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  • Title: Evercrossed
  • Author: Elizabeth Chandler
  • ISBN: 9781847389176
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Paperback

Ivy and Tristan have both moved on Tristan, to the other side of the afterlife, and Ivy has moved on with sweet, dependable Will But when an accident seriously injures Ivy, almost to the point of near death, she meets her soulmate Tristan again And at the place of the in between , their bittersweet reunion culminates in one breathtaking kiss But unbeknownst to both IIvy and Tristan have both moved on Tristan, to the other side of the afterlife, and Ivy has moved on with sweet, dependable Will But when an accident seriously injures Ivy, almost to the point of near death, she meets her soulmate Tristan again And at the place of the in between , their bittersweet reunion culminates in one breathtaking kiss But unbeknownst to both Ivy and Tristan, it was that one heart stopping kiss that brought Ivy back to life and angels are prohibited from meddling in matters of life and death Now fallen from heaven for saving the girl he loves, Tristan is in the body of a stranger, and he must find his way to Ivy once

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Other Description:Ivy and Tristan have both moved on ~ Tristan, to the other side of the afterlife, and Ivy has moved on with sweet, dependable Will. But when an accident seriously injures Ivy, almost to the point of near death, she meets her soulmate Tristan again. And at the place of the "in between", their bittersweet reunion culminates in one breathtaking kiss. But unbeknownst to both Ivy and Tristan, it was that one heart stopping kiss that brought Ivy back to life ~ and angels are prohibit [...]

Okay, show of hands.How many people read this book because they COULDN'T FLIPPIN WAIT AND WAS JUST SOOO EXCITED?How many people read this because they saw it in the store, and was like "There's a fourth one? Hmmmm"?How many just read this book because it was available to them free through Simon & Schuster's galley grab?I was the latter. I read the original trilogy a couple years back and I was largely unimpressed. I thought it kind of cliched and melodramatic. I also am not a big fan of Chan [...]

Sigh. I LOVE Ivy and Tristan! However, I was really disappointedby the ever so blatant cliffhanger. I always feel like it's a cheaptrick and a lame way of ensuring another book. :( While it's niceto come back to characters that are known and loved, the originaltrilogy is almost two decades old why come back to them now? Ifound the updating of them to present day time rather jarring and ittook away from the story for me. I just don't get it. So like Isaid, it was okay but the original trilogy can [...]

It's been a year since Gregory has been put in his rightful place and Tristan can finally find peace, leaving Ivy in the comforts of her family and her boyfriend, Will. But the anniversary of Tristan death brings longing memories for Ivy and she can't stop thinking about him. After a terrible accident that kills Ivy, she sees Tristan again and gives her the kiss of life, that may have put his soul in jeopardy. But another spirits has escaped the past, putting Ivy in even more danger, only this t [...]

OMG!!! I cannot wait to read the 4th book. I had no idea there was gonna be another one :)

Published on K-Bookskayleigh-m-books/I don't know if it is actually fair for me to write a review on this book as I didn't even finish it but I still wanted to write my thoughts on it.I was so excited to read this book. I absolutely adored the beginning of this series and was really looking forward to another book about Ivy, Tristan and Will.However,I hated it! I know hate is a strong word and I've never said I hate a book before in my life, if I didn't like it I've always said it's not my thing [...]

I had no idea that Elizabeth Chandler was writing a sequel for Kissed By An Angel. I randomly saw Evercrossed on Borders one day and flipped out. I automatically became so happy I couldn't stand it while in school (I saw it in computer class) and for the rest of the day I assaulted my friends with "OMG THERES A SEQUEL" and they all thought I'd lost it.Anywho, so I requested it from my library ASAP and got it a few days later. I read it in one day. It was AMAZING. I remember when reading Kissed B [...]

I didn't enoy this book as much as the previous books in this series.

Judged by Cover: I love itAs this is the fourth book in the Kissed by an Angel series, as soon as I saw the cover I knew I was going to love it. It has symbolic value that you understand once you've finished the book. What's up?In Evercrossed Ivy Lyons is helping her best friend, Beth, at her aunts B'n'B. Simple right? The thing is the anniversary of her boyfriend's, Tristan, death is approaching. Here's the catch. Tristan was murdered by Ivy's stepbrother, Gregory, in a car accident. Gregory wa [...]

