In the Empire of Dreams

Dianne Highbridge

In the Empire of Dreams

In the Empire of Dreams

  • Title: In the Empire of Dreams
  • Author: Dianne Highbridge
  • ISBN: 9781569471463
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Hardcover

The story of five expatriate women American, British, and Australian whose lives intertwine in Tokyo, with each other and with the Japanese among whom they live, as they navigate not only the language but the pleasures and difficulties of living in a culture not their own.

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I really enjoyed this book about ex-pats living in Tokyo. I chose the book to take with me on a brief trip to Japan, and I think reading it there made the reading experience even more enjoyable. Highbridge takes a loosely connected group of characters and gives you insight into each one's experience, both by telling their stories and by laying out the relationships between the characters. I loved her descriptions of what it's like to be an outsider, experiencing something exotic every day and ap [...]

The book is a compilation of trivia that a foreigner or tourist might find interesting about Japan (i.e. availability of sex toys in a love motel, taxi doors that open automatically with a push of a button, perverts on the train etc.) crafted into a story. In other words, take a travel guidebook and take interesting bits and pieces here and throw in some characters who are experiencing these things for the first time and voila, you have a novel. Neither the plot nor the characters were compellin [...]

Book of connected stories about 3 foreigners in Japan in the 90's. Gives you a great sense of culture and place at a time of transition.

I lived in Japan (Osaka) for several months in 2010, and was really looking forward to reading this book, but I ultimately found it quite dull and couldn't finish it. However, the author definitely captured a lot of what it means to be a 'henna gaijin' in japanese society; some of her descriptions of life as an expatriate were uncomfortably close to home. But I just couldn't get into this book, unfortunately.

I picked this up for a dollar because the library was offloading old books, and it's really quite something. There's no single connected plot thread - it's more just vignettes on a group of expats in Japan, who drop in and out of one another's lives, or indeed don't cross over at all, or only know a friend-in-common, or notice another out of the corner of their eyes - but the prose is wonderfully dream-like and strange, and parts of it feel astoundingly, well real. I liked it.

A series of interconnected short stories depicting ex-pat life in Japan exactly as I remember it in the late 1980s-early 1990s. Japan isn't like this anymore, but these stories are wonderfully evocative of how it was.

Gaijin expats in Japan. Stories are a bit disjointed, but some very poignant poetic vignettes.

the old Japanese saying from the book: "A good husband is healthy & absent" :)

Very interesting book I recommend it for non-Japanese living in Japan. Surprisingly the title offended some Japanese ladies, and they felt very strongly about it.

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