Intrigo a Highbury

Carrie Bebris Alessandro Zabini

Intrigo a Highbury

Intrigo a Highbury

  • Title: Intrigo a Highbury
  • Author: Carrie Bebris Alessandro Zabini
  • ISBN: 9788850224067
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Paperback

Lungo una strada nei pressi del villaggio di Highbury, una notte Mr e Mrs Darcy vengono assaliti e derubati dagli zingari Nel corso di una festa organizzata da Mr Knightley, giudice della comunit , e da sua moglie Emma, in onore di una coppia di novelli sposi, lo zio e padre adottivo della sposa si sente male e poco dopo muore, ucciso da un veleno Due eventi apparenteLungo una strada nei pressi del villaggio di Highbury, una notte Mr e Mrs Darcy vengono assaliti e derubati dagli zingari Nel corso di una festa organizzata da Mr Knightley, giudice della comunit , e da sua moglie Emma, in onore di una coppia di novelli sposi, lo zio e padre adottivo della sposa si sente male e poco dopo muore, ucciso da un veleno Due eventi apparentemente indipendenti l uno dall altro, che tuttavia insospettiscono Darcy e Knightley, che decidono di unire le forze e indagare sui due crimini la rapina e l omicidio Ma il tempo stringe, perch l assassino sta per colpire di nuovo

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After a month of perfect marital bliss, Emma Knightley is itching once again to try her hand match-making. Her latest victim, Miss Bates, is also being targeted by the pretentious and imperious Mrs. Elton, who has some match-making designs of her own. Emma, more mature and circumspect than she previously was, strives to save Miss Bates from the less than desirable and perhaps doltish prospects Mrs. Elton has in mind by introducing Miss Bates to some eligible bachelors during a dinner party she i [...]

It's been a few years since I read a book in this series and I was glad that someone from the Austenesque Lovers group picked it out for me to read.The Intrigue at Highbury is book five in the Mr. & Mrs. Darcy Mysteries series. I think it would work alright standalone, but I encourage readers to get the series from the beginning. It's been fun encountering Jane Austen's fictional characters with each mystery acting as a sequel of sorts for each of Austen's novels and the Darcy's of Pride &am [...]

Trovandoci qui in compagnia di Miss Woodhouse (come si ostina a chiamarla il padre), non possono mancare sciarade e enigmi. Un peccato che, nonostante la storia sia ben articolata, s’intuiscano subito le vere origini di Mr Deal, un peccato anche per il finale, un po’ debole e scontato, ma finalmente le indagini si svolgono sorseggiando una tazza di tè o mangiando una salutare farinata, senza le rocambolesche avventure dei precedenti capitoli. P.S. Se persino Miss Bates riesce a sposarsi… [...]

It is a truth universally acknowledged that in Carrie Bebris’ clever Jane Austen inspired mysteries, whenever Mr. and Mrs. Darcy embark on a carriage journey across England they are sure to end up investigating murder in a country village inhabited by some one or other of Jane Austen’s characters from one of her novels. This truth has become so well fixed in minds of her fans that we consider this devise our rightful property and any deviations would be insupportable. Happily, her fifth book [...]

Another intrigue from Jane Austen-esque mystery writer Carrie Bebris. This one, set in the Surrey village of Highbury, Mr and Mrs Darcy are set upon by robbers and find themselves yet again immersed in a murder mystery with all of Jane Austen's canon characters from our beloved Emma. The Darcy's and The Knightley's join forces to solve the case. I enjoyed the comradery between Mr Darcy and Mr Knightley However, I thought maybe Emma overshadowed Elizabeth Darcy --because Elizabeth really wasnt gi [...]

Oh my goodness. I really enjoyed this one, and I think because I could see and hear all of the characters straight from the 2009 "Emma" (which I adore!). I liked that Emma and Mr. Knightley played much more substantial roles in this book than other Austen characters have in previous books. I was a bit thrown by the switching between the 2 couples' work, but I liked that it made more people working together and the Darcys not always happening to be in the convenient places all the time which help [...]

