytelling is too dry. More like prose than novel. I only made it halfway through before abandoning it.

talked about it here: 5cense/13/travel_notes

I didn't finish this book I thought it was a fiction book about New Mexico and come to find out it's a book about growing garlic

More research.

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