Past Secrets

Cathy Kelly

Past Secrets

Past Secrets

  • Title: Past Secrets
  • Author: Cathy Kelly
  • ISBN: 9780007156351
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Hardcover

The women of Summer Street have their fair share of secrets and soon learn that if you keep a secret too long it will creep out when you least expect it The warm and moving new novel from the No 1 Bestselling author of Always and Forever.Keep a secret too long and it will creep out when you least expect it Behind the shining windows and rose bedecked gardens of Summer StrThe women of Summer Street have their fair share of secrets and soon learn that if you keep a secret too long it will creep out when you least expect it The warm and moving new novel from the No 1 Bestselling author of Always and Forever.Keep a secret too long and it will creep out when you least expect it Behind the shining windows and rose bedecked gardens of Summer Street, single mother Faye, hides a secret from her teenage daughter Amber Whilst thirty year old Maggie, hides one from herself.When fiery Amber decides to throw away her future for love, and Maggie finds herself back home looking after her sick mother, secrets begin to bubble over.The only person on Summer Street who appears to know all the answers is their friend Christie Devlin Wise and kind, she can see into other people s hearts to solve their problems Except that this time, she has secrets of her own to face.

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When I first started reading Cathy Kelly, I hated how she had 3 very main characters and stories going on. When the chapter ended I wanted to know more about that character, not someone new. But as you get further into the book she nicely spins the three characters together. I love how the underlying theme of this book was about building inner strength and facing the "demons" of the past, leaves you feeling like "live for the future"!

I really enjoyed this. To be honest, I bought it because I liked the cover and its about Irish families. But I ended up thoroughly enjoying it. You follow 4 women of 3 different families, all different generations. We all have secrets that we don't need to keep.

This all started out very well indeed and I was instantly hooked on Chrissie and her gift of sight, uptight Faye and betrayed Maggie. At the beginning of this book, I loved them all and couldn't get enough of them, to be honest. Heck I even liked teenage daughter Amber and that, for me, is a very hard sell.So, a strange kind of kudos to the author then for somehow taking that very strong beginning and tearing the whole thing into tiny pieces. It all starts to go wrong about halfway through when [...]

I honestly don't have a clue why I finished reading this one. Except that the paperback was lying on my desk for weeks and I needed something safe (as in I wasn't risking my Kindle) to read while travelling. I was expecting some kind of romance novel maybe with a bit more mature and realistic approach and that's about as much as I got. What I didn't expect were three different novels in one about three different characters I never got the chance to like or care about. The only connecting thread [...]

This is the first book I've read from this author and, after reading her reviews, I assumed I was in for a good story.However, I just could not finish it. It was too bitty with too many characters and too much going on. she should have had half the stories and done them in more depth. I gave it a good go and read the first 100 pages but, after that, I skipped to the last chapter. If you guessed the ending at the start, you were probably correct as it was completely predictable.Will give her one [...]

This was my first read from Cathy Kelly and it does remind me of an Irish Winteral Lane. Careful when you keep secrets from the past because they always come back to haunt you. The author does into just enough character detail to keep you interested and is all in all, well written. I'll read more from Cathy Kelly.

I loved this one - can't figure out why I prefer London and Irish stories but I do. Strong Irish women who all have a secret that catches up with them - Cathy Kelly is one of my favorites.

Grāmatas "Past secrets" nosaukums latviešu valodā ir "Meitiņ manu", kuras autore ir Ketija Kellija. Darba žanrs ir romāns. Šajā grāmatā ir aprakstītas četru sieviešu dzīves, katra savā vecumā, ar citām domām un dzīves pagriezieniem, kā arī ar savu ģimeni, tomēr viņām visām ir kas kopīgs- katrai savs pagātnes noslēpums. Liela daļa šī romāna darbības norisinās Īrijā- Sammerstrītā, kur visi iedzīvotāji ir pazīstami viens ar otru. Sižets ir ļoti saprotams [...]

Ce livre trainait dans ma bibliothèque depuis un peu plus d'un an, mais j'étais trop absorbée par The Hunger Games et Harry Potter pour en entamer la lecture ;)Les secrets de Summer Street raconte l'histoire de quatre femmes et comment les secrets de leur passé viennent bouleverser leur vie paisible dans un petit coin charmant de l'Irlande. Christie Devlin est professeur d'arts visuels, mariée depuis longtemps à un homme qu'elle adore. Le retour de Carey Wolensky, un artiste polonais recon [...]

Probably under other circumstances, I would have fallen for the poetic, magical descriptions which this book is so full of, but, you see, stretching this "poetry" over the course of 650 pages is just pushing it. At many many many many many points the book was just plain redundant, slow, boring! I'm afraid Ms. Kelly's books will not have a place in future to-read lists.

Cathy Kelly's books always have a hidden meaning. This one taught me well the importance of never fearing my secrets - otherwise they will haunt me forever.Three amazing woman and one teenager are the heroines of this book and soon they realise that their secrets will have to be faced one day and they must free themselves to live their lives with the best.

