Doctor Who: To the Death

Nicholas Briggs

Doctor Who: To the Death

Doctor Who: To the Death

  • Title: Doctor Who: To the Death
  • Author: Nicholas Briggs
  • ISBN: 9781844355037
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Audio CD

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He can t be alive After a last, futile fight back against the Daleks, Lucie, Susan and Alex are heading home to England in the desperate hope of saving the Doctor s life But the true, terrible nature of the Daleks plan is beginning to emerge and the Monk has blood on his hands.To defeat the Daleks, it can only be a struggle to the death.

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If you want to convince the audience that Daleks are a serious threat, then you can't just have them running around saying "Exterminate! Exterminate!" You have to actually have them exterminate people. Let's just say that the Daleks finally prove to be a serious threat. I have arrived at the end of the fourth (and final?) series of 8th Doctor Adventures. I knew what was coming. It had been spoiled. But that didn't make it any easier to endure. Some series draw to a close by maintaining the statu [...]

As I was listening to this, I kept thinking, "Wow, how are they going to hit the reset button on all of this? And how much respect for them am I going to lose when they do?" And then, they didn't hit the reset button. They gave us enough of a miraculous rescue at the end to ensure that we can continue to have more 8th Doctor adventures, but beyond that, they didn't chicken out of a single grim consequence. I have to respect them for that, even if, in general, I don't really like my Doctor Who to [...]

Great send off for Lucie Miller. She totally bites it in style. Not a real strong story, but you don't really want that when you want to focus on the characters, do you? You kinda feel like Nick Briggs just walked into the planning session for this one and said, "Screw it! Kill everyone!". But it works. Highly entertaining.

From BBC Radio 4 Extra - Extra Debut:The Time Lord calls on friends, family and the Meddling Monk to help overthrow the Daleks.

High energy drama with lots of death. 8/10

A heart-wrenching, poignant exit for companion Lucie Miller in this two-parter. Five stars, easily. The story was admittedly very grim and I'm not really a fan of that approach — I much prefer Doctor Who when it's lighter and happier, but it was very impactful in a way that would have been totally spoiled had they hit a reset button. It's a beautiful character piece and the action doesn't deter from the character work at all. It's very sad and reminiscent of Journey's End, in a way, because it [...]

This, by far, has been the best Doctor Who audio book I've heard. It's not a happy story, but it's very well done and is quite dark. It's a Dalek story in which they earn the fear we so often see bestowed upon them.

Love Alex and Susan. Shame about Lucy

Nachdem die Widerstandsbewegung ein Dalek Schiff abgeschossen hat, auf dem sich der Doktor (Nr. 8) befand, fischen sie ihn aus dem Meer. Nun müssen sie ihn möglichst schnell zur Wiederbelebung in die TARDIS bringen. Dort wartet aber bereits Tamsin und der Mönch auf sie. Dieses Hörspiel schließt nahtlos an die Episode „Lucie Miller“ an. Ich habe massive Mythologielücken bei mir bemerkt, die wohl zum Doctor Who Allgemeinwissen gehören. Es handelt sich hierbei anscheinend wirklich um Hö [...]

The Daleks have invaded Earth and the Doctor is nowhere to be seen. His friends and family have gathered for one last desperate attempt to defeat them, facing a Dalek that has travelled through infinity and clearly gone mad out of the other side.To The Death is a loose sequel to The Dalek Invasion Of Earth, involving the Doctor's granddaughter, great-grandson and former companion, Lucie Miller, along with Tamsin, another former companion, and a Time Lord called 'The Monk'.What Nick Briggs has ob [...]

Having heard Dark eyes I knew how this would end but it was still sad. And it was good to be prepared. In a way this episode wasn't as dark or difficult as the first part. A large part of it was everyone sitting around and talking arguing with the monk. But it was nice that this wasn't an adventure where the Doctor stopped the daleks, but that it was the Doctor who was wrong and the companions who were able to sort things out. Susan and Lucie were both brilliant! Even Tamsin and the monk were go [...]

To The Death is a moderately satisfying end to the fourth season - taken on its own terms, rather good, though not quite as good as I was hoping for. (Then again, most Who finales leave me feeling that way.) It wraps up the story of the second Dalek invasion of Earth started in Lucie Miller, with much drama, death and destruction.More with spoilers here:nwhytevejournal/1685490

An amazingly powerful and moving climax to the Dalek invasion story that began in "Lucie Miller" (4.09), it additionally concludes this series of adventures for the Eighth Doctor. This shows the Doctor, Lucie, Susan, and Alex at their most brilliant and the Daleks at their most evil. Easily one of the finest audio books Big Finish have produced, the acting and script were exceptional in all respects.

Great ending and a really great adventure. I liked having another adventure with Susan and Alex. This adventure reminded me of the Fourth season season finale where they had an adventure with all of the doctor's companions. This reminded me of that.

This is one of those plays that eventually devolves into everyone screaming "[Character], NO!" No one listens to anyone else and it all ends in confusion and death. The antagonist's plans are weak and/or incomprehensible. Avoid.

Pays homage to the earliest Doctor stories, and provides one of my favourite Who characters with a marvellous, albeit, heartbreaking goodbye. Marvellous performance all around, with McGann as a very angry Doctor.

Well, damn, harsh wrap-up to the fourth 8th Doctor/Lucie season, and confirmation that Big Finish stories are pretty much taking place in an entirely separate continuity from the TV series and the books. The question now is whether or not they'll smack the reset button in the coming productions.

This is the second part of a two-part story, so I have reviewed both parts together at the entry for Lucie Miller.

All the feels. They bring back some old villains, touch on Classic Who memories, there's some tragedyquite the way to wrap up a season.

Must read/listen with "lucie Miller". Excellent story. Heartfelt ending. Good lead into "dark Eyes"

i am sadness i am literally sadness i cannot help fix bathtubs because my hands are made of intangible emotion

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