Texas Glory

Lorraine Heath

Texas Glory

Texas Glory

  • Title: Texas Glory
  • Author: Lorraine Heath
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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This western romance set in 1880s Texas tells the story of Cordelia McQueen and Dallas Leigh, who must overcome their hatred and learn to love each other.

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Finally on Kindle!!!I know people, including myself, who paid a small fortune on eBay for used copies of these books, but I just discovered they're FINALLY available got kindle! These 3 books are seriously 3 of my favorite historical romances, and worth every penny! And yes, I'll be buying them again! Texas Destiny amzn/1HA0eD0 Texas Glory amzn/1Lmm1ifTexas Splendor amzn/1FExUQAMy reviewTexas Glory is the second book in Lorraine Heath’s Texas Trilogy and to be honest, I just wasn’t sure how [...]

Reviewed for THC Reviews"4.5 stars" I ended up having a difficult time rating Texas Glory, because I really enjoyed almost everything about the story, but was rather frustrated by one element. As with her other books that I've read, Lorraine Heath once again showed her masterful understanding of the human psyche by creating relatable characters and taking them on a believable journey of self-discovery. The road that takes them there is not always perfect and filled with bliss. The author makes h [...]

Nuestra reseña en A la cama con un libro 4'5 ⭐ A mí estos hermanos vaqueritos me tienen conquistado el corazón. Y Lorraine Heath está convirtiéndose en una de mis favoritas también

My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book“Dreams were the stepping stones to glory.”My god! This book made me the ultimate watering pot. WOW! Dallas turned out to be one heck of a sweet pea and Dee, not as odd I thought she was. I have to say, the 1st half of the book was quite slow and a bit frustrating but the 2nd half made it for me, 10 times over. I cried and I laughed and had this silly grin on my face in the end. And, GOD, Houston and Amelia’s [...]

I don’t like books where most of the conflict is based on mis-communication and inaccurate assumptions.He loves her but never says the words. So she thinks he does not love her, so she’s going to leave. But she won’t tell him why. So he thinks she does not love him. He lets her go without saying anything. Of course this just confirms to her that he doesn’t care.Another example. She was a virgin. When they have sex for the first time, she thinks he feels pain based on his grunts and groan [...]

Ahhhhh it hurts to know that I could have loved the book but somehow something was not right. When I started this book I thought, oh I think I am going to like Dallas's story better than Houston. A marriage of convenience, Dallas and Cordelia both sound extremely promising, what is not to like? Then Cordelia's fears started to get on my nerves. I tried to be more understanding of her fears, but even I got annoyed. Dallas was a saint. Cordelia's character started out fine, but once she married Da [...]

Let me start saying: Would you please give me a weapon, so I can go at the beginning of this book and erase from this earth Boyd, her worthless father, Duncan and Cooper!!!Maybe then I would have read this book without the pressing need to slam my e-book down so often! Don't get me wrong, I liked this book very, very much, but most of the time I wanted to smash something! Dee is a sweet girl. She's beautiful, but so very much (view spoiler)[doormat (hide spoiler)] shy. Mostly I couldn't find the [...]

This is the weakest of the Leigh Family trilogy. Dallas and Dee were completely mismatched for most the story and the entire plot was built on contrivance on top of contrivance. One long misunderstanding.I found it incredibly annoying that no one, not even Amelia, clued into the fact that Dee's family would have told her the worst things about Dallas and that someone -- Amelia being the perfect someone -- needed to sit down and talk to her about what she'd been told and sift through fact from fi [...]

Another beautifully written book in this series. Dallas and Dee were so perfect together, even if they didn't start off that way.

Another excellent addition to Lorraine Heath’s Texas trilogy, it doesn’t quite live up to the awesomeness of (Texas Destiny) but its damn close and a really emotional read. Such a shame that Heath is no longer writing these historical westerns because they’re just so good and this (out of print) series in particular is worth hunting down. Here in book 2 we get Dallas’ story. He’s the oldest Leigh brother and figured prominently in the last book, standing by helplessly as his mail-order [...]

I hate writing reviews about books like Texas Destiny because I know I can't do them justice with my measly vocabulary. Saying it made me laugh, cry, ache and that I never wanted it to end just doesn't seem like enough.The plot revolves around two characters who don't know how to communicate. They keep their feelings inside, and tip-toe around other. This type of storyline will normally drive me insane but because Heath gets you into the heads of her people so skillfully you don't question their [...]

When it rains, it pours.This book was one tragedy after another. Ripped my heart out.Rarely have I met such a mismatched couple in my romance books. They were like two people standing in two opposite sides of the earth and deciding to meet halfway. Dee was a scared woman, closed up in her shell, that turned into an amazing, brilliant, resourceful and fiery person and Dallas had an explosive temper that he managed to control.Dallas has never been my favorite among the brothers. Austin is and Hous [...]

Texas Glory is another wonderful read in the series- so so emotional that I bawled my way through the last four chapters. This author certainly knows how to turn readers' waterworks on- but the stories are so beautiful, I'm hooked onto them.Dallas, the previously uptight and ambitious brother definitely gets his comeuppance. His and Cordelia's path to a life together is paved with miscommunication and heartache. Whereas the first romance (Houston and Amelia) had this grand, sweeping feel to it- [...]

This is the second book in the Texas Trilogy and this time we get Dallas' story.I loved the chemistry between Dallas and Dee. Their marriage starts off on the wrong foot, with Dee being forced to wed by her father and brothers. As she gets to know Dallas, she realizes what an amazing and generous person he is. His obsession with having a son is endearing because he has so much love to offer. He slowly comprehends that the love of his wife is what truly makes him complete.We also get updates on A [...]

