Christine: Tappaja-auto

Stephen King Pentti Isomursu

Christine: Tappaja-auto

Christine: Tappaja-auto

  • Title: Christine: Tappaja-auto
  • Author: Stephen King Pentti Isomursu
  • ISBN: 9789513060541
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Hardcover

Luokka Stephen Kingin teoksiin perustuvat elokuvat Sivut, jotka ovat luokassa Stephen Kingin teoksiin perustuvat elokuvat Seuraavat sivua kuuluvat thn luokkaan Sivujen kokonaismr luokassa on . Tukikohta minisarja Tukikohta The Stand on vuonna tehty minisarja, joka perustuu kirjailija Stephen Kingin samannimiseen romaaniin.Minisarjan on ohjannut Mick Garris ja ksikirjoituksesta sek tuottamisesta on vastannut itse Stephen King King esiintyy mys aiempiin elokuviin verrattuna isommassa cameoroolissa

Arnie on mit tt m n n k inen n ppyl naama, josta eiv t piittaa juuri muut kuin ainoa kaveri Dannis ja tytt yst v Leigh Mutta sitten kuvaan ilmestyy Christine, tulipunainen vuoden 1958 Plymouth Se her tt Arnien mekaanikonvaistot ja my s tosi rakkauden sill mit muuta on tuo kiihko, jolla Arnie ryhtyy palauttamaan Christinen voimaa ja kauneutta Ja Christine vastaa rArnie on mit tt m n n k inen n ppyl naama, josta eiv t piittaa juuri muut kuin ainoa kaveri Dannis ja tytt yst v Leigh Mutta sitten kuvaan ilmestyy Christine, tulipunainen vuoden 1958 Plymouth Se her tt Arnien mekaanikonvaistot ja my s tosi rakkauden sill mit muuta on tuo kiihko, jolla Arnie ryhtyy palauttamaan Christinen voimaa ja kauneutta Ja Christine vastaa rakkauteen sen kuhmut ja lommot sili v t kun Arnie vain katsookin niihin Mutta se on mustasukkainen rakastettu, eik sied kilpailijoita Y n hetkin se kiit pitkin teit tuoden tuhoa ja kuolemaa niille, jotka ovat loukanneet Arnieta tai yritt neet vieroittaa h net Christinest Ja lopulta auton demoninen raivo tarttuu my s Arnieen Se on aivan erinomainen koston apuv line Ja er n kauniina kev tiltana, josta on v h ll tulla h nen el m ns onnellisin, h n p st sen valloilleen

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I have a real guilty-pleasure, love/love realtionship with Stephen King books. I don't care how literarily unhip that is. Christine was the first big-girl book I ever read--I was in the fourth grade and we'd just moved to California. I didn't have any friends or anywhere to go yet, so I spent my days poking around in the library, like any good nerd. I'd heard somewhere that Stephen King books contained scandalous curse words, so I picked it out of the library's King collection because the title [...]

Fans of the Netflix series Stranger Things who might be unaware of how freely the creators sampled '80s pop culture--right down to the title font--need look no further than three novels by Stephen King: one I've read (Firestarter), one I'm reading this month (It) and one I'll review now. Published in 1983--the same year that Stranger Things takes place--Christine is an often haunting and at times bittersweet tale about growing up; specifically, that time when adulthood threatens to detour cheris [...]

3.5 StarsG fan of Stephen King, but not so much of CHRISTINE. Reading a 700+ page bookcially one written by SK usually does not bother me in the least, but CHRISTINE was just too longo wordy.was expecting more wicked deeds than the movie.The storyline IS creepy good with a possessed red 1958 Plymouth Fury.her deadlights and "moldering stench".on the prowl seeking justice from anyone who dislikes her best stay out of her way.Besides a feared CHRISTINE, there's a great cast of teen characters, bul [...]

You never forget your first time, and the memories of my initial encounter with Stephen King when he lured me into the back of a 1958 Plymouth Fury and had his way with me are still clear over 30 years later.For the record, he wasn’t gentle.I was a wee lad of 13 when this came out, and Stephen King had established his reputation as America’s boogeyman after his breakout in the ‘70s. I wasn’t much of a horror fan and despite my increasing reading of ‘grown-up’ fiction had no interest [...]

Christine is Stephen King at his best. I am not kidding: it is my favorite book of his (Dark Tower fans, be gentle).Christine is an old Plymouth that Arnie Cunningham decides to buy and repair. He gradually gets 'in love' with his car, and, as Christine is repaired, Arnie also changes, becoming darker and taking on some personality traits of Christine's former owner, Roland LeBay.The book's other main character is Dennis, Arnie's friend, who witness all these changes. Now the story may sounds si [...]

