The Last of the Renshai

Mickey Zucker Reichert

The Last of the Renshai

The Last of the Renshai

  • Title: The Last of the Renshai
  • Author: Mickey Zucker Reichert
  • ISBN: 9780886775032
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Paperback

First in a bold, magical trilogy of a world living in the shadow of an ancient prophecy of war Enemies band together to attack the Renshai, the mightiest, most hated and feared of all warrior races One Renshai escapes, determined to keep the memory of his people alive and to claim his vengeance on the slayers of his race.

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This is poor reading. I got through the first 45 pages but there were too many logic holes and problems with it to continue.Pacing and characterization of the main character were average to poor.If you want real fantasy, read Tolkien or George Martin or Tad Williams or even some of the better DRAGONLANCE.Not this.

The best swordfighting scenes I've ever read. A brilliant series, I even like the norse mythology the book involves. The lead character is one of the coolest you'll read about but it's not such a straightforward book

This is the series that introduced me to fantasy novels. I still love it to this day. The story is based on Norse mythology, the heroes are larger than life and the story is compelling.

let this be a lesson to the fantasy writer: if you want to kill all fun in your book and leave readers wondering why they're still reading for about 250 pages, then you need to create a character with limitless potential who is physically superior to all other characters and then have that character get injured to the point where he pretty much can't do anything. oh yeah, then just kill him off because it's not like the reader in invested in his story anymore anywayat's not fair. i felt betrayed [...]

Personally I find this the weaker of the trilogy simply due to the fact I dislike one of the characters and it takes half a book to get going. When it does it has one of the best introductions to a character I have ever come across and one of my favourite. Dropping a star for that is harsh but with how the author raised the bar on the final two thirds of the trilogy it is easily justifiable.I found it a very enjoyable and interesting spin on norse mythology, which was unique at the time of writi [...]

A rare series that gets better every time i read it!One of the best stories I have ever read. Timeless and Daring, a definitive must have for any library. Renews my love of fantasy every time!

Spoiler alert The character I liked best, gets crippled by the character I liked least, and for me things went downhill from there.

c1992. FWFTB: Northlands, prophecy, sorcery, warrior, vengeance. A fantasy of its time really. Not sure why but these very lengthy books are now more off putting than they used to be. At least with e-readers, you do not have this immediate perception. But then again, some e-books seem never ending. Interestingly, one of the characters is sort of wheelchair bound and this makes for a slightly different USP. There is not a terribly huge amount of humour in this book but it is well written, cpativa [...]

I first read this book a very long time ago, and to this day it (and, honestly, almost everything by this author!) ranks among my all time and forever favorites!The first time I read this book it completely blew me away. With more surprise-reveals than should be allowed! Huge and well-crafted fantasy world full of rich details. An intense setting for truly intense characters! If you love all things Norse, massively exciting battle scenes, and the approaching Ragnarok, this series if for you!Enjo [...]

This was an excellent book. The heroes where unpredictable and different than most main characters. I found myself wanting one of the main characters to get back what he lost. but if he did, this would not have been the story it was. I also like that the Great War was more in the back ground and the story was more about the people in it. Although I found the Great War not so great. It seemed like more of a small battle. None the less this book left me wanting more. i am definitely picking up boo [...]

I love the classics. But at the end of the day when I think back on my favorite Fantasy books , The last of the Renshai and the others in this series are some of the best story telling and fight scenes you will ever read. If you skip over this book, you have only yourself to blame. It is a great, great series.

A fifty page prologue?! I skipped it. Though maybe I shouldn't have because the next few chapters weren't making much sense to me. But then again, I had a hard time trying to understanding the prologue itself.Weh, I can't win. D: I wish I could enjoy the story I feel like something is there, but I have a hard time staying focused when reading long, wordy books.

I found this to be a typical fantasy book -- though a little more violent than most. Strangers join together in adventure to fulfill a prophesy, etc etc etc. Good for some mindless entertainment.

This is the first book of one of my all time favorite series. I absolutely love this book. I read the series at least once a year. I always loved the Asgardian Pantheon (Thor, Odin, Loki, etc) from reading Thor comic books growing up so the fact that this series uses them was a big plus.

Avid fantasy reader LOVED the Norse Mythology spin. Different style of magic system (much appreciated) since I am worn out on the same run-of-the-mill shit. Refreshing characters and sword fighting scenes, and what? A disabled sword master? Awesome.

I absolutely could not get into this one. I dislike not finishing books, but by page thirty-five I was skimming and at page fifty I finally gave up. I didn't find the main character engaging, let alone someone to root for.

I own and have read this three-book series before, but I admit there's a lot I didn't remember about the story in re-reading it. I have a soft spot for Norse mythology, but the Renshai mythos is unique in its own ways. Great story, many twists and turns, lots of battle sequences.

Offered a few unique ideas, but never took advantage of them and otherwise effectively buried its good points under unlikable characters, a meandering plot, and a severe anticlimax.

Beautiful Series. Another of my most highly recommended Fantasy Series.

Eh I was maybe 90% done? Tho I do think I might have finally finished it. I liked it but didn't feel a desire to continue with the series.

So meh About 3/4 of the way through, I really stopped caring what happened to any of the characters WAY too much complaining and self-pity Had potential, failed to deliver.

First fantasy book I ever read. Back in 19xx. Probably some of the most interesting swordfighting scenes ever written. Complete devotion to a craft.

I absolutely loved this book along with the rest of the currently existing renshai series. It was simply amazing.

The start of a wonderful series full of adventure , heroes honour and battle. I love it

It's not as good as the others in the series so I skipped over reading it again.

Review to come.

If you like swords at all you'll love these books. I'm not a fan of weapons myself, just good fantasy. These books were an interesting twist on mythology.

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