Understanding Physics: Volume 1: Motion, Sound and Heat

Isaac Asimov

Understanding Physics: Volume 1: Motion, Sound and Heat

Understanding Physics: Volume 1: Motion, Sound and Heat

  • Title: Understanding Physics: Volume 1: Motion, Sound and Heat
  • Author: Isaac Asimov
  • ISBN: 9780451626622
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Paperback

April 1969 1st printing Signet Q3847 mass market paperback as shown Tight spine, clear crisp tanned pages, no writing, no tears, back cottom corner crease, smokefree.

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Picked this up at the $1 spinner at Half Price Books. I had never read Asimov's non-fiction before. He's got a real gift for popularizing. This book covers the same material we covered in first semester college physics but he presents it in a way that helps you make connections between the concepts that you may have missed in class. He also does an excellent job of putting the progress of understanding of physics into historical context. Really looking forward to the whole series and I ordered a [...]

Physics :)

A well written and concise description of our understanding of physics at the time. While there are a (very) few dated lines, this is still a solid introduction to the science.

Although I took a full year of physics in college, I learned most of my physics from the three books in the Understanding Physics series by Isaac Asimov. As proof, I offer the fact that I scored a respectable 8 on the physics section of the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) that I took before starting the college physics class. My study of physics in preparations for the test began when I purchased and read the three books in the series. When I was in the physics class, I understood all of t [...]

Although not a typical reading for everybody, Understanding Physics Vol. 1 gives someone a detailed and logical explanation of topics - historical background, biographies of physicists, derivation of formulas - regarding Motion, Sound, and Heat: considered as the fundamental concepts in Physics. However, the book is not really a "novel-type" on which someone would readily skip one chapter once he or she finishes it. In order to really understand, one has to return to previous topics and relate i [...]

Very good as an introductory book to physics, this book shows plenty of background on historical developments from Aristotle onward. At times, biographical details of significant figures in physics' gradual growth are shared. One thing I like about Asimov's writing on science is that he explains the Greek or Latin origins of specific terms, what they used to mean in those languages, and why they were chosen to describe properties of physics. He also relates to your ordinary world and gives examp [...]

All 3 volumes of understanding physics including this one by Asimov is a good read for students finding physics non-intuitive. It does not bog down students with too much of equations and formulas and explains the fundamentals with the least mathematical rigor.

Though I didn't read this volume cover to cover, it helped me in high school Physics class.

The Good Doctor presents a comprehensive treatment of every aspect of physics in this three-volume edition, which covers the field of Subatomic Particles in Volume 3 Electron, Proton & Neutron.

I read this series of books long ago and lost them when I moved out of my parents' house. They were, by far, the best science texts I have ever read.

Excellent simplification for the layperson.

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