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  • Title: Twisted
  • Author: Gena Showalter
  • ISBN: 9780373210381
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Hardcover

His vampire girlfriend might have brought him back to life, but he s never felt out of control There s a darkness within him, something taking over changing him Worse, because he was meant to die, death now stalks him at every turn Any day could be his last.Once upon a time, the three souls trapped inside his head could have helped him He could have protected himHis vampire girlfriend might have brought him back to life, but he s never felt out of control There s a darkness within him, something taking over changing him Worse, because he was meant to die, death now stalks him at every turn Any day could be his last.Once upon a time, the three souls trapped inside his head could have helped him He could have protected himself But as the darkness grows stronger, the souls grow weaker just like his girlfriend The vampire Aden becomes, the human Victoria becomes, until everything they know and love is threatened.Life couldn t get any worse Could it

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Gena Showalter is officially on my shit-list. I don't mind if the tone of a series changes slightly, but if I all of a sudden feel like I'm reading a completely different series, I'm not going to be happy. This book isn't just darker. It's like going from watching My Little Ponies to watching the Saw movies. First of all, let me start with the fact that Aden, our main character suddenly has a new personality, because Gena Showalter can't write realistic nice guys. No. She has to write he-man, vi [...]

Update: OMG!!!!!!! The cover! It's got a cover! It's freakin' awesome--love it!!!Ahhhhhhhh, September 2011???Are you serious?!?! I CANNOT WAIT THAT LONG!Nope, seriously, can't!It's needs to come out liketaully yesterday would be even better ;)OMG, i can't wait!!!aug 30th

SERIOUSLY????? W.T.F. Happened to this series? I LOVED the first book. Second book okay not as good as the first one. Third book THIS ONEWENT TO THE DOGS!It's too dark. Aden is a cold ass monster. WHO turns the Hero into the Villian?Victoria turns into a sniveling, insecure whiney twit!Mary Anne. Do we even KNOW what her purpose is anymore?Riley. Our strong sexy werewolf gets brought down hard!BURNS MY ASS TO PAY $7.99 FOR A DIGITAL BOOK BUT I SUCK IT UP IF IT'S A GOOD SERIES AN GOOD BOOK. THIS [...]

Please shoot me now, I seriously thought that this is the last one in this series!!! So when I started I was excited to hear how it would be end and how it all would end But when I came to the last 100 pages I was getting worried that she could not leave me like this and how the heck the story could end in only 100 pages When I read the last page I knew it and I was relieved and angry at the same time. Relieved because I get more story and that I can spend more time with Aden, Vic, Mary Ann and [...]

Blood. Blood.Blood. Blood. BLOOD. BLOOD. BLOOD! That is all Aden pretty much thinks about the majority of this book. Victoria's blood in particular, but again, blood in general. The first chapter is he wants her blood, she wants his blood, he drinks from her, she drinks from him, he wants to drain her, she wants to drain him, they beat the stuffing out of each other. Nice, huh? I wasn't sure I wanted to continue and wish I hadn't done so. There is nothing here that I enjoyed or appreciated, even [...]

Are you F-ing kidding me. OKay so first things first. Aden is no longer Aden. He's a cold blooded son of a bitch that at the end of the story decides to go back and change everything? like are you kidding me? Second, the only reason i read this series was because i liked Riley and Marry Ann but at the end i couldn't even tell if they were together. Third, Riley and Victoria sleeping together was a pointless thing to bring up because all it did was cause the character's dignity to fall into a big [...]

Twisted is one amazing story! It had my mind whirling with all the events that happened in such a short time. It's the third book in the Intertwined novel and it definitely isn't winding down to a stop, instead it's getting to full speed. This is one of the better YA series I have read in such a long time.I can't express how much I love the premise behind this series. I love the souls trapped in Aden's head and I love the new family he's formed with Riley, Victoria and Mary Ann. Such a great dyn [...]

I LOVED THIS BOOK, I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE DISLIKED IT O-Kay, I do have to admit that at the begging of the story I was a little frustrated (A lot actually ) that Aden turned into this heartless, power hungry, blood craving guy (but who doesn't let power fall way over their heads every once in a while). But the thing is, it actually went along with the story! He was fighting the inner turmoil of his ever growing beast and the past emotions of Victoria. Through the story we see the change [...]

