Saying Yes

Barbara Elsborg

Saying Yes

Saying Yes

  • Title: Saying Yes
  • Author: Barbara Elsborg
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Home Saying Yes We re David and Nadia, a couple of digital nomads traveling the world and saying yes to life Explore our blog and figure out how easy it is to say yes to a life full of adventure This blog is the go to place for adventure travel and vanlife content. Hopex Calli Boom Saying Yes YouTube Dec , Hopex Calli Boom Saying Yes Trap Nation s limited apparel Spotify TOP SAYING YES QUOTES of A Z Quotes Saying Yes In Defense of Drug Use Jacob Sullum Saying Yes further contends that the conventional understanding of addiction, portraying it as a kind of chemical slavery in which the user s values and wishes do not matter, is also fundamentally misleading. Saying Yes beckyreeder Saying Yes Saying yes to God is a blessing Abram and Sarai said yes God said pick up your things and go He promised them a blessing and they lived happily ever after, right Not really Read Genesis through and you will find that their life of faith, and saying yes over and over again, was not easy It isn t always easy for me us either. The Value of Saying YES More Often to Life s Opportunities Say YES to things that break your monotonous rituals, habits, and routines Say YES to things that help you learn something new about yourself, about others and about life Say YES to building friendships and connections with strangers Say YES to experiencing changes that feel uncomfortable and yet somewhat exciting at the same time. Saying Yes Poem by RoseAnn V Shawiak Poem Hunter PM Life falls sliding through a slide door Filling them with love and peace of a new world without war begins while we say yes to unite in affection for all in each other s heart. Saying Yes to Mess The New York Times Dec , A movement is afoot to embrace disorder as the detritus of a creative mind But the effort is a little disorganized.

An Ellora s Cave Moderne Naughty Nooner story.Zadie s negative attitude leads to the loss of her boyfriend, job and flat Now she s determined to be a yes girl Yes, she d love to flat sit while the owner is away, but one look at the mess and she wishes she d said no.No is the last thing Tristan expects to hear when he proposes in front of his girlfriend s family HumiliatAn Ellora s Cave Moderne Naughty Nooner story.Zadie s negative attitude leads to the loss of her boyfriend, job and flat Now she s determined to be a yes girl Yes, she d love to flat sit while the owner is away, but one look at the mess and she wishes she d said no.No is the last thing Tristan expects to hear when he proposes in front of his girlfriend s family Humiliated, he hides out in his brother s empty flat without asking because he really doesn t want to hear another no.What he needs is a woman who ll say yesss Could that be Zadie

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4 Funny Stars! I steamy, funny, quickie and it was a freebie:))

Demasiado corto y rapido para mi gusto.

3 1/2 starsCute, fun and sexy! And since good Naughty Nooners are hard to find, I've decided to bump my rating up to 4 stars. :)

Unrealistic. Yes. Lot's of fun and scorching hot. Hell yeah! Who cares that the circumstances were highly unlikely. Barbara Elsborg always makes it so enjoyable. I just love her style.This would have made a great full length book.

3.5 stars

This is the way short stories should be written! It was so cute, and interesting and even though it's a short story, I felt like I got to know the characters, but still wanted more! Take the 20-30 minutes to read this, so worth it!

3.5 stars. What a great personality this writer has. A fun and cute storyd v funny, which is why it gets the extra half. Obviously it's going to stretch the realms of what is believable in terms of relationship development, but I think you have to accept this when you are reading shorts. Good build up which was well written and captured my interest, but then the actual interaction between the characters felt a little quick/rushed. I think this can be forgiven because the characters were interest [...]

2.5 stars this had potential for it all--hot, steamy, funny--but missed the mark. The premise was so far-fetched (guy walks into bathroom naked and woman invites her into the bath with her? Then when they realize there's no condom, they both shrug and "promise" they're clean?). Then they're miraculously head-over-heels in love with each other. I didn't buy it. This is totally my hang-up, but I prefer the characters to have some kind of history. Completely anonymous sex just isn't sexy to me.

short and sweet.

A quick and delightful read. Zadie has just finished with her boyfriend (d1ckhead) and moved out, lugging her belongings in an overstuffed case. She’s feeling a little bruised and can’t face moving back with her mother, but she has a sanctuary lined up, somewhere to lick her wounds in peace. Her best friend Stef has just gone on holiday with her boyfriend Fabian, and Zadie has been assured she can use Fabian’s flat while they’re away. Perfect! Well almost. It’s an absolute tip when she [...]

This is a fun and flirty story that I got as a free read. It's short and sweet and a pleasant way to spend the afternoon.Zadie's always been a cautious girl, more inclined to say no than yes. After a series of events where she's lost her man, her job, and her home, Zadie decides it's time for a change. She's now going to be a Yes girl. Her first use of the word yes lands her the use of the apartment of her best friend's boyfriend while he's out of town. As she sets out to relax and plan her futu [...]

I was happy to find this little free story. I had an enjoyable little time reading it. Before I get into my review, I remember at least one person complaining about it being too short; however, given the story that Barbara seemed to want to tell, it was a good length. I can't imagine this story told more words; I found it just perfect. I loved Zadie from the beginning; poor thing, one bad thing after another happened. I enjoyed the switch to Tristan's perspective. I loved how the metaphors and t [...]