If I admitted that I probably enjoyed this more than The Shining – would that amount to sacrilege? Good Review vs Evil ReviewGood ReviewThere isn’t much I didn’t particularly enjoy about the novel, except perhaps for one or two pacing issues. Then again, the book is only about 500 pages, which is a lot less than some of those other King books. It is incredibly creepy at times, which I found surprising, since the idea of a “haunted car” might seem a bit, well, corny. It’s everything b [...]

I once saw a comedian who said something to the effect that Led Zeppelin could sing “Mary had a little lamb” and make it feel dark and evil and threatening. Then with a passable imitation of Robert Plant he went on to sing the children’s song but in the fashion of a 70s metal band. Funny.So too, can Stephen King tell us about a haunted car and have what would seem to be an absurd notion come alive with terror and dark menace. Remember Cujo, his 1981 novel about a rabid dog who terrorizes a [...]

My re-telling of the story "Christine" to my sixty-five year old immigrant mother, enjoy:Me: "Mom?e you listening? The story is about a haunted car"Mom: "a what?"Me: "a car, mom - the story is about a haunted, evil car that can drive by itself, and it kills people. Because it's haunted."Mom: "a car can't do thatl me a car can do that! You'd be lying."Me: "No, mom, I know a car can't do that, but this one can, and its killed a ton of people already. There's these two main characters, right, and o [...]

Misfit Arnie Cunningham buys a 1958 Plymouth Fury named Christine and it's love at first sight. As he fixes the car and his obsession with it grows, his life spins out of control. 11/5/2013 I'm putting Christine in park for now since it's not revving my engine. It's as slow as a Plymouth Fury with the emergency brake on. Hopefully I'll pick it back up in a few weeks and it'll get my motor running.

I'm glad that Dennis is alive! This book was full of surprises, but I liked Christine. A serial killer in shape of a car. Genius!

Thought I would hate this because the antagonist is a car. I thought it would be one of the weaker King novels but it was wonderful and I really liked it. You get so lost in the well written characters and setting.

Okay, enough is enough. I've been putting off writing reviews for months, just because I prefer it when they're huge and well-thought out, with quotes, clear arguments for and against, and everything. Turns out though, I procrastinate like crazy when it comes to writing these, because "they need to be perfect"? Yeah, that's cancelled. I haven't been very active on here for ages, and that changes now.So, about Christine.The book started out beautifully. It had the right amount of foreshadowing an [...]

One of the better Stephen King books I've read in a while. I read this right after reading Salem's Lot and noticed a similar formula in King's writing. Like Salem's Lot, the first half of the book is devoted to character development and drawing you into the setting. There are some dark elements mixed in early on to keep you interested, and then the second half of the book really takes off and things go crazy. This time we're in Libertyville, PA (which is an awesome name for a fictional town). Ag [...]

Christine is not one of Stephen King's greatest works by any means, but it is still a good story with moments of real suspense and terror. I feel that one of King's biggest short-comings with this novel was having the tale told by a future Dennis. To me, this takes away a lot of suspense from some of the most tense scenes in the book because the reader is being told the tale by a character who is involved in a near-death experience, therefore revealing that the narrator survived his experience. [...]

Finished this book last night. This was my first real attempt at a Stephen King novel. The Mist had me warmed up to King and I figured I'd snag an other good ol' book of his from my library. Unlike the mist, this finally had an ending (which I'm glad about because after over 500 pages, I would have screamed if it left it with no closure). Sure, it wasn't exactly the happiest and there were still a few things left open ended but it was sufficient. My only question now is:Does Stephen King have ra [...]

This is one of the few King stories that I had never read. I don't know why I'd never read it, but it just seemed to me like reading about a car wasn't really my thing. I'm not a car girl. I drive one, but I don't dream about them, or get excited by them. I guess I was afraid that this book would be a few hundred pages of specs and details and owner's manual stuff, mixed in with a maniacal car tormenting stupid car-kids that would annoy me rather than making me hope they make it to the last page [...]

Second time was just as good as the first time. I had forgotten some stuff in the book as I hadn't read it for years, so it was really cool to re-read it.

First off, I'm a King fanboy, but I'm a little different from other fanboys. Here's what I think: When King's good, he's the best in the business. When he sucks, he's still readable, but it pisses me the fuck off because I know what he's capable of. Being readable even when he's off his game is how he's maintained my fandom while Koontz and Saul eventually lost my monetary involvement. I will still read the latter, but only through NetGallery and library borrows. With every King release, I purch [...]

