Rock, Brock, and the Savings Shock

Sheila Bair Barry Gott

Rock, Brock, and the Savings Shock

Rock, Brock, and the Savings Shock

  • Title: Rock, Brock, and the Savings Shock
  • Author: Sheila Bair Barry Gott
  • ISBN: 9780807570944
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Hardcover

Rock and Brock are twins, but are very different One day, their grandpa offers them a plan for ten straight weeks he will give them each one dollar But there is a catch For each dollar they save, he will match it If they spend it, they get nothing.

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In this book, brothers Rock and Brock are set a savings challenge by their Grandfather. Brock is messy and unorganized, but he knows how to save his money. Rock is clean and extremely organized, but likes to spend. In the end, Brock teaches his brother about savings and the both of them grow up to be happy and rich. Ultimately, this theme shows that dedication and hard work can make life a lot easier in the long run. I really liked this book, because if I had something like this that showed how [...]

A wonderfully entertaining story that illustrates the value of saving money as well as compounding interest (in the form of Grandpa matching whatever money his grandsons save).Fabulous illustrations.

I loved this book!!! With kids thinking money grows on trees I think this is a really good book. Don't skip over the last couple of pages, read those with your kids so they can see how to make their money grow.

This is a great book for teaching children about how to save money, and how it grows. There are simple explanations at the end as well as saving tips from the author.

High re-read value.

My 1st and 2nd graders love this book!

very fun way to show the difference between saving and spending. Handy, kid-friendly tips for their own savings at the end.

A great book to introduce kids to saving money and how it can grow the longer you leave it.

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