Demons of Air and Darkness

Keith R.A. DeCandido

Demons of Air and Darkness

Demons of Air and Darkness

  • Title: Demons of Air and Darkness
  • Author: Keith R.A. DeCandido
  • ISBN: 9780743418522
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

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Once they moved from world to world in a single step, through innumerable doors that spanned the galaxy They were masters of space, and to those who feared them, they were demons of air and darkness But long ago they left their empire and their miraculous technology behind Now someone has found the key to it, and all those doors have been flung open Gateways Dem Once they moved from world to world in a single step, through innumerable doors that spanned the galaxy They were masters of space, and to those who feared them, they were demons of air and darkness But long ago they left their empire and their miraculous technology behind Now someone has found the key to it, and all those doors have been flung open Gateways Demons Of Air Darkness A world near Deep Space 9, threatened with destruction from the distant Delta Quadrant, becomes the focus of a massive rescue effort as Colonel Kira Nerys, her crew, and some unexpected allies fight to avert disaster on a planetary scale Meanwhile, as Lieutenant Nog and Ensign Thirishar ch Thane search for a way to shut down the spatial portals forever, Quark becomes involved in a dangerous game that could determine, once and for all, who will control the Gateways.

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Star Trek. Deep Space Nine. What more could you possibly want? :)

My least favorite of the Gateways series, though that might have something to do with the fact that I wasn't much of a fan of the relaunched DS9 series, or of the Hirogen.

A well-written book held down by a ludicrously absurd premise from a couple of not-great TNG episodes.

When the galaxy-wide network of Iconian gateways are mysteriously flung open, the crew of Deep Space Nine find themselves in the midst of an ecological disaster. Waste from a Malon freighter in the Delta Quadrant is being dumped through one of the gateways and making its way to the colony of Europa Nova, a short jump from the station. With the population under threat from theta radiation poisoning, Kira must mobilise a task force to save the natives.This DS9 crossover into the Delta Quadrant may [...]

Another terrific piece to the post-DS9 series with some terrific humor

The writing left something to be desired, and the story was extremely slow to get started, but once it picked up, it made for a fairly enjoyable read. I suspect most of the problems/unresolved threads in the plot are resolved to at least some degree in the other books, but this one was clear enough about what was going on. The parts with the Hirogen seemed kind of unnecessary (and would have been a terrible slog were I not familiar with Voyager). I really enjoyed the addition of Treir, and I hop [...]

CAREFUL, I GIVE SOMEMILD HINTS TO THE STORY IN THIS REVIEWThis is more of a 3.5 book for me.I generally enjoyed the first half of it. But as soon the time shift started I thought that should have been two boks on there own.The characters are still as great as they have been for the firts three novels in the series and I did enjoy to see some of the relationships and especially friednships develop some more. ( Nog and Shar as well as Quark and Ro Laren)The plot as I stated was really good for he [...]

This was my first time reading a DS9 book due to it being a part of the Gateways series. I like DS9 and had been planning to read the relaunch books later on (when I finish with all the Voyager ones), and this book just made me want to do that even more. I feel that the author is being true to the characters and I like the new characters as well, so this is great.And the Gateways story continues to keep me interested. I just love the whole concept and look forward to reading the rest of the book [...]

This is an excellent entry in the "Gateways" line of books and a very good entry in the Deep Space Nine relaunch series. As with all the Gateways books, this one annoyingly ends on a cliffhanger to be continued in the final book. The novel does pick up where The Next Generation's book finished, only without the resolution to the before-mentioned cliffhanger. The makers of the gateways are "unmasked" the numbers of chaotic events happening is increasing with in numbers and severity. In this case, [...]

This was a pretty good one. The author cleverly invovles alien races from the Voyager cannon in a way that is actually appropriate. The character voices and motivations ring true. It's a refreshing change of pace for a DS9 plot to involve a global disaster scenario rather than a war scenario. The pacing is good as well.Of course, since the last Trek movie kind of blew up this universe, it made the whole thing a little less satisfying that it would have been had I read it a year ago.There is also [...]

Average Star Trek novel has as its primary interest the building up of the new post-television DS9 cast. The first half is concerned with the relatively smooth evacuation of a planet which reads like a procedural with some character moments, but nothing very exciting. The plot points involving the gates and the Iconians are all baggage from the Gateways miniseries and it doesn't feel very organic to DS9. Several characters log in some parental conflicts in the story, but most interesting is Ezri [...]

A nice, solid entry in the Gateways series, but I definitely appreciate this novel more for its continuation of the story of Deep Space Nine than for the Petraw story. Seeing the DS9 characters come together to save the Europa Nova colony is a great story, and let us be honest, seeing a Jem'Hadar face off against a Hirogen is pretty darn cool. Great writing that kept me engrossed through the ending (which, of course, is a cliffhanger to be resolved in What Lay Beyond). Full review: treklit/2012/ [...]

The Gateways are causing pollution to kill the planet Europa Nova, and DS9 has to organise the evacuation. Quark is asked to negotiate on the Orion Syndicates behalf for the use of the Gateways. This is a fun book with some great character moments, particularly Quark and Kira. There is quite a bit of politics in this book, as people have to be persuaded to help the planet. It ends on a cliffhanger. A good read.

This book and the story Horn and Ivory comprised the final books in the "Twist of Faith" Omnibus.They were also part of the "Gateways" books, that had one book from each series.Not really much to say about it except it was fantastic. Just the way characters are fleshed out and taken in different directions really made the book hold up for me.Especially Lauren Ro and Shar. You just have to read to find out about Lauren Ro, I was not expecting what I read!

Excellent entry in the ongoing DS9 season 8 narrative. New characters are introduced, old characters have their plotlines advanced, and we the readers get to bear witness to a fight between a Hirogen and a Jem-Hadar!

It wasokay. I never like things that end on a cliffhanger, without giving us something in return. I wasn't interested in the Gateways concept, but picked this up because it's part of the DS9 relaunch.

The Ultimate "A fool and his money are soon parted" cashgrab from the Pocket Books Star Trek line - a line of poorly connected novels, each one without a last chapter that is to be collected in a later book. I'm just as culpable having bought two of the damn things.

I was a bit disappointed that Ro never made an appearance until she actually made an appearance as the Dabo girl.Not a bad book but nothing great. Feels like it is still trying to set the new cast of DS9.

Why do they do this?

Ohne die letzten 20% wären glatte fünf Sterne drin gewesen.

Pretty good cliff hanger. Decent read, could've been better.

A Deep Space Nine novel set directly between Section 31 Abyss and Gateways 7 which continues to Twilight (DS9 Mission Gamma, Book 1) in a straight arc. This was well doe and engaging. =)

Annoyingly, the endings of all the books in the series are in 'What Lay Beyond'.

I give this one an automatic bump over the others because it was in the DS9 Relaunch, which hasn't disappointed yet.

Das Buch ist ok! Wie ich finde ist es aber das bisher schwächste Buch der DS9-Reihe!

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