Gearing up for the new release by Carrie Bebris, I decided to revisit one of my favorite books in the Darcy & Elizabeth mystery series. First reading 6/14/2012Second reading 6/18/2015

The Intrigue at Highbury by Carrie BebrisAs you start reading, it seems you are back where you had to stop. They are all there, just like you left them at the end of Jane Austen’s novel: Emma, now Mrs Knightley, and her fascinating loving husband, Mr Woodhouse, The Westons and The Eltons, Miss Bates and her mother, Harriet Smith now Mrs Martin, Jane Fairfax now Mrs Churchill with Frank , her husband. Pleasantly indeed” for the readers, though not in the best circumstances, their lives cross [...]

Aw, man. I just can't help myself.Yes: these books are fluffy. Yes: I only picked them up because I'm a bit of a 19th-century novel obsessive. Yes: these are sort of light-weight brain candy. Yes: the first book in this series is so awful that I actually threw it out when I was done reading it I am very glad I didn't read the first book until I read a couple of the others. I really am. YES: these books are embarrassingly underwritten and pandering to a particular type of reader.I don't care. Th [...]

This book surprised me. I was expecting this to be a good read, but i didn't expect an excellent read. The author, Carrie Berbris, explains on the cover that her premisis for the Mr & Mrs. Darcy mysteries is the "Thin Man" movies. I had to tell her, but Lizzie and Darcy are no Nick and Nora. Despite that Ms. Berbris seems to capture the Austen characters in a way i haven't read in awhile. In this particular mystery we see Mr and Mrs. Darcy in Highbury after getting robbed on the road. There [...]

I actually think of this as a 3.5 star read, but I'm giving it 4 stars here because I'm not sure it's the books, or the author's fault.This book's plot centers around Highbury and the characters from Jane Austen's Emma, one of the few remaining Austen books I haven't yet read. I think this hindered me with this story, as I had a terrible time keeping the characters and which estates they belonged to, straight in my mind while reading. More than once I had to go back to previous chapters to remin [...]

Bebris once more provides us a fun look at the world of Austen taking her most beloved duo into the world of Mystery and Intrigue. It is forced though to provide reasons for the Darcy's to meet the main characters of other novels, in this case Emma.Adding to the small intrigue we had with Frank Churchill's secret engagement to Jane Fairfax, we expand on the duplicity that was evident in the canon to create a mystery of murder and suspicions. This is well done should you be able to leave any love [...]

The Intrigue at Highbury is easily my favorite book of this series. It is also (not coincidentally) the one most well integrated with the Jane Austen novel referenced in the title. Not only do we meet all the beloved citizens of Highbury, we continue the story of Emma where it left off, with a new mystery connected to minor events of that novel. We even get large sections told from Emma and Knightley's point of view, rather than seeing everything through Elizabeth and Darcy's eyes.The story begi [...]

Matchmaking Miss BatesMolto carino questo nuovo caso dei coniugi Darcy, che stavolta giocano un doppio misto con i Knightley, ed in particolar modo con Emma ed i suoi enigmi.Per fortuna i personaggi di Jane Austen non vengono snaturati: quando leggo questi romanzi preferisco che i colpevoli e le vittime siano fra i personaggi inventati dalla Bebris, non fra quelli austeniani, anche quando si tratta di Caroline Bingley, Henry Crawford o Fanny Dashwood Insomma, che non venga alterato il futuro che [...]

Actually 3.5 starsSo I started in the middle of this series. I started with Mansfield, which is actually book 4, and this is the second book I read of Bebris' mystery series, which is actually book 5. I must say I liked this one much more than I liked the Mansfield book. There were things I didn't like: I felt in trying to keep true to Jane Austen's characters, Brebris made Emma sound a bit more whiney than she probably would have been in these circumstances. It made her seem a bit unintelligent [...]

Wow! Carrie Bebris really outdoes herself in this "intriguing" Mr. and Mrs. Darcy mystery! I have always loved the story of "Emma", and having the Darcy's help the Knightley's solve the murder of Frank Churchill's uncle, Edgar, made it even better! I have loved all of Bebris' "Darcy Mysteries" books, but this is my favorite! I am so glad that it finally came out in paperback!The robbery of the Darcy carriage at the beginning of the book set the tone for eeriness, drama, and intrigue! The involve [...]