I've been following this series since the beginning and man, I'm not sure how it can get any better. I cannot believe how long I have to wait for this one!! I'm not sure if I can make it I might self destruct!

2.5 starsEhhhhhh. I hope she brings this series to a close soon. Like, maybe the next book? Please. The story drug on and on, getting more and more convoluted, and thenBAM!Out popped an ending that set my teeth on edge. (view spoiler)[Aden decides to go back in time and never cross paths with any of the other characters. Grrrr. Oh, how I hate it when time travel gets used to pull a giant RE-DO! in plot lines. (hide spoiler)] Or possibly I'm just losing interest in these books. It wasn't truly aw [...]

Original Review Removed.::Will be revised sometime in the future::

Oooookay. dafuk just happened to that series? It's like good good good couple ups and downs twists and turns, nothing we as readers can't handle then BOOM everything basically goes to shit :/ The only reason this is getting 2 is because of the previous 2 books and my hopes that the final one will redeem this big massive waste of trees . Well to be perfectly honest there's not much I can review about this book seeing as how I skipped past most of it but anyways maybe I'll just list out what I di [...]

I will say this flat out: THIS BOOK DID NOT MEET MY EXPECTATIONS!I followed this book since the beginning and have waited FOREVER to get it and it truly shattered my heart to see it flop like a fish out of water.I know you guys are probably surprised because honestly, I was too. The first book,Intertwined was freaking AMAZING (Yep, all caps amazing) and the second bookUnraveled literally left me speechless because I could NOT believe a second book of a series KILL the first book and shredded it [...]

What an aptly named disappointment. If you're looking for a continuation of all the wonderful things happening in the first two installments of this series, than be prepared to get nowhere fast. Normally I write a brief summary of the book and then an evaluation but I am truly at a loss for a real concrete storyline. Yeah Aden got somewhere with the souls in his head but Showalter spent a majority of the book on Aden's new alter ego and complete character reversals for our two main couples. Ever [...]

OH NO! This can't be right! Please tell me this book did not just end the way it did and the next book in the series does not come out in 2013. 2013?!I mean, reaaaaally? *pulls hair out and screams in frustration* Well, Ms Showalter, welcome in the club of Richelle Mead, Cassandra Clare, Julie Kagawa, KMM, Chloe Neill, Carolyn Crane and all those authors who broke my heart with their book endings lately. You own me a box of tissues and you can share my cardiologist bill with the above mentioned [...]

I really love the color scheme - it's pink and purple and surprisingly doesn't look to feminine. The arrangement of the word "Twisted" looks good. Even though it looks nice, it definitely doesn't fit with the rest of the covers of the series :/ This one won't look coherent with the first two, and that bugs me.I'm also not liking that they didn't even mention what's going to happen to Riley and Mary Ann, seeing as they're the only reason I even read this series.And um 304 pages?! That's it?!

Gena Showalter's Intertwined series is still one of my top YA series EVERI'm almost heartbroken to write this review knowing that we may never get the final bookAnywho, here we go!This book is a five star book from me despite the MANY issues this book seems to have. It's five stars because I find the book highly addicting and really enjoy Gena's writing. That being said, looking back on this book and knowing that there's no final book really doesn't deserve the five star rating (in my opinion). [...]

So basically take what I like about the Story(Riley and Mary Ann) and make me hate itd take what I loathe about the Story(Aden/Victoria) and make me hate it more.Like Unraveled, the story works best when the Story is not focusing on the Leads(Aden/Victoria).Characters like the ones at the Halfway house, The Vampires at Victoria's home, Tucker, Soren,and to a lesser extent Riley and Mary Ann interest me. I like the storylines of all these charactersVictoria's character is RUINED. She was annoying [...]

Ini buku paling KAMPREEEEET yang kubaca sejauh ini! BangkeeeApaan itu akhirnya seperti itu? Cih!Ngarepnya masih ada buku keempat. Tapi cari info beberapa hari tetep ga ada tuh, tanda-tanda buku keempat. Berarti ini buku memang rese!

THAT WAS THE WORST ENDING TO A SERIES I HAVE EVER READ!!!! Did Gena Showalter really end this series with this book??????? WHAT????? I refuse to believe this is the ending and I have created my own in my head where everyone is happy, all the bad people are dead, and all the souls in Aden's head are gone. There were so many loose ends!!! The last souls left in his head. Vlad. The vampires. Riley's wolf form. Dan and the delinquent kids. Shannon. Aden as vampire king. SO MANY MORE!!!! How does she [...]