OH MY GODS! What a f*cking treat! I totally loved this book. I cannot remember why I passed it over way back when. I was on-board the King express from THE SHINING and forward, reading every release. Even buying the hardbacks, which was an unbelievable treat in my boyhood home.What a special pleasure to have hidden away from myself. An early King masterpiece. I'd forgotten that he could be this good! It's made me re-evalutate King. I have to re-read his early works that I loved so. And I've got [...]

CHRISTINE was always a book that intrigued me. When I was young a hardback copy sat prominently on the bookshelves of my Grandma’s bedroom. It had a bright, angry looking Plymouth Fury on the cover and I can remember being fascinated by it. Yet, when I started reading Stephen King novels myself it wasn’t one I picked it up. Indeed, it’s the only major novel of his imperial phase that I hadn’t read.Why was that?Undoubtedly it’s because I don’t have that big an interest in cars. Yes, I [...]

Audiobook – Narrated by Holter Graham – Excellent narrationAs always, Holter Graham narrates this story beautifully. The only criticism I have is that the Epilogue was at the beginning of the book! o.O***Ebook:Excerpt from The Great Stephen King Reread by Grady Hendrix“Christine wasn’t just unusual for its location or the terms of its contract, it was also unusual because it was the first book in which King became everything people accused him of being. Cujo may be famous as the book Ste [...]

Finally have read this one. Great book - it almost completely follows the movie but there is a major difference to be had. While the events are the same basically, the story behind it is altered majorly. I was a bit peeved about Dennis and Leigh, and it was odd with King's point of view -- for the first 200 pages or so he told the story through first-person (Dennis, the friend.) Suddenly, he switches to multiple viewpoints until page 350 or so. Then he stays in first person, Dennis only, for the [...]

Christine is a real creepy book. Makes me a little uncomfortable sitting in a used car, not looking forward to ever buying one again LOL . It kept me intrigued the entire time! It took me a while to read it for personal reasons, had those not been in the way I probably would have devoured this book in a few days. I took a star off because I'm salty about something that happened lol sue me. Overall, great read and definitely a page turner! Read it! It's a classic King!

.‎- ” حالما تصبح اباً فإنك تعلم علم اليقين أنك في طريقك إلى الموت ، عندما تملك ولداً ترى قبرك بعينيك “.‎كان الكتاب هذا أول لقاء مع الكاتب، كان سر اختياره صدفة ‫"‬زي‫"‬ أغلب الكُتب الجيدة قبل السفر لتونس بيوم قررت نمشي لأقرب مكتبة ونختار أطول كتاب باش يكون رفيقي في الرحلة ال [...]

3.5 stars. this isn't my favorite SK but not the worse either. I really liked the haunting aspects that we don't see in the movie. LeBay, his family and such. I'm ok with not knowing how Christine came to be alive. I listened to the audio book. the narrator did a great job with the voices. Arnie was the best.

I believe this is the third or fourth time I've visited with Christine. I blame Walmart for suddenly having an influx of Uncle Stevie's books in mass market paperback. This time around was just as good as the last. It got me to thinking that perhaps it's time for another possessed object. I know Bill Hodges is done now so maybe something like this?Just a thought. You're the expert, Mr. King.4 ninja-bunnehs-a-drivin

Oh, how I have to eat what I said about this book in my original review (of the Swedish translation) here. "Will hold up for many re-reads yet" No, actually, this was most likely my final time revisiting the story. Don't get me wrong, it's really good and I'm awarding it a strong 4-stars rating with very little to do with nostalgia. Still, book #15 is the first one I've lowered my rating of and let me tell you why.First, the middle part of the book, where we inexplicably shift narrator from Dann [...]

Acabo de terminar de leer este libro y estoy muy, muy sorprendida.Cuando leí de qué se trataba por primera vez pensé que iba a ser aburrido, pero como ya lo había comprado y está escrito por mi autor favorito pensé en darle una oportunidad.No sé si este es una de las mejores obras de King - de hecho, creería que no, pero llegó a gustarme muchísimo.Tengo que decir que fueron los últimos capítulos los que me hicieron darle cinco estrellas. Me puso muy, muy, muy nerviosa - en un estado [...]

3.5 stars. I remember really liking this when I was younger. I think this is one that belongs in that large category of good, solid stories from Stephen King. Not one of his best but worth the read.

3.5⭐Just a quick review since I don't have much to say on it - I listened to the audiobook of Christine, and it was a fun story. I think it's more campy than anything else. There were some parts that dragged, and I was expecting the story to be a little more sinister, but I still liked it overall.

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