Weapon of Flesh

Chris A. Jackson

Weapon of Flesh

Weapon of Flesh

  • Title: Weapon of Flesh
  • Author: Chris A. Jackson
  • ISBN: 9781419607950
  • Page: 292
  • Format: Paperback

A boy born in the care of a wizard, without parents or any proper upbringing, is imbued with magic and trained as the perfect assassin But why, and for whom Then his master, the wizard, is killed, and all the boy knows is that he is a weapon, and was made to kill.

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Decent book, I will try the others in series, I have a difficult time trying to rate this novel as while it was a good read it I think the issue is it had the potential to be a great read but just fell short.The premise of the story is about a boy that has been trained in fighting and infused with magic to dampen "feeling's, and emotion's) these things are foreign to him as he was made to be the perfect weapon. Now of course as story progresses he has something change in his world and gains a me [...]

To date, this is the only book I've ever purchased at a convention because the author took a few minutes to convince me it was worth reading, and I think he actually undersold it. Weapon of Flesh is just the sort of fantasy novel I like, relying more on characters and story than the elaborate world building so many authors use to distinguish themselves from Tolkein and fantasy conventions. Rather than reinvent a perfectly good wheel, the author wastes no time in introducing the weapon of flesh-- [...]

The beginning was interesting, the comportement of the witless main character which happened to be brain washed for his entire life facing life outside his bubble was really well made, I liked his serious questions being laughed at and him being oblivious to everything et he should have taken that comtempt at seeing the world as the main theme which would have been original, but fact is that the ending was predictible and boring, a happy ending for our guilless murderer even if the following boo [...]

Good, solid read. Can't remember how I found this on , but there it was while I was killing time on my way out to get GTA 5.It's always fun reading about a boy trained to become the ultimate weapon. Didn't take long to get started, we got a little back story on his trainingen boom - off into the world this innocent weapon goes.I'm happy the Author included other POVs - I like being able to see how other characters reacted to this boy (named Lad). Some books you never get to see how other charact [...]

Finally finished. Great read!Great book - please do not take into considertaion that time frame of me reading this. I truly enjoyed the book and look forward to reading the next one. I just totally forgot about it when I got sucked into my other reads.

What a amazing story I was truly gripped the more I got into the book the harder it was to stop reading

Yeah Premise is decent everything else is terribly generic, derivative and stereotypical.

The start began interesting, then went down hill fast.

GreatA little short, but still very good well written and easy to get into. Looking forward to the next book

Great book! I think they could have come up with a better way around the 'Magic' but it still worked. I'll read the rest.

Nice fantasy book. Interesting characters and a few surprises. Will look to continue the adventures of Lad.

My review of Chris A Jackson's Weapon of Flesh is posted here:freewebs/jkbowers/chriIn the city of Twailin a power struggle has been heating up for years. The fate of the city hangs in the balance as the Duke, others of the noble families, and factions of the Guilds ruthlessly vie for supremacy. The chessboard is cluttered with numerous pawns, but one very special pawn might sway the battle. But who will control this pawn?Per the exacting instructions of the mysterious Grandfather, a weapon is f [...]

Weapon of Flesh has a really interesting mesh of elements. It combines a martial arts feel with a touch of organized crime, all mixed with traditional fantasy. Sounds a little strange--you're thinking ninja-Godfather with Elves in tunics aren't you? Well, you'd be right. And believe me, it actually works!The story begins with a boy, stolen from his mother and magically altered into a killing machine. (I found it amazing that the author made me connect with a character who was almost completely e [...]

The characters were detailed, their motives and actions believable. Lad especially stood out because of his unique upbringing and created some comical moments, but the side characters and their own plans and motives were up to par. The plot was well executed, could be easily followed and held my attention the whole time. On the hand the writing was descriptive and concise (just the way i like it) with no info dumps. On the other hand the world building suffered a bit and could have been more det [...]

Interesting angle on a story I felt like I've read before. Then I realized that there are many elements from many fantasy novels that weave together to create this story. The same, yet very different. I enjoyed that familiarity of scene and at the same time was caught by surprise a few times. The main character was very easy to fall for with his uninhibited innocence yet deadly abilities. The girl always gets the guy in the end and I think that was the one thing that would've put this story over [...]

I really wanted to like this book. It has a great idea--from infancy boy was trained and enspelled to become the ultimate assassin. He is magically compelled to obey his master. But then his master dies. So know what to do in the world?But the book nails the action totally misses on character. The heart of the story is him discovering that people matter, what feelings are, and even falling in love. And I didn't believe a single emotional conversation and the entire book. Action can only take you [...]

Weapon of Flesh is an amazing fantasy book about a boy(lad) who is raised by a wizard and only taught to be one thing, a weapon. When the time finally come's for him to be given to the man who ordered his construction something happens on the way. The wizard, the only master the boy has ever known is gone. He is alone and all he knows is that his master was taking him to his destiny and he was going to find out what that was.I won this book in a giveaway.

Too find writing of this quality in the fantasy genre these days is unusual. Chris is a top flight writer and I'm really surprised he is not more famous than he is! The quality of the prose, the character development, the suspense, the depth of insight. He has it all. And does it while not falling into the same 'ol fantasy stereotypes. If you are a fantasy aficionado you won't go wrong reading this book.

A decent dramatic/fantasy/action novel that does get a little boring now and then with some unneeded sidetracking, but it's main plot about a boy who was magically created to be the perfect weapon who then finds that love conquers all is fleshed out well enough. Too bad the ending isn't all that satisfactory.

I loved this book. It would have to be one my favourite fantasy books to date.The main character is so well thought out, love how he slowly becomes human and less of an assassin. Weapon of Flesh is the perfect title for this book, its exactly what he is, even when he has a weapon and should keep it he knows he doesn't need it.

A fantastic book that I'm glad I took a chance on considering I wasnt sure when I bought it. My mind was very quickly changed after only a couple of chapters into the book and Lad's story. Looking forward to reading the next one.

Soild book with likeable characters (even the uber villian!). Lightly touches on the ethics of killing, which could have been fleshed out more. I'd give it 3.5 stars, but I liked it enough to round up to 4.

I received this as a first-read and did enjoy it; however, the romance made me cringe a little. The plot is similar to other novels which centre around an assassins guild, but Lad's dryness and confusion about life in general was amusing. The story is worth reading, and I will read the next book.

Oh wow, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The author really pulled me in from the first page with this one. Part fantasy, part sci-fi, part organized crime (think Godfather), with a little bit of love weaved in the layers. Very good book, and I'm going to have to read more from this author now.

Not a bad read and a good start to the trilogy. Having a weapon that is unfeeling, unremorseful, killer that learns how to feel despite not being able to control himself was an interesting concept. Now that we're moving forward with Lad having free will, I'll be interested to see where this goes.

Amazing book, from start to finish. I don't know what to say besides get this book and read it.

Glad I stumbled upon this author at DragonCon.

Slow start, but then got going. With some slow parts I had to skip a page or two or chapter. Its good for an epic fantasy, good for a debut story but nothing unique and stand-outish.

AWESOME. I think I've read it like five times since buying it. After just reading the blurb I fell in love with it.

Fantasy/Romance. The progression of the protagonist from construct to humanity was well done.

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