Tomorrow Pamplona

Jan van Mersbergen Laura Watkinson

Tomorrow Pamplona

Tomorrow Pamplona

  • Title: Tomorrow Pamplona
  • Author: Jan van Mersbergen Laura Watkinson
  • ISBN: 9780956284044
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Paperback

A professional boxer and a family man meet by chance on a journey to the Pamplona Bull Run The boxer is fleeing an unhappy love The father hopes to escape his dull routine Both know that, eventually, they will have to return to the place each calls home.

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I am in a dilemma with this book. The story itself was one that hooked me straightaway, Danny a talented boxer is running away from something, still in his boxer gear and he manages to hitchhike a lift with Robert a family man who drives every year to Pamplona to run with the bulls.As the journey continues in a road trip style the story behind Danny's escape emerges as he became involved in a love triangle.Events in Pamplona take a different turn before we learn of the what had occurred initiall [...]

Celebrated author Jan van Mersbergen's Tomorrow Pamplona was the fifth book upon the wonderful Peirene Press list of novellas in translation. In this instance, the tale was originally written in Dutch, and has been translated into English by Laura Watkinson. De Morgen calls this 'an intense reading experience Van Mersbergen tells what needs to be told and not a word more'.From the first, I did like the idea of the chance encounter which the whole plot revolves around; a professional boxer and th [...]

“A boxer is running through the city. He heads down a street with tall buildings on either side, darts between parked cars, runs diagonally across a junction, down a bike path, crosses a bridge and follows the curve of the tram tracks.”And now the killer line, “Anyone passing would think he was in training” but he’s not, his breathing is fragmented, out of control. He is wide eyed, being chased by the echoes of sentences shattered, haunted by words disconnected from their surrounding, [...]

Op aanraden van Niels, het eerste Nederlandse boek dat ik in lange tijd heb gelezen. En met plezier. Uitgebeende proza. Personages die we vrijwel uitsluitend leren kennen via beschrijvingen van hun handelingen. Een uitgekiende structuur die de onthullingen over de voorgeschiedenis van de hoofdpersoon doseert voor maximale impact. Leest vlot zonder vluchtig te zijn. Ik kan dit boek op mijn beurt aanraden en ik ga op zoek naar het volgende niet-suffe Nederlandse boek. Tips welkom.

Tā jau neslikts ļoti hemingvejisks gabals (ar atsaucēm un visu pārējo) par buļļiem un bēgošu bokseri, bet tomēr nebija nekā pārsteidzoša vai pat diez ko spēcīga, atskaitot varbūt pāris ainas.

Two men in a car driving through Europe to the famous bull run at Pamplona. Relationships and secrets emerge as well as an event at Pamplona. It's a short read but very good.

Bookwalk #5 | Tomorrow Pamplona | Jan van MersbergenMy BookWalks allow me to celebrate the writing of fellow authors – sometimes friends – offering potential readers insight into the plot, themes and style of the novel without drawing any critical conclusions. Being a translator myself, I take a special interest in the English translations of Dutch novels, which I hope will become one of the focal points of future walks. The first in this series is Jan van Mersbergen’s Tomorrow Pamplona.Th [...]

A road trip taken by two men across Europe to the bull-running at Pamplona. The set-up appealed to me: it’s quite similar to my own novel, with two men on a road trip, exploring the strange relationship between them and the mutual search for something more than what they have.The characters are quite different from mine, though. They start as strangers: Robert picks up Danny outside a service station and offers him a lift. Despite Robert’s best attempts to get inside Danny’s head, they rea [...]

A superb novella. Jan van Mersbergen explores the male psyche through the boxer Danny and the family man Robert, one thumbing a ride from the other one rainy afternoon out of Amsterdam. Both are running away from life -- Danny from his doomed romance with the inscrutable Ragna, while Robert gets away every year from wife, kids and job to go down to the feria in Pamplona, the running of the bulls that Hemingway first made famous back in the '30s before Bollywood latched on to it more recently. Be [...]

