The Lost Coast

Barry Eisler

The Lost Coast

The Lost Coast

  • Title: The Lost Coast
  • Author: Barry Eisler
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Kindle Edition

For Larison, a man off the grid and on the run, the sleepy northern California town of Arcata, gateway to the state s fabled Lost Coast, seems like a perfect place to disappear for a while But Arcata isn t nearly as sleepy as it seems, and when three locals decide Larison would make a perfect target for their twisted sport, Larison exacts a lifetime of vengeance in one exFor Larison, a man off the grid and on the run, the sleepy northern California town of Arcata, gateway to the state s fabled Lost Coast, seems like a perfect place to disappear for a while But Arcata isn t nearly as sleepy as it seems, and when three locals decide Larison would make a perfect target for their twisted sport, Larison exacts a lifetime of vengeance in one explosive evening.Includes an interview with novelist J.A Konrath.Warning this story is intended for mature audiences, and contains depictions of sexual activity, though perhaps not in the way you re expecting It s approximately 6600 words the equivalent of about 25 paper pages It is a short story, not a novel.

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Hey, I love hearing from everybody, but the emails on this one for me have been way off the scale. Barry Eisler goes rogue, self –publishes his own short story, goes a bit further than maybe he has with this character in the past, and then to complete the trifecta charges $2.99 for the digital short story. That my friend is where the rub lies for most of you, and I want to present my own caution in this matter. Think about what you are doing as a reader first with this. What do I mean? My opin [...]

I enjoyed the hell out of this short from Barry Eisler, though some reviews are negative because readers, clearly Eisler fans, were apparently "shocked" (dare say!) with the gay theme of the hit-man. I've never read anything by Eisler before, but this short seemed intriguing and the promise of a dark story with a bad-ass character seemed too much to pass up for just a few bucks. The story is kick-ass; a glimpse into the life of Larison but enough laid forth that I'd love to read more involving t [...]

Eisler is not a terrible writer. Visually he's both precise and thorough, allowing his readers to see a whole scene in short bursts of imagery. But he suffers from a handicap I've noted in the very few thrillers I've read. The drama he attempts in the penultimate and ultimate climaxes never quite measure up to the promise.In this particular story, John Larison (a character from Eisler's previous tales I am unfamiliar with) drives up the Pacific coast to get away, having faked his own death. Rest [...]

Review from 21 January 2015: Daniel Larison is probably both Eisler's most compelling and most controversial character. I, at least, find him absolutely fascinating, so it's little wonder that I was thrilled to get a story focussing on him. Intense, dark and violent - exactly what one should expect from this character. Loved it, more please!

I don't even know what to say. This very dark short story is good proof of Eisler's talent because it left me so conflicted. If Larison had kicked the guy's ass, I would have clapped because he deserved it but the way Larison extracted payback felt sowrong. At the same time was that worse than breaking his face, like he did the other two? Why am I totally OK with physical violence but not that other type? I confess that if I tried to con a badass like Larison and got discovered, I would totally [...]

ebook This might be shocking and surprising to some, but where I live, SF Bay Area, has been turned into a present day Sodom/Gomorrah, mainly by people who migrated from places with better values. Just my opinion as a native over 70.At the end of the book Eisler really gets excited about how much more money he can make by "self publishing". More power to you. But do you have to blatantly brag about it?

REVIEW OF AUDIOBOOK FEBRUARY 28, 2016Narrator: Barry EislerJust 40 minutes, no explicit sex, and despite some reviewers calling what Larison did 'rape', LGBT fiction and Romance fans, would more likely classified it as 'dub-con'. I leave it to you to decide whether Seth is as straight as he claims to be. Oh, and no anal sex. It was just a BJ - referred to, not described. That said, this little short doesn't continue with Seth after Larison teaches him a lesson so erotica and LGBT fans will have [...]

this is not even long enough to be a novella - it is a short story published on its own rather than as part of a collection. However, it features a tough guy and a tough subject in a fairly graphic brutal way and provides an insight of a character in two other Eisler novels

Love writing this quiet but extremely dark and violent short story about my rogue operator, Larison.

The Lost Coast by Barry Eisler is a Kindle Short story I downloaded using Kindle Unlimited (KU). The story is preceded by a warning that it is for mature audiences and contains scenes of sexual violence that might be different than what I am accustomed to. I immediately began to search my home for a tracking device. How does he know what I am accustomed to?This short story starts out with descriptions of tradecraft. Everyone has picked up from TV that when you are on the run it is not cool to us [...]

While it fits the character, I'm uncomfortable with rape. Certainly Larison proves to be as tough as they come.

