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  • Title: Nightshine
  • Author: Lynn Viehl
  • ISBN: 9780451413147
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

As a psychic, Samuel Taske can see the future, but he never predicted that he d fall for San Francisco paramedic Charlotte Marena, the woman he s been charged with protecting GenHance the biotech company willing to do anything to acquire superhuman DNA is after them And when Samuel discovers that his Takyn powers have abandoned him, Charlie and her secret nighttime telepAs a psychic, Samuel Taske can see the future, but he never predicted that he d fall for San Francisco paramedic Charlotte Marena, the woman he s been charged with protecting GenHance the biotech company willing to do anything to acquire superhuman DNA is after them And when Samuel discovers that his Takyn powers have abandoned him, Charlie and her secret nighttime telepathic ability are their only hope for survival

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This is Samuel Taske’s story. Introduced in Frostfire you know him as an enigmatic member of Kyn, almost crippled by his ability to see into the future and read the history of objects. His gift for some strange reason causes him pain and has him on the road to certain death in a matter of months. Then he meets Charlotte Marena, a paramedic from San Francisco, during a hostage situation on the Golden Gate Bridge. Together they are kidnapped from the chaos and whisked away to a private island. F [...]

Too much of the book was just a ridiculous situation that the author wouldn't explain. I usually like that (like when J. R. Ward does it) but in this case, it just meant that it stayed cheesy for too long. I DID like the ending where the Darkyn and Takyn are finally gonna start working together. That's about the only thing keeping me happy, and it only works since it was the last thing I read. The opening scene on the bridge was actually really good too. But the bond forged between Samuel and Ch [...]

Huh?!? I read some of the other reviews and I was surprised to note that I was in the minority with my feelings toward Nightshine. First off, I am a big Viehl fan. I think she is a talented author with an out of this world creativity and talent that rivals the best in the paranormal genre. However, Nightshine just fell short for me. My first impression was greatI loved how the story startedI loved how the characters metI did not love the hugely 'fantastical' quality of the story. I am all for th [...]

You know we have all had that dreamwaking up in a tropical paradise next to a handsome manl the conveniences, none of the headaches. Well that's is what happens to Charlie "Charlotte" Marena. She is an EMT responding to a multiple pile-up on a bridge and meets millionaire Samuel Taske, one of the many injured by a deranged sniper. She and Sam are abducted at gunpoint, drugged, healed and awake on an island paradise. Only 2 rules are made from their captors not try to escape and you must have sex [...]

I know this book isn't out yet (I won an ARC) so I don't want to give too much away. However one thing I must say is if you've ever read any of Ms Viehl's Darkyn or Kyndred series you need to run out and get this as soon as it hits the bookshop shelves. It is an excellent read and kept me turning the pages even when I had other things I needed to do. I was so hooked up in the story I couldn't put it down. Ms Viehl delivers a story full of action, romance, suspense and great characters that jump [...]

I enjoy all of her books - some more than others. Her Darkyn are better than the Takyn ones, I think.

Review Courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick & Dirty: Extremely old evil finally meets his match.Opening Sentence: The lord of deception and fate stared out at Sokojotsin from the invaders’ eyes.The Review: When I got this one in the mail a while back, I had to stop myself from doing a facepalm. Where did this series come from, and why am I just finding out about it now?Okay, so in this series, we have been introduced to the Kyndred; (or Takyn as they refer to them in the book) individuals wh [...]

Review originally posted here: thebookpushers/2011/11/08/Publisher: SignetPublish Date: Out Now!How I got this book: review book from publisherViehl is back with the 4th installment of the Kyndred Series, and my first read of this author.Samuel is psychic, and after a vision of knowing he needed to save a woman named Charlotte, he puts himself into the position to do just that. But when they get taken captive and put on a deserted island together, Samuel notices that there is something a little [...]

The books in this Kyndred spinoff are strangely different from the original two series. They followed the main Darkyn format so I expected this one too. But it’s added other creatures, lifeforms and events that I never would have expected in the Darkyn world. The original premise of this series is good but it’s drifted away too far. At first it wasn’t bad, but it has gotten stranger with each book. The first two were ok with the GenHance storyline, but then #2 had body sharing, #3 had were [...]

