The Western Wizard

Mickey Zucker Reichert

The Western Wizard

The Western Wizard

  • Title: The Western Wizard
  • Author: Mickey Zucker Reichert
  • ISBN: 9780886775209
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Paperback

The second novel in a brilliantly conceived epic by the author of The Bifrost Guardians Colbey, the Renshai of prophecies, must struggle to integrate the gift burden given him by the Western Wizard and train the first new generation of Renshai warriors Sequel to The Last of the Renshai.

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Better than book one!It just doesn't get better than than these stories. Micky Zucker Reichert is a treasure! I recomend reading up on how she acted out parts of her ideas with friends for her books

This one is better than the first of the trilogy, in my opinion. More action, more plot, characters developed more - so more of everything that makes it a good story. A few twists and turns which are even better! Looking forward to reading the 3rd book.

Original review posted hereAfter reading the first book in the Renshai series, The Last of the Renshai, I knew I’d be diving into the second book in short order. I was no longer cowed by the enormous size of the books (600+ paperbacks? Sure I didn’t need those hand muscles), and anxious to see what the world held in store for characters like Colbey, Mitrian, Garn, and more. I needed to know – plus I knew at this point that Reichert wouldn’t disappoint me in the action sequences.I wasn’ [...]

The Western Wizard by Mickey Zucker ReichertSequel to The Last of the Renshai. The Western Wizard was a thrilling novel about war, loyalty, king-building, prophecy and the search for the Western Wizard's successor. I found it to be a very enjoyable read in which I also found myself invested in the fate of the characters. Some of the character interactions were a bit rough and there were places where the emotional narrative was given too much tell as opposed to show. However it didn't really affe [...]

There is something about this series that I really like. It doesn’t seem to have a central theme and main characters come and go. Some even die. It almost feels like a living progression where the story will change according to the choice and events that happen to the main groups. It’s not the case, but it feels like it. Only because every time I think we are coming to the climax,…e story moves on. So it’s a lot like life. One big event doesn’t happen and we all take a bow. Instead of [...]

I first read this book a very long time ago, and to this day it (and, honestly, almost everything by this author!) ranks among my all time and forever favorites!A fitting follow-up to the first in the series, this book certainly doesn't disappoint readers in the slightest! Going beyond "The Last of the Renshai", this book continues and expands the story in beautifully unexpected ways. Delving further into the characters, their motivations, and the wills of the Gods, this books was a superb secon [...]

ok, mickey, way to kill off characters without any sense of foreshadowingtually, i kind of liked that. it made the book feel a lot more believable and real than most other fantasy novels of the same time period.i thought this was a great continuation in the series. i'm reading through the final book of the trilogy right now and i'm eager to learn more. i'll probably read the next trilogy before too long as well.:) good work, mickey.

I didn't think I was going to enjoy this one much, since a few of the characters are different from the first book. I ended up really enjoying most of them, though. Sterrane, who was just sort've there in the first one ended up being a great, if simple character. Like someone else said, I love the Gods and the overall feeling of this series.

This is probably closer to 3.5 stars than 3, but definitely not quite as good as the first book, Last of the Renshai. It's sort of a bridge between the first and third books, and while a lot of things happen, the story doesn't quite progress as far as you think it should.

A modest fantasy world with a strong Viking flavor to it. It has a mild allure but it pales compared to Elric or Drizzt. This faery tale is going back to the thrift store.

I cannot believe she did [thing] to [character], or that I would want another fifty pages to wrap things up.

A most enjoyable tale taking us through many emotions and trials with characters. As with the first book a pleasure to read. A book easy to get lost in.

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