Pie A la Murder

Melinda Wells

Pie A la Murder

Pie A la Murder

  • Title: Pie A la Murder
  • Author: Melinda Wells
  • ISBN: 9780425242216
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Paperback

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Della Carmichael s sweetie pie Nicholas drops a bomb he has a teenage daughter, now living with him When the daughter s friend is found murdered, the protective Nicholas is a suspect, and Della must find the real killer before they all get burned.

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Another heroine who has to solve a crime. At least this one was well written.

The author printed my bread pudding recipe in the back of this book.

4th book in series. Della finds out that Nicholas has an 18 year old daughter from a past marriage. His ex-wife has kept him from her all these years and now the Celeste is 18 she wants to meet her dad. She comes to live with him and doesn't like that he's with Della. She wants to become an actress and so Liddy Della's best friend takes them to a charity gala so she can meet celebrities. She ends up having Alec Redding a famous photographer do some portfolio pictures for her. Celeste talks him i [...]

Great series. I love a book that includes pets and recipes!Then if you add a little romance and a murder to solveyou have a hit novel. Della Carmichael is our centralcharacter and cook Extraordinaire!!

Della Carmichael hosts her own cooking show, In the Kitchen with Della, on cable tv. Along with this endeavor, she also runs a culinary business with Eileen O'Hara, her honorary daughter.Nicholas D'Martino has been the main man in her life for the last year but it seems he has kept one big secret from Della. He springs the surprise of an 18 year old daughter,Celeste, on her only because Celeste is coming to stay with him in his home in Santa Monica. Celeste, quite the cosmoplitan young lady who [...]

I continue to enjoy this book series, but this book is the least likable of them. We're introduced to the past of Nicholas, Della's significant other of about a year. He's got an 18 year old daughter that he never really got to know because his ex tricked him into giving up custody and left the country with her. One thing leads to another and suddenly Nicholas is the prime suspect of the murder of a photographer who had taken a photo of the daughter that was not kosher. Though I'd like to add th [...]

This was a quick, fast-paced, adventurous dash through Los Angeles to discover a murderer. I found myself at times, shocked, dismayed, worried about our sleuth, Della, and finished up feeling there was a true Champion.The police are looking at Della's gentleman friend, Nicholas for a murder that involves a racy photograph of his newly-found daughter, Celeste. Della is amazingly mature about how she is treated by Celeste, and even Nicholas. I was, at times, feeling she was too tolerant.Delicious [...]

Once again, one of the men in tv chef Della's life is in trouble because of his daughter. First it was her friend John O'Hara, now it's her significant other journalist Nicholas. His ex-wife took their daughter off to Europe as a young child; now the 18-year-old is back and Nicholas is eager to get to know her. But Celeste is very beautiful, the target for a conniving photographer. When there's a murder, the police--especially O'Hara, who hates reporters anyway--suspect Nicholas. Della and her f [...]

This is another suspenseful and entertaining reads from the imagination of Melinda Wells. I really like the main character Della and her friends. There are recipes included at the end of the book. I hope that there will be many more of these in the future. They are good for a light read when you are reading other more involved books such as Proust. I highly recommend these for someone who enjoys a good and easy to follow mystery that keeps the reader guessing at every turn.

Even though it had been a while since I read the previous book, this story flowed right along. I'm not thrilled with the "secret teenage daughter" bit. Also, Della went a bit far now and again during the investigation. And I love how she figured out the killer based on a "look in their eye" thing. But other than those couple things it was a good read. I do like Della and Nick as well as their friends.

I had never read a book by Melinda Wells and was happy to find that she has written a series of the,I would recommend theis book to people who like mysteries, people who enjoy cooking shows.It probably would mostly appeal to women andThis delicious tale combines a murder tale with twists. Our herione Della, gets into so many scrapes that you wonder how she'll survive. There is also a lover and his bratty daughter, a future prince and a best friend.

I rather dislike the predictability of any cozy mystery series focusing at least one book on the protagonist having to 'save her man' against unfair murder accusations. However this was a good story and a fun, fast read. The characters get more likeable with each book and it's a solid series overall.

Out of the 4 books that I have read in the series, this was my least fave. The plot plods along, and it is very predictable. Many times while reading I wondered how dumbed down each character was going to get until the blessed ending. I like the main character, her friend Liddy, and the cat & dog. I think this will be the end of the series for me.

Melinda Wells' Della Cooks series is always enjoyable for me. The recipes are fun too (although I haven't cooked in a while - I do plan to try some!). The characters are people I'd like to have for friends and somehow Della gets into and out of situations that are dangerous but don't make her TSTL (too stupid to live) like some heroines. Another good entry in the series.

Now I know I shouldn't say this because I don't want to move the series too fast, but I thought that Nick might propose to Della at the end of of this one.Guess we still have a bit of time to wait on that one.

This is a fun series, what do you get when you have a dating couple and a unknown daughter. You get upheaval and upset. This book was not my favorite of the series, but I did enjoy the mystery and the recipes.

Della's boyfriend is getting a visitor, his daughter his ex-wife took to Paris for the last 18 years! Della is trying to be friends with the daughter Celeste but it is tough going. Della is also launching a new contest on her cooking show - a bake sale contest for charity.

All the while I read this I kept thinking I'd already read this-but upon cking.!? I didn't get "a familiar read" feeling I usually have when returning to an authors newest book wonder if this series all read the same but the style of murder is just different.

Another delicious mystery from the devious mind of Melinda Wells. This is the fourth book in her Della Cooks Mystery series and I've read them all. This latest adventure is a twisting plot with possible killers popping up every five minutes. READ THE BOOK, YOU'LL LOVE IT!!!!

A great cozy mystery.

Good book, good ending, took a long time for meTo read but still very good

This book had a tight plot, the characters were interesting and the overall story was very entertaining.

It was cute even though it started out a little slow. It got kind of humorous toward the end as the mystery is solved. Maybe not my favorite "cook" mystery author but certainly respectable.

Another great installment in the Della cooks series. This time it comes with complications in the form of a boyfriend's teenage child. Fun read, good recipes-- pretty much what I want in a cozy.

Great plotting, well written.

Love it. My favorite cozy mystery series.

I got about halfway through and stopped. Boring.

a fun read

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