OMG.que puedo decir. cada final en vez de ser mas esclarecedor revuelve todo mas y mas.Cuando estaba tratando de asimilar que Tristán se había ido. y que ya no había mas peligro todo se vuelve a complicar!!Los demonios vuelven, aquellos capaces de hacer daños aún siguen rondando y el peligro es cada vez mayor.Entre medio de todo esto, Ivy intenta retomar su vida con Will, pero los dos saben que por mas amor que haya no podrán superar a Tristán! Y cuando pensé que ya no me podía sorprend [...]

IRP BOOK REVIEWThe novel "Evercrossed" by Elizabeth Chandler is about a teenager named Ivy Lyons from New England. After a hectic school year, with the death of her boyfriend, Tristan, and her stepbrother who caused Tristan's death, Ivy just wanted a normal Summer break. All seems to be going well for the first part of the summer: a good job, pleasant friends and an amazing new boyfriend. But everything takes a turn for the worse after Ivy dies in a car crash. As she dies, she sees Tristan and h [...]

I adore, absolutely adore the Kissed by an Angel series, and couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book! I honestly thought the series ended perfectly, so I was curious to see how Chandler would spin this new addition. I had faith though. I love all her books—the mystery, suspense, and wonderful characters. I’m happy to report; I was not let down by the fourth book. Ivy is such a great character. She encapsulates what being young is all about, while at the same time showing tremendous grow [...]

The book that I read was "Evercrossed" by Elizabeth Chandler. It’s been a year since Ivy’s boyfriend, Tristan died. They’ve both moved on, or at least thats what they all think—Tristan to the other side of the afterlife, and Ivy to sweet Will. Now Ivy’s heading to Cape Cod, hoping to leave the horror of last summer behind. She wants nothing more than to lie on the beach, sip lemonade, and hang out with her friends. But then a car crash ends Ivy’s life. As she floats to the beyond, lo [...]

I was so shocked to find out there was another book! I thought Kissed by an Angel was just a stand alone. This book was good, not as good as the first but still really good. It was pretty freaky though.

Ce roman m'a beaucoup intrigué, et plus spécialement le premier tome. Comment peut-on survivre avec la mort du héros (du premier coup) ? C'était ma question ;)

My Original Review:"I LOVED IT! I read this book in one sitting, and I will definitely be reading the next book. What a cliff hanger!" -2013Update: Read from 3/26/15 - 3/31/15Well, those were my thoughts when I read this book two years ago. A three sentence review. It's hard to believe that back then, that's all I had to say about this book. But then again, this book (which is the fourth book in the series) was the first book I read. I remembered that after reading this book I felt compelled to [...]

I was excited to read this book after finishing the previous one 'Soulmates' yesterday, but some things bothered me.This book is set about eight months after the last one, which was written, I believe in 1995. My version of Soulmates was 'updated' for 2009 so there were references to dead Heath Ledger, Google, and the X-Men films - however, there were no iPhones, iPods, GPS systems etc. Evercrossed was absolutely littered with up-to-date technology and it was just so strange to jump from Soulmat [...]

So I rated this book three stars which really disappointed me. I wanted tolovethis book sobadlybut as you can tell from my rating, I only liked it. Before I talk about what I didn't enjoy about this novel I'll say what I did like.I gave it one star out of the three just for the sheer joy that I received because Tristan came back; I missed him like the little Tristan fan-girl that I am. I also enjoyed that Chandler does Ivy's and Tristan's history from the other books but twisted around so now Iv [...]

Quarto capitolo dell’emozionante saga “Baciata da un angelo”, intitolato “In fondo al cuore”, di Elizabeth Chandler.Alla fine della prima trilogia, abbiamo lasciato Ivy e Will in procinto di iniziare una nuova vita insieme, mentre Tristan, dopo aver adempiuto al suo compito, ha trovato finalmente la pace. Pace che, stando al prologo, – carico di aspetti negativi, quali la violenza e la malvagità – sembra ancora lontana per i nostri protagonisti.In questo quarto episodio, ritroviam [...]

What I liked in this book is that it was short. I was angry at Ivy, Beth and Will throughout the 5 hours it took me to finish it. Ivy the I-Know-Everything girl is back. Beth warns her Gregory is back for her, she doesn't believe her because she has a great imagination. However, she doesn believe Tristan is back taking over Guy's body. Will acts like her bodyguard, the guy that will do anything for her but sticks too close to Beth. Since the very beginning it's obvious that Beth and Will would m [...]

OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!It was amazing!!!! The book is set a year after last books events. Ivy is in cape cod with Will and Beth and her two cousins for holidays. One day they have a seance and end up releasing gregory's soul! But when Ivy has a fatal accident, tristan has to give the kiss of life which bring her back to life - however this leads to him getting banished from heaven, sent to earth in another body. furthermore, Ivy meets an amnesiac [...]

Brought to you by OBS reviewer HeidiBeware of spoilers!In the fourth installment of the Kissed by an Angel series, we find Ivy, Will, and Beth spending the summer in Cape Cod working for Beth’s Aunt Cindy at her inn. The one year anniversary of Tristan’s death is fast approaching and everyone is keeping a close eye on Ivy.When Ivy and Beth go to pick up Dhanya and Kelsey (the other two girls that are working at the inn for the summer) from a party, Ivy gets in a car accident. Ivy has an out [...]

With the ending of Kissed by an Angel, I really don’t see the need for this book. And after reading it, I still don’t see the reasoning…but I do know that the end of this book definitely leaves it open for another book in this series. So I won’t be surprised when a fifth book is released. (Not sure if I’ll bother reading it, though…) That being said, I did like the book…I just didn’t know why it was written! As I did with the three before it, I felt that the book was lacking in n [...]

Un libro que se lee en un tirón pero me pareció mucho más flojo que los anteriores, es el cuarto libro de la saga Kissed by an angel, y sin embargo, lo sentí como un libro introductorio, en donde las cosas se desarrollan demasiado lento para ir conociendo a los personajes. En esta ocasión Ivy, Beth y Will están pasando un verano en una casita cerca de la playa que es un hostal, la dueña es la tía de Beth y les ha dado trabajo a los chicos. Ya ha pasado casi un año de la muerte de Trista [...]

Reviewed by Melissa at RexRobotReviewsHaving not read the first three books in this series, I was a little lost throughout the book. I kept having to go back and re-read something just to try and figure out what everyone in the book was talking about. The main character, Ivy, is easy to relate to in a sense, although some things she says and does bring up a lot of questions on how she can be so trusting after everything that has happened in her past. Ivy's boyfriend at the beginning of the book [...]

The authors purpose of the book is to teach a lesson and to entertain the mind of those interested in stories quite like this one. The theme of the book is its teaching to enjoy those around you because they can be gone anytime. Never give up on what you believe in, and to never give up on what you love. The style of the book was written as a description, it always told where Ivy was and the description of the setting made it feel as if you were really there. It gave you many details to describe [...]

This was the latest sequel and I was excited to finally read it. The other ones always add so much more to the books. This one though made me cringe and not from the plot from the plot line.Ivy has gone through so much lost her soul mate fallen into the clutches of a murdering step brother and been saved by Tristian. Then found happiness with Will who was there for her after Tristians death. Now that the past is gone she goes away for the summer, to just relaxChandler starts out with what seems [...]

The novel Evercrossed is about a girl named Ivy Who has moved on with her life after a tragic death of her boyfriend, Tristan. An accident put Ivy back in contact with him, and once again changes her life completely.This is a great book that is filled with mystery and part Romance. Elizabeth Chandler did a great job writing this book. Evercrossed was beautifully written although, it did lack some supporting evidence in some parts but, I really loved and enjoyed this story. Its really sweet and r [...]

Overall, I loved this book. On the other hand, after a trilogy like the Kissed by an Angel trilogy, it gave me mixed feelings as well I felt as though there wasn't as much feeling behind Will's and Beth's characters this time They seemed to be way different, and lacked the strength of the character. Another thing I didn't really like was the change of other supporting characters Not really caring much for most of the new ones, and wishing to see more of the old ones like Phillip, Suzanne, and Iv [...]

okaaaaaayyyy. can someone tell me why Elizabeth Chandler has brough this series back to the surface after about ten years since the first one?i was surprised at the thinness of it compared to the other, but more surprised at the fact that she writ it at all! all the strings were tied up at the end of the last book with a soppy ending that made me cry, smile and laugh all overis, though, had the biggest cliff hanger i've ever seen in a book - ever. i really can't wait till the next one comes outo [...]

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