This is one of those annoying books that becomes unputdownable because of the strong characterisation but has awful writing - I felt the writer must think the audience is dumb and needs everything spelling out. A good light read though.

Be careful when you keep secrets from the past because they will always come back to haunt you. Comfortable, Maeve Binchy style read like curling up with a cup of Hot Chocolate.

A wonderful Maeve Binchy read-alike.

This book is a good read. I started to read it because my niece told me it was like Mauve Binchy's Irish Stories. Well, it is very much like her stories. I will be looking for more of Cathy Kelly's books from now on especially since Mauve has passed on.This story tells of the lives of the many people who live for many years on Summer Street near Dublin, Ireland. It seems that everyone has secrets to hide. Not only from each other in the neighborhood, but from the people who in the houses. Maggie [...]

I love Ireland and Irish writers. Cathy Kelly takes you into the heart of an Irish community and gradually introduces you to some of its inhabitants and their lives. I like the way she writes and that when I finish the book I'm almost in grief for losing all the friends I have come to know.

Another enjoyable read, I felt like part of the story, an additional friend to the women from the story. They have their own problems and secrets which between them they confront and deal with, all while building friendships. It good read for the beach or when you want a feel good read.

If a road could look welcoming, then Summer Street had both arms out and the kettle boilingWhat a neat opening sentence! I enjoyed getting to know the residents of Summer Street and getting involved in their lives. A good read.

True lifeI loved this book as it have great insight into the different lives of four families and how they can present a different face to the world

Cathy Kelly has written another oops read.

Really enjoyed this story!! But although it was funny and usual drama i did get bored about 2/3 into book but finished it it wasnt my favourite Cathy Kelly read sorry

There have been way too many nights of sex, lies and secrets. Too many nights of debauchery and drama. All the Cathy Kelly's and Dorothy Koomson's. About how lying never helps any situation and it only gets worse when it gets out of hand. About how it's better to be yourself than to be someone you're not or worse, to be someone you think the other person wants you to be. Time to take a short break from the stuff that reality is made of and read something that's a little more me. Because in reali [...]

I enjoyed the variety of characters and how their lives intersected.

Ce roman nous dresse le portrait de trois femmes de trois générations différentes. Leurs points communs, elles habitent toutes les trois la même rue : Summer Street, et cachent un secret qu’elle croyait enfoui à jamais mais qui malheureusement va finir par remonter à la surface, et va venir bousculer leur vie tranquille, du moins c’est ce que laisse entendre le synopsis.Christie mène une vie tranquille dans Summer Street avec son mari depuis trente ans. Ses enfants mènent à présent [...]

Very easy to read and it was enjoyable but definitely didn't grip me. Just an insight into some ordinary lives really. Not my usual type of adventure or action packed book but a nice easy story.

The picturesque Summer Street isn’t quite as it seems. Whilst single mother Faye is trying desperately to prevent her daughter Amber from reliving her own mistakes, she pushes her further away into the arms of a budding musician destined for the States and the sudden illness of her mother brings Maggie back to the Street, away from the troubles of her life elsewhere. The only person who seems to be able to help everyone is Christie Devlin, but as the past comes back to haunt her, she has probl [...]

When I started reading, the first few chapters with description of 3 characters, the book had disappointed me; But when the story started spinning I couldn't keep it down. The transition of story from one character's hidden secret to another is done in a beautiful manner. The story involves Christe who is gifted of seeing the future, Maggie who has been bullied and Amber who has been brought up in a protective way by Faye. What happens when each of them decide to reveal their past secrets in the [...]

I had a hard time finishing this book. It seemed to drag on and on, and was repetitive. I got tired of the whining. Leave the past where it belongs, and quite hashing it over day after day. Also I found Amber's whole "following rock band going to America adventure" to be over the top and not believable. Honestly all of the characters made me feel impatient with them; I kept wanting them to get over themselves and stop living in the past. At times I found myself rolling my eyes, and wondering why [...]

This book was really quite good.I thought I wouldn't like it, seeing as I'm fairly sure it's an adult book and I am but a naive teenager. But I loved it!I loved all the different stories, (and, oh my gosh, it was in third-POV, such a change!!) and how they all intersected and how dark pasts were discovered. And the secrets were revealed in a timely fashion, not all at once nor did Ms. Kelly wait too long and lose my interest. She released everything gradually, like an IV-drip, never too much at [...]

This was an enjoyable read but didn't get as deep with meaning as I hoped. The premise is to not hold secrets from yourself or others for they do eat you up from the inside out. I like that part and it kept me going because I wanted to know what the 'secrets' were. But, in the end, there was little fizzle to keep me emotionally involved. Maybe it was just more predictable or stereotypical than I prefer.Either way, I have enjoyed this author and am usually able to get past her writing 'accent' wh [...]

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