Garfield Rolls On

Jim Davis

Garfield Rolls On

Garfield Rolls On

  • Title: Garfield Rolls On
  • Author: Jim Davis
  • ISBN: 9780345475619
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Paperback

You just can t keep a good cat down And with Garfield you d need muscles to do it, anyway This is the frisky feline s tenth collection and is full of the antics and acrobatics you know and love him for As a bonus it also features an inteview with Jim Davis about how he became a cartoonist

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book #11Garfield turns 6, gets Stretch the Chicken for a a birthday gift, meets Squeek the Mouse, visits the farm, goes camping, survives a visit from Doc Boy and then his and Jon's parents, gets lost while Jon is away at a cartoonist's convention and finds his mother and grandfather, finds his way home in time for Christmas

Garfield is always a fun, easy comic where you can leave your brain at the door but enjoy plenty of snickering at the felines' bizarre and selfish antics. A cute book that's fun to look through.

I used to collect the Garfield books (and bookmarks) and this was a trip down memory lane! Still funny after all these years (32, to be precise!)

Anecdote timeMy sister borrowed this book quite a while ago and we were planning to read it together, but we never got around to it, and then I went to Rome. When I came back my sister had already read the book by herself and, because she would be returning it on Monday, I thought I wouldn't get to read it at all. Then out of the blue I found myself having to sit outside, alone, feeling emotionally and physically drained, and the wind blowing like crazy. And the only thing I could stomach readin [...]

I was addicted to these as a kid. I drove my parents insane following them around demanding, "Read this one!" I'm sure that my Dad regretted owning a bookstore. As an adult, I foster cats, and every foster kitten has a picture taken in a box labeled "to: Abu Dhabi." None of my two personal cats are obese, but one is especially adept at tossing chihuahuas off furniture using only one paw

I love the fat cat!!

I think this one is my favourite Garfield book I used to make myself read them in order silly me!

Lots of laughs.

Garfield dislikes alarm clocks.

A delight, as always! :)

See what he did there, with the pun?

This one is a bit better than the others. A few jokes a bit darker than the newer ones. Less repetitive cartoons/gags/jokes.

Aaaaaaaah, my first glossy rectangular Garfield book! Such contentment! You weren't very cool if you didn't have one of these back in the day. Somehow, this was the only one I ever ended up getting my hands on, but I knew kids who had pretty impressive Garfield libraries. I just kept reading this one over and over again. Once you hit eighth or ninth grade and it sinks in that the world isn't a magical playland for your own personal amusement, funnies tend to mysteriously lose their funniness (th [...]

Garfield is a classic comic. It has withstood the ravages of time is and still quite popular even after 25 years. Although I prefer the earlier looks of Garfield, he can still bring a smile to my lips. Like any other Garfield book, I like the longer storylines that Jim Davis occasionally does. One shots are okay, but nothing adds to the flavor of a good daily comic strip like a continuing story from day to day. It really keeps the reader coming back for more. Overall, Garfield Rolls On is a plea [...]

love it

Un bon Garfield, comme toujours.

Garfield is second only to Footrot Flats when it comes to my most-loved comic strips, and even then, it's only by a smidgeon.

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