Morgen zijn we in Pamplona is a story about love, betrayal and literally setting on a road of self-discovery. Amidst the turmoil of his life, Danny impulsively heads off to the nearest highway and starts hitchhiking to an unknown destination. For him, even if he is probably not aware of it, it's not about getting there, but about the journey itself. There is a reason why he is leaving The Netherlands, and slowly, flashback by flashback, we find out what his secret is. In my eyes, Danny is a ster [...]

Being contracted to fight in high-profile boxing matches opens doors for Danny, one of which sends him literally running away from the life he has built. Robert travels regularly on a yearly pilgrimage to Pamplona for the bull running festival seeking a thrill to break the monotone of his idyllic life. A chance meeting between men of very different lives sends them both on the most unexpected trip.A dreary afternoon finds Robert offering a soaked Danny a ride. The two have never met before, but [...]

Boxer Danny Clare is on the move, and hitches a lift with a man named Robert, who is on his way to Pamplona for the Bull Run; not where Danny had in mind, but he needs to go somewhere, and it might as well be there. The chronicle of the two men’s journey to Pamplona is interspersed with passages depicting Danny’s life in the boxing world; the tangle he got into after falling for Ragna, the beautiful assistant of his new promoter; and the ultimate impetus for his current travels.Tomorrow Pamp [...]

Professional boxer Danny hitchhikes and is picked up by family-man Robert, who is giving himself a little break from his cushy family life to attend Pamplona's bullrun. Danny is fleeing from a ruined relationship. Of course Danny ends up driving with Robert from the Netherlands to Spain, otherwise the novel would be a lot more boring. I thought the novel was ok, but nothing more. When I was reading it, I felt as if I was reading unmet potential; I thought the journey to Pamplona could've offered [...]

Behoorlijk okee. De constructie van het boek is zeer terzake, goede opbouw van spanning, dosering van plotinformatie. Kracht van het boek is dat er ook behoorlijk veel /niet/ gezegd wordt. Twee kanttekeningen: stijl is her en der nog wat stroef: onduidelijke of onzuivere beschrijvingen, een enkele keer verlies van perspectief, her en der in clichés geformuleerd. Terwijl ik dit schrijf vraag ik me af of het te maken heeft met de hoofdpersoon, die niet zo'n spreker is en weinig reflecteert, of he [...]

Waarom lees je? Omdat boeken als deze geschreven zijn. Schitterend verhaal over het verlangen naar een gezinsleven en het ontsnappen aan zo'n zelfde leven. Soms moet je uit de vinex-wijk ontsnappen en soms is je enige wens erin gezogen te worden om voor altijd te worden vastgeketend. En wat fijn dat dat zonder oeverloos gezwets kan. Je kunt zelfs zeggen dat er iets te weinig wordt gezegd: om de liefde van Danny voor Ragna en haar misbruik van hem beter te begrijpen, had de auteur wel iets meer d [...]

As with all the other Pereine Press novellas that I have read, Tomorrow Pamploma is a pensive, understated read that leaves the reader to connect the dots by himself. It makes up in description and characterisation what it lacks in pace and action. I could really empathise with both of the main characters, despite their obvious personality flaws, and I found myself genuinely caring about what happened to them when they returned to their real, everyday lives in Holland.full review on my blog : ma [...]

Na 'Naar de overkant van de nacht' kon ik niet wachten om meer van Jan van Mersbergen te lezen. In deze roman is dezelfde voortjagende stijl herkenbaar. Ook hier doen de personages een poging om de werkelijkheid te ontvluchten. Ik verwachtte dat de roman over de stierenrennen zouden gaan, maar het is een roman over reizen en vluchten. In mindere mate ook over mannenvriendschap, als het zo genoemd zou kunnen worden. Er zit spanning in het verhaal en het leest snel weg, maar de combinatie die 'Naa [...]

A distant relative of The Outsider.

Brilliant book. Loved the characters, interesting story and great writing.

Didn't quite see that ending coming.

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