I loved this book! I think it's my favourite in the series so far. I enjoyed every chapter, and I never felt that the story dragged at any point. I was very interested to see it come to it's conclusion!

This book was my least favorite of the series. Way too long and drawn out. Emma was not very intelligent in picking up on clues, etc felt she was presented as a bit of a dolt in comparison to her husband and Mr. and Mrs. Darcy (except for the word puzzles).

Emma is probably my favorite of Jane Austin's books, possibly because Emma is likable even if she is not perfect. In fact, most of the cast is likable, but not perfect. Bebris did an amazing job retaining the traits of the original characters (for the most part). And who was not delighted to see Miss Bates so well-settled and loved.

Io amo questa saga! Carrie Bebris riesce sempre a stupirmi! È in grado di prendere i personaggi della Austen e riportarli in vita, esattamente come avrebbe Jane!! Se, a volte, le indagine sono un po' forzate, lo stile non si smentisce mai! Leggete questi libri! Fanno bene all'anima!

This one was so interesting! I was captivated from the beginning till the very end. I really liked all of the twists and turns that the story took, and the side plots didn't feel like they were in the way at all. A wonderful addition to the series!

This was probably my favorite of the series. First, Bebris set up Highbury and all its characters (especially Miss Bates), and then brings the Darcys into the plot. This helped make the style feel a bit more Austen-esque.

A bit different than the previous stories because I felt there was more focus on the characters from the other books. Since Emma and co were some of my favorites, I thought it worked out well.


Author Carrie Bebris continues her literary love letter to Jane Austen with book five of her Mr. and Mrs. Darcy Mystery Series and, let's be honest, I consider this book to be equally a love letter to me because I love, love, love this series so much. If you haven't picked up any of the books I cannot encourage you enough to do so. They can be read out of sequence although the first book does pick up immediately after the wedding of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet. The best thing about Ms. Bebris [...]

I liked this, but not as much as the earlier Darcy mysteries. The conceit of this series is that Jane Austen's Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pride and Prejudice become involved in a series of mysteries--ones that involved characters and places involving Austen's other novels. In this case, it's Emma. A blurb just inside the cover calls this one "the most faithful sequel to Austen" and I'd agree actually. In the other books, we tend to deal only tangentally with the characters of the other b [...]

Inizialmente avevo promosso questo libro a pieni voti, ma poi discutendone e ripensandoci ho dovuto ritoccare un po' il mio voto, ma partiamo dall'inizio.Ancora una volta troviamo i coniugi Darcy alle prese con un mistero da risolvereNon solo sono stati derubati mentre passavano da Higbury, ma quella stessa sera sono stati, loro malgrado, coinvolti per risolvere il caso di una morte sospettaNulla da eccepire dai coniugi Darcy, che hanno mantenuto il carattere e la sagacia dei precedenti romanzi [...]

When chapter one started with the Knightleys I was not sure what to think, but once the Darcys managed to catch up it quickly became clear that this quartet is an excellent team! With four such intelligent and determined detectives the case was bound to be solved. The well thought out mystery was intriguing with a merciless killer, family secrets and superstition. The Intrigue At Highbury is the first book in which main characters from another Austen book have an almost equally prominent role, b [...]

4.5 stars, maybe. I hesitate to give most books 5 stars, though I give out 4 stars so often I wonder about the "great" 4s standing out from the "really good" ones. Anyway I decided to try the fifth book in the Mr. & Mrs. Darcy series before reading the others because this is the one that brings the Darcys (aka Mr. Darcy and the former Elizabeth Bennett) to Highbury, home of my first favorite Jane Austen story, "Emma." Starting with book #5 was fine, and only resulted in me not thoroughly app [...]

I very much enjoy this series of Pride & Prejudice continuations by Carrie Bebris, and this installment was just as enjoyable as previous books.As Darcy and Elizabeth are attempting to get to an Inn on their way home from travels, they are stopped by what appears to be a young woman alone and in distress on the road in their path. It turns out that the woman was merely a decoy to allow for robbing the Darcys' coach.When they go to the local magistrate to report the robbery, they end up stayi [...]

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