I really couldn't bring myself to like either of the main characters, and some of their actions were so monumentally dumb that I rolled my eyes throughout most of the book. Definitely not one I'd read again.

Loved this book….It’s so good! After losing his mail order bride to his scarred brother and still wanting a son desperately to pass on his ranching dynasty he has created, he decides to take the neighbor’s sister to wife. Most of the town has never seen her due to her family keeping her secluded. He even thinks she has no nose (told a story of it being cut off by Indians)….but he doesn’t care, he just wants a wife/son. As part of his contract to marry her, he makes a deal with her fami [...]

started this one after a few disappointments. It was a reread and when I picked it up I thought that 1) I need something interesting to catch my interest, 2) I needed to find out if this one was indeed a keeper. Well, it is!She was wed to a stranger who would show her the way to freedom and love . . .Ever since her mother's death, Cordelia McQueen has been a virtual prisoner in her father's house. But now everything had changed. Shamelessly traded in a battle for land and water rights, she was t [...]

UPDATE: This book made me CRY MY EYES OUT. It might have had something to do with PMS, but seriously! I was lying on my pillow and tears were streaming down my face.WOW, it was good. 5 HUGE STARS. When I finished, I looked up the book and sure enough, this was book 2 of 3. I figured as much. I bought all three books. Book 1 is Texas Destiny (Houston), Book 2 is Texas Glory (Dallas), and Book 3 is Texas Splendor (Austin).I got them in the mail yesterday. Now I need to read them!-----PREVIOUSLY:So [...]

Dallas Leigh, hero kumisan pertama yg gw cinta matiLOLi want to grab him and run away,, really, really, really fast MINE!! lmaoDallas punya -hampir- semua hal yg di inginkan pria di texasTanah, ternak, dan hartaYg kurang hanyalah pewaris-anak laki2 yg sangaaat dia inginkanDi usia nya yg udah 35 tahun, Dallas makin putus asa krna anak laki2 yg dia inginkan belom jg hadirSecara dia ini masih agak kuno,, prinsipnya menikah dulu baru bikin anak,,, *peyuk*So ketika dia tau klo tetangga sekaligus musu [...]

What a great trilogy. This trilogy has made me a fan of historical western romances.This second book concerns the eldest brother Dallas. He had to lead in the Civil War when he was only 14 and has a naturally authoritative and intimidating personality.Cordelia has been over sheltered for most of her life caring for her invalid mother. Her mother was incapacitated because of domestic abuse caused by her father.Cordelia's father needs the land by the river for his cattle, and Dallas wants a son. T [...]

SoThis book made me cry, made me laugh, made me want to sob and then smile. Lorraine Heath, as we all know has a knack for writing beautiful stories which are always emotional (Coming from someone whose read all her books so trust me, not doing emotional is not her style), Miss Heath's writing struck my heart chords. Always does. Texas Glory did the same. I didn't stop reading it until the end. This book really tells us that you should be content and happy with what you have, to dream big but if [...]

3.5Es una linda historia, el romance se desarrolla de forma lenta y creíble y me gusto que la autora le haya dado algún interés a la protagonista (fuck, no puedo recordar como se llamaba) además de "Ser la esposa de " y también me gusto que los personajes principales fueran adelantados para su época, aunque ya rayaba lo irreal ¿? que se yo, gente feminista hubo siempre solo que nunca fue(ni va a ser)mainstream. En resumen es un buen libro aunque no me termino de enamorar.

Works that deliver amazing punch lines without being too over the top or trying too hard? Definitely worth 5 stars!The second book in the Texas Trilogy and it didn't disappoint me. I love the Heroine because, even though she's naive, she straightforward.Dealing with circumstances right away instead of taking the long way in resolving the issues.Of course, I'm hands down head-over-heels in love with Dallas. His subtle gifts and his gentle gestures*sigh* Who wouldn't fall for him??? He's such a sw [...]

3.5 Bintang Sebenarnya ceritanya bagus banget, nyesek dan berpotensi banget bikin gua ngasih 5 bintang Tapii, sepertiga bagian di awal membuat gua bosan, jadinya gua harus skip aka ngelompat bacanya langsung ke bagian yang seru. Atau bisa jadi mood gua lg jelek saat itu makanya gak begitu bisa sreg sama bab-bab awalnya.

I am now on 2 hours of sleep because I couldn't stop reading the book!

Yes yes yes!!! The reviews are true, this one is awesome! Next book in the series!

4.5 stars. Slow at first, but the last 25% was fantastic!

The writing style was engaging. But the plot itself was too depressing. There were lot of horrible events. When at least i think something good will happen, then it turns out tragic this book made me cry lot too. And i didn't really liked the hero. He was selfish. When it was apparent that the heroine was hurting more than him, he still acted like the wounded one. The heroine was weakling and crying banshee at the beginning of the book. Fortunately it changed afterwards. I liked the character de [...]

A real comfort read, sweetly romantic and feel good story.3.5 stars

Dallas was outside on a night of the full moon because he wanted to catch the MacQueen brothers breaking his fence. He got lucky and lasoed Boyed and dragged him to the water hole on his property. Then Dallas heard a shot and let go of the laso to go see what happened. To find his youngest brother Austin on the ground unconcious. They took him to Dallas's house to wait for the doctor. Dallas tiered of the fighting heard the doctor say that the MacQueens had a sister. And that is when Dallas deci [...]

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