Two-Fisted Tweets

James Hutchings

Two-Fisted Tweets

Two-Fisted Tweets

  • Title: Two-Fisted Tweets
  • Author: James Hutchings
  • ISBN: 9781458142337
  • Page: 263
  • Format: ebook

Though short in length, Two Fisted Tweets is long on creative wit and humor that will have you laughing well after the final line has been read Renee C Fountain, BookFetish.

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"Two-Fisted Tweets" by James Hutchings is VERY brief. If not for its brevity, I would have awarded it more stars, because there are some exceptional gems in here. Sadly, Hutchings put the very best one (in my opinion) as the first one in the book, so it was kind of downhill from there. Perhaps I should explain a bit more about what this book is. "Two-Fisted Tweets" are short pearls of wisdom (or, conversely, stupidity) that might have been found on the Social Networking site, Twitter. Each of th [...]

My Rating: 3/5 starsI wasn’t exactly sure what to expect when author James Hutchings asked me to review his latest book. Two-Fisted Tweets is comprised of extremely short (140 characters or less) stories that range in subjects. And even though I use Twitter occasionally I’m not as devoted to the networking site as others are. However, I’ve always had a passion for short quotes and lyrics. I used to spend a lot of my time in high school looking up quotes (famous, anonymous, quickly made up) [...]

I hadn't heard of 'Flash Fiction' until Hutchings approached me to read Two Fisted Tweets. Curiosity, and that James is a fellow Australian, saw me accept his work even though I had no clear idea how to review it.A little bit of googling informs me that the style, with its limited word length, forces some of the traditional story elements: protagonist, conflict, obstacles or complications, and resolution, to remain unwritten, that is, hinted at or implied in the written storyline. A famous examp [...]

I won a copy of this book from the author, ironically by following a link I saw on Twitter.A very short work, this book contains only a few pages, but I admit, if I'd seen most of these as Facebook statuses or on Twitter, I'd almost certainly have shared/retweeted them myself, because several literally made me LOL.Told "Twitter style", each "story" is told in 140 characters or less, just as a tweet would be. While a couple of them fell flat for me, I especially loved the zombie one, Thomas the T [...]

A tweet is a post or status update on Twitter that has 140 characters or less. It is as much a play on the size of the message as it is on the audible similarity to Twitter.- About initially, i thought something was wrong with the file i received for review but a double and triple check confirmed that i had a good copy. i have never come across anything like this before and consider it a new reading and learning experience.James Hutchings' thirty stories cover a range of genres and are written i [...]

If there's one thing that initially struck me about this, it's how short the book is. In the long run (ha!) I suppose that suits the way these stories were written: in 120 characters or less. For the most part this was an incredibly cute & funny read that I couldn't help but share with my coworkers (we especially liked the stalker tweet). There are a few that didn't work as well as others, though. I also couldn't help but wish that there were just a few more stories in the book. The good thi [...]

Book Info: Genre: Flash Fiction Reading Level: Adult Disclosure: I picked up a free copy from Smashwords after reading Hutchings very funny The New Death and Others; I am happy to provide an honest review.Synopsis: Thirty mostly humorous stories, including science fiction, fantasy, horror and romance. Each story is less than 140 characters long (the length of a Twitter tweet). My Thoughts: The baby had its mother's eyes. In return for obedience, it promised to give them back. Just an example of [...]

These bite-sized stories are clever and funny or thought-provoking. Some feel more like jokes than actual stories, but that's the way this genre goes. It's amazing how much the author can convey in so few characters. I thoroughly enjoyed it

There are some gems, yes, but too short. And very little purpose or direction; however, I suppose that was the point.

This was strange, simply little tweets that are funny but I would not pay money for this sorry. I did like it though.

Extremely amusing.

Quick, witty little writ-bites.

Pretty funny ;-)

A nice quick little read. Light hearted humour and something to kill a few minutes with.

My review is clenched on lurid-lit.

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