The Unicorn

Nancy Hathaway

The Unicorn

The Unicorn

  • Title: The Unicorn
  • Author: Nancy Hathaway
  • ISBN: 9780517449028
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Hardcover

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What is this elusive creature with a horn growing from its forehead Who is this animal with the power to neutralize poison, a fatal attraction to maidens, and the mythic ability to enrich the cultures of Asia, Arabia, and Europe Of all the legendary animals of art, folklore, and literature, the unicorn is the one with the greatest hold on our imaginations Other fabulousWhat is this elusive creature with a horn growing from its forehead Who is this animal with the power to neutralize poison, a fatal attraction to maidens, and the mythic ability to enrich the cultures of Asia, Arabia, and Europe Of all the legendary animals of art, folklore, and literature, the unicorn is the one with the greatest hold on our imaginations Other fabulous beasts are clearly inventions, existing only in a mythical landscape of our own collective creation Bit the inicorn strikes us as than imaginary It seems possible, even probable a creature so likely that it ought to exist In this magnificently illustrated book, the author takes us on a tour of unicorn lore from China and apan to India, the Near East, and urope from ancient times through the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and into the present Tapestries, illuminated manuscripts, sculptures and paintings, zoological illustrations, advertisements, and original art especially commissioned for this book wll captivate all of us who are willing to submit to the magical charms of this fabulous and irresistible creature More beautiful and appealing than the dragon, mysterious and powerful than the elves and fairies, the unicorn as symbol and as legend is brilliantly brought to life in this colorful history.

Recent Comments "The Unicorn"

When I was a little girl, I was quite intrigued by unicorns. Their single horn, creamy white flanks, and magical capabilities… I was smitten. To this day, I love white horses. Whether young or old, Nancy Hathaway’s “The Unicorn” is a coffee table book which brings back the heavenly unicorn into our lives. Sadly, “The Unicorn” is not a social history or analytical book. Although the introduction does fall somewhat into that description and provides some very interesting antidotes/symb [...]

Forgot to add this to my owned books! I've had it for years. Anyway, the stories are pretty good, but the images are what makes it, as are the historical facts.

I have collected unicorns since I was a kid. I have always been interested in unicorns so I really enjoyed reading this book. I liked seeing all of the ways unicorns were depicted in art and how they were portrayed by different cultures. I also enjoyed reading the stories about unicorns. This book does not imply that unicorns do not exist. I have always believed that unicorns were an actual animal. When I was in geography class in eighth grade the teacher asked the entire class who believed in u [...]

This is a very pretty book, which is probably the best thing about it. The artwork is lovely throughout. The text, however is less interesting. It mainly consists of retelling of unicorn myth and story, but unfortunately has little or nothing little or nothing in the way of context or explanation of where each of the stories come from or its place in the history of the unicorn myth. This means the book stands on the quality of the stories, which isn't bad, but neither is it particularly strong.

Too bad you don't have a picture of the cover; it's a beautiful book to the eye.

I learned some very interesting mythologies surround the unicorn. I think that in a few places, however, the use of images could be strengthend.

Collection of many interesting myths. Really enjoyed it! And the writing (prose) was excellent.

In elementary school I learned to draw studying the art in this book, my mom's Michelangelo coffee table book, and photos from Ranger Rick.

The history of unicorns. Like as legends in different places, and the origins of them. Pretty interesting, if you're a nerd like me.

Tales about unicorns from many different lands, cultures and times.

Historical look at how unicorns came to be so pervasive in stories and myth.

Part of the series that includes "Gnomes" and "Faeries". Beautifully produced book that is cleverly written and absolutely worth finding.

An enjoyable book on the history of the unicorn from around the world. Stories and info, combined within a decent sized book. Beautiful pictures as well.

Lovely unicorn images and a variety of unicorn stories -- including ones that were new to me.

Had this book as a child and would flip through it over and over again until the cover fell off. I loved/love unicorns and this is a great compendium of information and artwork.

I remember this book from when I was a little girl. I must have checked it out from the library like a million times. So happy to finally have a copy of my own.

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