Garfield Blots Out the Sun

Jim Davis

Garfield Blots Out the Sun

Garfield Blots Out the Sun

  • Title: Garfield Blots Out the Sun
  • Author: Jim Davis
  • ISBN: 9780345466150
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Paperback

Garfield Blots Out the Sun His 43rd book Gluttony on a Galactic Scale Like the Universe, Garfield is constantly expanding Fans of the fat cat will get a big bang out of this all new collection of comics, featuring Garfield at his funniest and hungriest

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These circ like crazy at my library and I remember loving Garfield as a kid, so I picked up a random collection to refresh my memory. I chuckled a few times, but nothing to write home about. Granted, this is a collection of early 2000's material, so maybe I should go back a bit further to nudge my nostalgia. I will say that what I read in the newspaper today is a waste of newsprint, though. Garfield has gone the way of Beetle Bailey and Dagwood these days. Time to retire, methinks.

Eheheh *snorts* *squeals* *snorts* Oh, Garfield, I love you! ; )

I think that this book was boring because it did not had that much stuff going on so I think that next time I should not get Garfield books because they didnt entertain me at all.i would recommend this book to a person that likes books that are just plain boring because it wasn't funny. Except there was one funny part were Jon and Garfield went around the neighborhood and everyone was laughing because the were riding a pink and purple bike and Garfield said "my miserable life." Another part of t [...]

Text-to-text: Garfield comics have been around for decades, and can even get kids to start reading comics in the news paper.Text-to-self: These comic books serve to make students laugh and take the pain away from reading. Almost everyone can relate to having a grumpy, fat cat who only cares about food.Text-to-world: Maybe after reading some Garfield comics to your class you could have a discussion about nutrition and the nutrition values in other cultures.

A large majority of the comic strips are hilarious or at least induce a chuckle or two. If you love Garfield's humor in his other books then you will love this book. If you do not like Garfield or find his humor annoying then you will not find anything different in here from his many other books.

Garfield is a fat, lazy, not so loving cat and he's trying to get rid of nermal, kick odie many times, and stay in bed as long as possible! I like this book because odie and Jon put a sense of humor into everything and Garfield is up to he's no good business!

Garfield does something that makes Jon yell, "GARFIELD!"

A funny cartoon book, a nice way to express the feeling of how a cat can be so annoying and funny

Book #43. Garfield celebrates his 25th birthday.

Garfield is second only to Footrot Flats when it comes to my most-loved comic strips, and even then, it's only by a smidgeon.

Simple, clean, fun humor for any age. I know the kids love Garfield at our library and this book should make them happy.

love. easy to relax to

Niiiiiiiice. The man who can't say no. Woman: Sir are you married? Man: no OH DARN IT! Garfield: This is why i watch television

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