Barry Eisler's first short story is also my first exposure to him as a writer. Now, I'm a fan of speculative fiction moreso than straight thrillers so The Lost Coast is relatively new territory for me. In short, I loved it. The storyline is simple and straightforward but this does not detract one iota as it allows for the focus and impact necessary in this moral but also merciless tale. I particularly liked the character of Larison for being a gay character who does not conform to recognisable m [...]

SHORT short storyTwo or three stars?Its the new year and I'm feeling charitable.Im a big fan of Eisler and of John Rain. This story had some surprises for me, not knowing anything about Larison.If you know the Larison character you can probably guess pretty much what going to happen. For me it was a brief introduction but didn't really make me want to spend more time with him.The story wasn't developed but did provide a certain catharsis.It would be perfectible suitable for a magazine or collect [...]

Barry Eisler has done it again! Eisler has mastered the art of setting a scene for all senses, without sacrificing timing, as he steadily builds suspense and titillation. His word choice is similarly balanced: intelligent and precise.What I also appreciate about Barry Eisler is that he is unafraid of using themes that may be controversial, but are nevertheless critically relevant discussion topics in contemporary America; the revulsion I felt at the end for Larison (as well as some of the other [...]

When I received a reply from my tweet where I stated that I was going to start the reading on this short story, I was surprised. He told me it's creepy and needs reader discretion. Just sat thinking, trying to find out what to expect. Nothing in my mind expected what I read. Yes its creepy. But is an excellent short story. Left me with my mouth open, thinking, digesting the story. Thank you Barry Eisler for this short story and hope yo keep this format, adding it to your novels.

Dreadful. Negative stars are needed. Larison (a character from Eisler's other novels) drives up the Pacific Coast, goes to a small town bar and picks up a male college student, Seth. Turns out that Seth is bait and his two co-conspirators try to mug Larison, who kicks the crap out of them. mutilates the two muggers. Larison forces the Seth to drive him to a remote spot where Larison first rapes then abandons him. Pure porn and violence, justified as anti-gay bashing. Yuck.

Perfect short storyThis was exactly what a short story is supposed to be. It tells a complete story using a minimum number of words. The title leaves much to be desired. It isn't about the Lost Coast, where I live. Now I want to know about Larrison after reading this. I enjoyed this.

Great short, and as Barry says, a bit disturbing in parts too. Larrison is a harsher, less rounded, character than John Rain, and as such some of the things he does will shock.The way he dispatches two thugs is very 'hard-hitting' to say the least and he was holding back!I like these shorts and hope more are on the way

Not Eisler's best work, as the story read more like a chapter from a novel and not a separate work. The story would have benefited from more context. That having been said, I am more than looking forward to his next novel and future short stories centering around Eisler's other characters. I think he will only get better as he continues to self publish.

Very well done, as expected from Eisler, for his first ever short, but overpriced. The preview of the next John Rain novel, The Detachment, took the sting out of the price, and an interview with Eisler suggests a story featuring Dox, and another with Rain and Delilah might be forthcoming.Nice surprise from a favorite thriller writer,

Interesting short story if you've read the previous 2 Ben Treven books in the series. Not for the faint at heart. Contains violence and a sex crime. It serves as a segue into the new novel The Detachment which is part of a different series (John Rain). My wife Jenny and I both like this series a lot. You have to like the 'bad ass assassin' genre to dig it though.

This truly is a short- short story. Not sure it is worth $3 but hey, an ice cream cone costs more than that these days!!Hey, I am Barry Eisler fan and I enjoyed it, and I am really looking forward to his new novel, The Detachment, the first chapter of which is provided along with The Lost Coast.

I thought I'd read Eisler's short stories in preparation for his newest novel, The Detachment, and was a bit disappointed with this one. The story was a bit awkward, which could have been the result of it being his first short story (versus novel length) story. It was a good introduction to the character though.

Intense and unexpectedThis was intense. Reminds me more of John Ringo's Ghost than of what I typically expect of Eisler. Great read, incredible balance of detail! I look forward to more of Larison's back story.

Compact, violent short story featuring one of Eisler's established characters. Loved the writing. I could have done without the absurd pricing. I'd say wait for the inevitable collection. I'd probably give it 3 stars but I don't do that anymore. At least, that's what I'm telling myself.

Not really a big fan of this one. While it developed Larison's character the last part of it just seemed not necessary.

Great, fast-paced read. Played like a movie. I will definitely read more from this author.

Disgusting! I couldn't finish it.


Good read but really short. Would have liked it just a bit longer.

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