Comfort of a Man

Adrianne Byrd

Comfort of a Man

Comfort of a Man

  • Title: Comfort of a Man
  • Author: Adrianne Byrd
  • ISBN: 9781583144282
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Paperback

Jaded by her cheating ex husband, Brooklyn Douglas wants nothing than a lover with no strings attached Isaiah Washington, a successful business man, is used to going after what he wants, and what he wants is Brooklyn if only she weren t holding him at arms length.

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Adrianne Byrd, Comfort of a Man (Arabesque, 2003)I'm not a big reader of romances. (In fact, this will be only my fourth romance review since I started documenting such things in 1999.) Adrianne Byrd is a regular on a forum I used to frequent, so when she announced the publication of this one, I figured I should check it out. But feel free to take all that follows with a grain of salt; for all I know, this is identical to other romances in the same vein. All I know is, it ain't like any romance [...]

He Can Comfort Me Anytime!Adrianne Byrd has yet to disappoint me with her writing skills. I enjoyed this novel so much, I read it in 1/2 a daytalk about a page turner. The chemistry between Isaiah and Brooklyn was sexy, steamy and very romantic. And talk about a good man, he had a good job, could cook, took dance lessons, was a good listener, brought her a tiara, and knew how to throw down in the bedroom, what more could she want. I couldn't believe she foolishly let him get away. I was glad she [...]

Comfort of a ManThis was a well written story, about Brooklyn and Isaiah who met at a hotel in NY at the bar, after hours of conversation over drinks they went to the room and had sex. Months later they reconnected in Atlanta when he went to visit his sick mom and began a courtship. Brooklyn has a seventeen year old son a ex husband the ex's girl friend who was her best friend and other interesting characters that make this a very very good read

Loved it from start to finish, I didn't want it to end.

Cute story! I enjoyed Isaiah & Brooklyn.

Comfort of a Man is a re-release by Adrianne Byrd originally published in 2003. Brooklyn Douglas is a recently divorced mother of a teenage son, who is attempting to put her live back together when she and her girlfriends decided to take a trip to the Big Apple for some rest and relaxation. Brooklyn is taking a break from dealing with the opposite sex, much to the dislike of her friends. Brooklyn on the other hand is recovering from some pretty traumatic emotionally battle scars because of the w [...]

Very good! I highly recommend it. "She wants a little comfortHe wants a lot more." This was a little twist on the theme of reluctant hero which I found stimulating. she's getting over a bad divorce--which was done believably--and a teenage son who is doing that sullen adolescent thing. While on an annual girl's weekend in NYC, they dare her to have a one night stand saying she's turning into a bitter prude.She doesn't intend to until she runs into a sexy stranger whose easy to talk to. Their one [...]

This story didn't work for me for a bunch of reasons:1. I didn't feel the chemistry between Isaiah & Brooke.2. I didn't particularly like Brooke. 3. The timeline of this so-called romance. (view spoiler)[A one-night stand then six months later, they bump into each other, more sex and then he wants to pursue a relationship. 3-5 weeks later, he says the L word and a week after that he buys an engagement ring. Color me confused. (hide spoiler)]4. Jaleel (Brooke's 16 year old son) and her parent [...]

Sweet StoryI absolutely loved Isaiah and Brooklyn's story! Isaiah was so sweet and patient with Brooklyn! I loved how they kept running into each other in the two cities. It was definitely fate! They were made for each other!

I've debated about putting this book on the 'erotica' shelf, but given the amount and detail of the passionate displays (how's that for a euphemism?) I decided to go with it.Sort of your atypical story. Here we have a girl who is just looking for no-strings-attached sex, and it's the guy who wants the hearts and flowers. In other words, he wants forever and she's having none of it.Fun little romance novel, with some great humorous moments. I liked the characters well enough. Felt like she was fi [...]

I could not put this book down. From beginning to end, I wanted to know what the future held for Isaiah and Brooklyn. There is a common theme to this book that I have noticed in other books that I have read, and that is, past emotional hurt(s) and disappointment(s) can be the overwhelming ingredient for not moving forward. One of several causes to keep women rooted in a place of bitterness and distress. What cannot be overlooked is that Isaiah chose to challenge Brooklyn emotionally with very fe [...]

I was first introduced to Adrianne Byrd with her Kings Brothers series. I was disappointed in the portrayal of the relationships in that series. I'm very happy to see that Ms. Byrd can write true romance.I read this novel in two days. I loved the realistic portrayal of Brooklyn and Isaiah's relationship. I like that Isaiah was not over-the-top rich. He was a successful businessman who worked hard for his success. He was a gentleman. He gave Brooklyn several chances to back out of their first enc [...]

This is an awesome love story between Brooklyn and Isaiah. I love the way that he was patient with her as she had to overcome quite a few obstacles in her life. To me he exhibited the meaning of true love. This story sfo,e my hearta must read!

So goodI love getting acquainted again with Brooklyn and Isaiah. Plus, the comedic relief of Toni and Mrs. Georgia. This story was great and it gives people hope of finding love again. I love it.

A good man is hard to find but when Brooklyn Douglas finds one the pain the last man caused her gets in the way of their relationship.I found myself understanding both points of view and wanting these 2 love birds to find a way to be together.

Classic Adrienne Byrd: a little humor, some drama and whole lot of heat! Great storyline with characters who were a little older, which made them, IMO, a little more relatable. Loved it and didn't want it to end!Thanks for re-issuing this one!

All of her booksa are great!

I could not put this book down. Great read!

Loved it!

I think this is my second time reader. Still good

Makes reading interesting and makes you think about the various things that happen in life.

Had this book for a while and it will join the shelf with many of my favorites from Ms. ByrdIf you haven't read this you should DEFINITELY give it a read

The book was lacking something. The passion between the hero and heroine just seemed forced. I didn't believe their love story.

This was a good read. I felt like I knew the characters personally and the author made the plot progress at the right times. I like her writing style!

Miniseries: Hinton Bros.

loved it!!!

Second time reading, it was good

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