This is not the first of Lynn Viehl’s works I’ve reviewed, nor will it be the last considering how prolific she is. Nightshine is, however, the last of the Kyndred series. While I was sorry to hear that, I’m thrilled to learn the Lords of Darkyn series is starting up, and I suspect the Kyndred will show up in that just as the Darkyn did in this series, though not as the primary focus.But enough about the series and on to this particular book. Nightshine had a lot more sex in it than I noti [...]

Mon avis en françaisMy English reviewI don’t think I’ve ever started a series by reading the fourth book before the others. Therefore, it’s true that all along the story we wonder if we shouldn’t have known more things about the characters or about the events with the three other novels. I think it’s always a little different even if like a lot a Paranormal Romance books, each volume features some different characters.This novel introduces us to Samuel and Charlotte, two Takin, who ha [...]

"Nightshine" by Lynn Viehl. Book 4 of the Kyndred series. *last book of the series*I liked this book even though it frustrated me to no end. Let me explainThe main romantic storyline is between Samuel, a Kyndred who can see an object's history by touching it (including people), and a Kyndred named Charlotte who can read people's emotions and thoughts but only juring the night. They are both kidnapped and brought to an island. The rules are simplen't try to escape, and they must have sex every da [...]

Nightshine by Lynn ViehlParanormal Romance - Nov 1st, 20114 starsThrilling action and intrigue will draw new and returning readers into this wonderful paranormal series about humans whose genetic DNA was altered and try to hide their special abilities.When paramedic Charlie Marena finds herself trapped on a bridge with a gunman, it seems like a normal day. But when a wealthy and mysterious man named Samuel Taske tries to save her instead of letting her save others, she is grateful if annoyed. Ho [...]

Charlotte Marena is a San Francisco paramedic. She is smart and sassy. When she and her partner Vince responds to a call, she could never have imagined what would happen next. Charlie was a night time telepath. When they stumble into a shootout, Vince gets shot and Charlie gets taken prisoner. She needs Samuel Taske there; she feels like she has always known him though they have just met. Samuel wants to protect Charlie. Taske has been attacked by werewolves under the orders of Lilah Devereaux w [...]

Let me say “WOW” for another great novel from one of my favorites series, The kindred and The Darkyn from Lynn Viehl.A paramedic, Charlie Marsha, responds to an emergency call where she finds a mysterious millionaire, Samuel Task, trapped by a gunman on the bridge. After a series of events they discover that it has been a setup to have them kidnapped and not a chance encountered as they though before. She awakens first to find the he is still unconscious and in need of her medical care. Her [...]

By Far My Favorite Kyndred Novel. I absolutely loved it. This book is every woman's dream, Dropped on a deserted island with a gorgeous man and told there are only 2 rules : 1.) Don't Try To Escape, & 2.) Have Sex At least Once A Day. Yes, Please Sign Me up! Only this story comes complete with an ancient evil hell bent on creating a new super race to be his warriors. Oh and don't even think about breaking the rules because you will be punished (well I wouldn't break them they seem fine to me [...]

4.5 stars - Kyndred Samuel aka Paracelus is nearly crippled, in constant pain and months from death, so he decides to try and make up for his less than honorable moments (in the last book) by saving a fellow Kyndred woman he's never met from impending death. Things don't quite work out the way Sam plans though and he and EMT Charlotte end up drugged, kidnapped and imprisoned on a deserted island subject to two rules: they mustn't try to escape and they must have intercourse everyday or else they [...]

My second favourite book of the Takyn or Kindred series behind Dreamveil. I wasn't happy with Samuel Taske after his treatment of Delilah in Frostfire, however he redeemed himself as he felt remorse over this and he was lovely with Charlotte aka Charlie. The plot was pretty fast paced, however it dragged a little towards the end, the first part of the book was really interesting, I feel it went on a little too long on the island with not enough post island. It was nice to see Andrew find some ha [...]

This was really a good book and the bonus is that there are all kinds of new characters to deal with from this point forward. The only drawback to that is they are all coupled up already. I guess we can always wait and see what the kids are going to be like. I am really glad most of the characters we know about in this one are done with, to tell the truth, since I like the original series better than the spin off series here. It isn't like it is better written, but I like to read about all the D [...]

