Garfield Gets Cookin'

Jim Davis

Garfield Gets Cookin'

Garfield Gets Cookin'

  • Title: Garfield Gets Cookin'
  • Author: Jim Davis
  • ISBN: 9780345445827
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Paperback

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Guess who s coming to dinner GARFIELD s back, and he s in the mood for food In this all new, full color collection of comics, the tubby tabby devours doughnuts, scours for snacks, and reveals his inner love for bacon Prepare to pig out with the cat who truly believes that the best things in life are edible

Recent Comments "Garfield Gets Cookin'"

This is an awesome book! The first time I read this I was laughing soo hard. You are a good artist and illustrator! My favourite part was when the small flower was threatening Garfield that he was going to tell his big brother! I would recommend this book to anyone who is in a bad mood. This book overloaded my mind with funny ideas for comics. SUMMARY: this book is about a fat cat named Garfield. He usually likes eating, sleeping, being lazy, and also tormenting Odie. Odie is a dog who isn't tha [...]

For the BookTubeAThon! My sister loves Garfield (someone else's favorite book) and I read it without setting it down (read a book without it ever leaving your hand!) I completed two challenges with one book! Always love reading Garfield. Another great one.

I've noticed that somehow large formats can be very tiresome while the regulars are just very convenient. Although, the pictures and the covers are better on large formats. Still great series.

Book #38 is full of the typical Garfield gags. Always good for a giggle. Garfield is at his best when he behaves like a real cat. Highlights: a tribute to Snoopy on p. 24 and Garfield turns 22.

Loses a star for a crude joke in the front matter.

it was funny ad was a good page turner

Great book to read when you're home with sick kids!! Gives you a permanent smile throughout the day :)

Another great Garfield collection!!!

Garfield eats birds.


An excellent antidote to dark weather and too much studying.

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