Where to start?!?! I loved this book. I thought this was going to be a trilogy, but once I got to the end, I was not going to accept that there was only going to be 3 books. Gena's site says there is going to be a 4th book, but no date yet. I beg and plead to whomever controls what book she writes when. I must know what happens next! I have run so many different possible scenarios through my head. I need to know! I recommend this series to anyone who loves paranormal. If you like vampires and sh [...]

My Review:This book was not on my TBR list for this week, but my 16 year old teenage son has been reading this series with me and finished the book last night. He was so shattered by the book that he insisted I read it immediately so that we could discuss it. That should give you a hint of the upheaval in this bookere is a LOT of it.This is an amazing series and it needs to be read as a series. These are not stand-alone books in my opinion. There is too much story that continues to build upon it [...]

Gena Showalter did not disappoint in this third installment of The Intertwined Series! Our Aden has come so far from the sad boy who just wants to fit in somewhere and be able to stay there for more than a month. This is a series that really needs to be read in order to fully appreciate the journey Adens been on and how far he's come. Aden has/had 4 souls in his mind that most Psychiatrists attribute to Schizophrenia but what they don't know is that each of those souls has a unique supernatural [...]

Twisted is the perfect title for this book. Gena Showalter has literally twisted the world that Aiden lives in leaving me feeling lost, confused and a little peeved at the ending. One of the reasons I have enjoyed the series so much is because the characters are genuine. It was Victoria’s tenacity, Aiden’s selfless humanity, Maryann's Sincerity and Riley’s fierce loyalty that originally drew me deeper and deeper into the story. Twisted breaks these characters and finds them stripped of all [...]

Not that I don't love this series, I really do butShe messed everything up! It saddens me that Aden changed from this great guy to an evil jerk. And that whole thing with Riley and Victoria kind of irritated me; we all know they might have had a relationship at one time or another, but it's done and over with!Meanwhile, all the stuff with Mary Ann and Riley ahhhh! Why did she do that to Shannon?!!! I loved him, he was an awesome minor character and she did that to himAlthough the majority of the [...]

THERE IS GOING TO BE ANOTHER BOOK IN THIS SERIES. I don't care if there's not one announced or whatever, or that she's currently working on new series, BECAUSE THIS ONE IS NOT OVER's just not. there were far too many loose ends left untied at the end of the book. and, the ENDING! that can't be the ending, I'm sorry, it just can't. so. there will be another book in this series. and that is final, beginning of this book, some graphic and bloody scenes with Aden and Victoria. And then, VIctoria and [...]

I seriously think that this book has ruined this series for me. I loved Intertwined when I first read it, I didn't love Unraveled as much because of how it ended. But I really just didn't like the direction this book has taken with the characters. Aden was so up and down in his personality and no-one was even questioning it. I mean, one minute he was the nice guy he was before, next he was practically a cold blooded murderer and just wanted to go to war with the other races. Did I just miss the [...]

This book really deserves two ratings or maybe no ratings. The rating I chose above reflects how I feel about the way the story played out. So, as far as everything else is concerned this was a good book. The characters were well written and the story very compelling. Basically, I hate things that leave me feeling insulted. Yeah, this it turns out qualifies. *Spolier Alert*Okay I have read 1572 pages only to be told it was all a pointless waste of my precious time and brain cells. Psych, nevermi [...]

Well the story is exactly as how it is named "twisted"!!! I too felt that the storyline was at least 70% filler! It had a good storyline, it captivated me. The first and second book were great but once it reached the third book things took a turn for the worst. And the sexual relationship between Riley and Victoria, despite the fact it happened before she met Aden it was very unnecessary and made my stomach churn! It deflated the love between the characters putting tension and mistrust there. An [...]

So I suffered through this entire book and the one before it, just to find out that we're going back to the beginning. Course, I'm assuming that Aden can still go back, but I'm pretty sure he can so this just got frustrating. I hope there's only one more book, because this story just has to end! I already couldn't stand Aden/Victoria. Now Mary Ann/Riley are gone and they were the reason I was reading the book. With Aden going back to the beginning in the next book, there's no telling what could [...]

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