I liked this short story not as erotic as I would have liked but good just the same.Who doesn't want to hide from the world in an appartment and try to pick up the peices of their broken lives. What one doesn't expect is to find another person, just like them, naked in a bathroom. And hell why your at it why not let some strange naked man with a hard on that can split wood climb into your bathtub with you for a quick wash It was a fun quick read and funny ta boot I read it while in the [...]

There wasn't anything especially naughty about this "Naughty Nooner" -- unless you consider unsafe sex with a stranger "naughty" rather than "insane." A cute story though, not a bad way to pass ten minutes.

YES!YES!YES!!!! That's all i can utter after reading this! YES!!(LOL)Short but hot! READ IT!:)

great story compressed in a short pagesI want more:)

I have no problem giving this very short story a 5 star rating. Its laugh out loud funny and really fleshed out considering how short it is. I loved it and its FREE today (12/20).

Cute novelette that's a good introduction to Barbara's writing style. Very sexy, with hot love scenes. If you want a fun lunch read, this is perfect. It's free on Kindle right now.

I actually really enjoyed this free short story. It is not just a random story filled with random sex. This story has a purpose which kept me reading. I enjoyed the writing style of this author as well. Simple, easy to read and straight to the point. Zadie just lost her boyfriend because apparently she said ‘No’ to him too much. I like how she referred to him as Dickhead throughout the book. By losing her boyfriend though, she also lost her job and flat. With nowhere to live, her friend said [...]

Okay, sorry but this was a huge disappointment. I'm discovering that just because a "book" is free on kindle, it is not necessarily a good deal. Listed under erotica genre, I thought, " why not, haven't read this type in a long while, might be fun". Boring! My God, their was no substance to this short story. Strange walks in on naked stranger in a tub and they go crazy. Even the erotic details were, in my opinion, like watching a B movie - bad acting all around!

Overall, I'm happy with this short story. I couldn't stop laughing… and I'm still laughing at some scenes and it's been awhile already! It's categorized as an erotic story but I didn't feel that was accurate.It's certainly sexy and the sex is the main focus, but it wasn't raunchy enough for me to claim it as an erotic read in my opinion. I highly recommend Saying Yes! It's a super hot, fast, funny read that will have you sniggering your lunch break away.

Zadie es botada por su novio, echada de la casa y de su trabajopor una única palabra: NO. Y ahora esta decidida a decir siempre: SI. SI. SI.Tristán ha sido humillado por un único: NO. Y esta vez quiere a alguien quesiempre le diga SI. ¿Será Zadie la indicada?Me reí algunas veces con este libro. Son solo 28 páginas. Pero me gusto bastante. Aunque bueno, casi todo el libroes cama y rebote, ah.Un 4/5. Aunque mas bien sería un 4.5.

This was a fun short freebie. I loved the characters and the story. I wouldn't mind reading this again just for kicks. The ending was great and a good HEA. I smiled, laughed, snickered, sweated a little, shook my head some, wanted to smack a 'person', and was pretty much a happy camper during and after this book. A great deal (cost me nothing but time well spent) and worth keeping for a pick-me-up reading session. Enjoy!

If you are looking for substance, you may want to look elsewhere. If you are looking for well written erotica scenes, than this is a novel for. Saying Yes reads like a short story you would find online, only written much better. The situation seems a bit ridiculous, but overall the story was not too unbelievable. There is nothing remarkable about this story. However, it is a nice little little short that won't take up much of your time if you are looking for something quick.

I was so pleasantly surprised by this. Even though its very short, it's fleshed out so well. The characters are so clearly structured and I immediately fell in love with Tristan. This kinky story was a million times better than the 1,000+ pointless pages in the 50 Shades of Grey series. Plus, I loved the humor. It was all just really great.Plus, they're British. Even better.

Very nice story. Even though a bit too short. I would have loved to read more and have more details.It made me smile many times and even laugh once at least. I loved Tristan to infinity and liked very much Zadie. I can without any doubt say that I also loved the bathtub scene, from their first meeting to when they went to bed. Steamy hot. Very!

I thought this was a little too short to have a real HEA like the author gave it, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I think I may have to try being a "Yes Woman" at home. I think that will make my husband insanely happy. I must also note that the best part of this story was epilogue to get some insight into how Tristan and Zadie got together. :)

Zadie’s boyfriend dumped her for being too negative. Now she is temporarily staying at a friend’s flat while he and his girlfriend travel. Tristan, has just had his marriage proposal rejected so he seeks solace in his brother’s empty flat, and is surprised to find Zadie there. Can she finally be his “yes” girl? Cute story.

This is a short and fast read. I do think that it is a very interesting book and I have to say that it does not go anywhere near where I thought that it would go. With that said, it is however a very good book. I do however only recommend this book to adults.

It was very interesting. It took lust to a new level. The connection wasnt love, as it was lust between the two characters. They didnt love each other in the beginning, but shows that two people can be close physically without feeling more.

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