The whole Kyndred series for me wasn't nearly as awesome as the Darkyn series was. I didn't feel a connection w/the Kyndred characters as I did the Darkyn. And the whole mystery of what the Kyndred were (they didn't know) and what their powers were, yadda yadda became intensely annoying. I will most likely never reread the Kyndred series, some of the Darkyn I do. This book was better than the first of the series, but I believe the third is my favorite. Rowan's story is just too freaky Friday for [...]

Not a good book on the standards I'm used to which the other two related stories. First off she still didn't answer the biggest question I've had since the beginning of this series - how on earth is Matthias considered kyndred? Why wasn't he ousted from the beginning or not allowed in the group since he was a roman? Obvious time difference there And probably not a case of genetic experimenting. Is he a Nottingham case or something? And why did her power work on the bridge at the beginning of the [...]

I was confused at first. I get the Darkyn and Kyndred series mixed up. But once they landed on the island, everything made more sense. The story as a whole is a great part of the series, Samuel and Charlie are a perfect couple. But I did have a hard time grasping the plot of this story, it always seemed like I was missing something important or it was a little rushed. The pieces get all tied together at the end nicely though, and I had that "Ok I get it now" moment. We also get a glimpse at some [...]

This was easily the best of this particular series. Possibly because we learn a lot about what is actually going on - the mystery gets solved!The plot was a bit similar to the previous book in the series - in that it involved an abduction and people falling in love. But there the similarity ends. This one had you jumping from place to place, but in a way that made perfect sense. It was exciting and a really enjoyable read.I liked Charlie and Samuel. Samuel had spinal chord issues that were magic [...]

I was stunned by what was taking place on the island, that someone would have the balls to think so much of himself to set up something like this and then do it. I think what stuns me the most is that this took a long time to set up, not something that could be done in a few weeks, but years.I really liked that we got to learn more about the Kyndred, where they came from and what they were meant to be. I find it interesting how it seems like each child was adopted by all these horrible people, n [...]

Awesome! My favorite in this series so far. I loved Charlie Marena, she is an EMT that is afraid of bridges. And, she must go on the Golden Gate Bridge on a very serious accident. There is several cars involved her and her partner find out that there is a shooter on the other side of the bridge. This is how the story starts out. Then she is kidnapped in her own ambulance. When she wakes up she ends up on an island with the man that she was rescuing from the bridge.By the end of the novel you wil [...]

I liked this the best of the entire series. It still jumped back and forth between past and present - present being the hero and heroine while past was seemingly random strangers who appeared again at the end of the story after I'd completely forgotten about them.I really liked both Sam and Charlotte as well as the people on the island. This pretty much tied up all the loose ends though a few were left to the readers imagination. I didn't like (view spoiler)[that the real reason Jonah Genaro cre [...]

I am a Viehl fan and that is why I gave this book 3 stars. It is my least favorite of all of her books. It is a connecting piece and as such should be read by those who have read her other books. It is not a stand alone. That said I liked the beginning. I loved the ending. The ending made the book almost good. A beginning and an ending need the middle. The middle was unfullfilling. I still love Viehl. I hope Genero is trully dead! i love the Darkyn. I look forward to the return to their story. I [...]

While I really like Viehl's books for the most part and love the Kyn series, this Kyndred side series is a real disappointment. It's confusing, doesn't follow it's own preset parameters, and generally falls completely off the believability scale. Not that all sci fi or fantasy has to be believable, but it should at least follow it's own rules. These books just get more and more ridiculous. I'm moving on to other authors while I wait for another Kyn book.

I can't help it I love Lynn's writing style & the stories she tells. This was fast paced for me & I loved that! Been so long since I was in the Kyndred world but as soon as I started reading it all came back. Loved both front characters, a lot! Enjoyed all the sub characters as well. Great story & I feel it ended well. Though I can't help but want more, ya know? But it's over & I enjoyed it.

3.5. I dislike the strand-people-on-an-island plot device, and the stupid delays in communication between groups and the delays in taking out the villain feel forced. The heroine was the closest to an Alexandra clone this series has had: tough chick with medical expertise. The hero was a little too good to be true and the wrap up was abrupt. The relationship made sense in context, so there's that. This author's plotting is addictive, so on to the next series, despite the flaws.

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