Angels and Saints: A Biblical Guide to Friendship with God's Holy Ones

Scott Hahn

Angels and Saints: A Biblical Guide to Friendship with God's Holy Ones

Angels and Saints: A Biblical Guide to Friendship with God's Holy Ones

  • Title: Angels and Saints: A Biblical Guide to Friendship with God's Holy Ones
  • Author: Scott Hahn
  • ISBN: 9780307590794
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Hardcover

Angels and saints Catholics tend to think of them as different from the rest of us They re cast in plaster or simpering on a holy card, performing miracles with superhero strength, or playing a harp in highest heaven Yet they are very near to us in every way In this lively book, Scott Hahn dispels the false notions and urban legends people use to keep the saints at a sAngels and saints Catholics tend to think of them as different from the rest of us They re cast in plaster or simpering on a holy card, performing miracles with superhero strength, or playing a harp in highest heaven Yet they are very near to us in every way In this lively book, Scott Hahn dispels the false notions and urban legends people use to keep the saints at a safe distance The truth is that Jesus Christ has united heaven and earth in a close communion Drawing deeply from Scripture, Dr Hahn shows that the hosts of heaven surround the earthly Church as a great cloud of witnesses The martyrs cry out from heaven s altar begging for justice on the earth The prayers of the saints and angels rise to God, in the Book of Revelation, like the sweet aroma of incense.Dr Hahn tells the stories of several saints and several angels too in a way that s fresh and new The saints are spiritual giants but with flesh and blood reality They have strong, holy ambitions and powerful temptations and opposition that must be overcome Their stories are amazing and yet familiar enough to motivate us to live beautiful lives In this telling of their story, the saints are neither otherworldly nor this worldly They exemplify the integrated life that every Christian is called to live.Still, their lives are as different from one another as human lives can be Dr Hahn shows the heavenly Church in all its kaleidoscopic diversity from Moses to Mary, Augustine to Therese, and the first century to the last century.Only saints will live in heaven We need to be like the saints if we want to live in heaven someday Dr Hahn shows us that our heavenly life can begin now It must.

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Angels and Saints was planned to be a book about just that; Angels and Saints. But in the writing process, Scott Hahn, discovered it wasn’t quite that easy. He ended up with much more introductory information than a simple introduction should contain. In my opinion, it is very important information and I am glad he made it Part I of the book. He shares a personal incident from his life, tells the technical meaning of “saint” and other titles of honor, who are saints and what do they do, wh [...]

You know, I half expected to find this book annoying. I don't know if it's a general snarkiness in my mindset or a reluctance to read nonfiction of late, but I found myself delighted even more.I was especially touched by how Hahn bares himself a bit in the beginning and then ties it all together at the end. This becomes, instead of a scholarly look at some of the more inaccessible saints I could name, rather a personal journey to meet some good friends of another good friend.I did find myself po [...]

While I am not a Catholic, I did enjoy most of this book. The author has some good arguments and it was a good insight into the Catholic faith.

I always enjoy reading Scott Hahn. His books are well researched, thoughtful and enlightening. In this book, he does a nice job of explaining what it means to be a saint, how the church defines sainthood, and how we are all called to this role. I wish I could give a half star because I feel like I'd rather give 3.5 stars to this. I feel a bit low on this rating and it's probably just that his other books feel so much better to me. I keep thinking of things I wish he'd added.On one hand, it felt [...]

Scott Hahn is one of the greatest converts to Catholicism in modern history. His conversion story Rome Sweet Home alone has led many to the Faith and many more back to the Faith they left. This work alone would be enough to cement his legacy, but he has written a great many other notable works, including The Lamb's Supper and A Father Who Keeps His Promises, to further expound on the faith and teach converts, cradles, and reverts alike. Lately, Dr. Hahn has been publishing high theology works, w [...]

Scott Hahn has long been known as the convert that could. This book is just one more in a long list of impressive works. Certainly the book focuses much more on saints than on angels, but this may be to its credit, considering the target audience. I was happy to find both a summary of Catholic doctrine on the subjects, and a sizeable space dedicated to particular saints and angels. Thus the book neatly covers the universals and the particulars. Perhaps my only gripe is something of personal tast [...]

Even this old uber Catholic learned something new about the Angels and Saints. Really liked all the references to Scripture and the personal stories of the various Saints.

This book has a.good overall history of saints and important religious figures. Some of the history is briefer than I would have liked. I will most likely read this again.

Good, solid teaching from Hahn. I advise getting it in print. Hahn reads the audiobook himself and reading out loud is not his strong suit.

A really good introduction to the topic

When I went through RCIA, the one topic that we didn’t get to cover well was saints. I was excited to find out that Scott Hahn has a book called Angels and Saints, A Biblical Guide to Friendship with God’s Holy Ones.I am a big fan of Scott Hahn, and I highly recommend his books and this one is no exception. As someone who grew up Protestant, this was one of the more difficult teachings in Catholicism for me. As is true of all of Dr. Hahn’s work, he explains so well the teachings of the Chu [...]

This book opens up with Mr. Hahn traveling with his family and his son gets ill and is taken to a local hospital. It does not look like anything would see in the U.S. and though his son is in pain and discomfort there really is nothing they can do for him until the morning. For the rest of the night he prays and as a parent I know how that feels you want to take away the pain or discomfort from your child. The next day when the doctor comes in the pain is gone and so is the lump or bulge that he [...]

This is a solid, understandable book that explains the concept and theology of angels and saints. The last half of the book contains the stories of specific saints and angels, along with an excerpt from a writing about them (usually from a Church Father). It would definitely be a good book to give to someone wondering about the topic. Angels and saints have been a special interest of mine since my conversion in 2000 so I've read a lot of books on the subject. Therefore, a lot of the information [...]

Angels and Saints, by Scott Hahn, is a very engaging, personable, and readable book with a down-to-earth approach to heaven-on-earth. The author starts out by relating his own experience of that holy, catholic church, where angels and saints surround him in prayer as his child lies ill. But we are all saints, he says, in Christ, though we can’t be in ourselves. And this promise gives a uniquely promising flavor to the author’s look at church history and theology.Catholics will enjoy this boo [...]

I love Scott Hahn's books. I always buy them because I read them with a pen/pencil in hand and write in them, underline, draw arrows, exclamation marks, etc. He never fails to blow my mind, as a Catholic convert myself, I love the way he speaks and always tells me something new. I am a bit underwhelmed with this book, though. The first time I won't be giving Hahn a five star rating. I think the main downfall is the book's topic is just too broad compared to his other's that I've read. The first [...]

This short book by Catholic theologian Scott Hahn was an interesting read about the concept of an active spiritual world. If Christians believe that the soul lives on after death, it only makes sense that those souls could possibly hear us and communicate with us. The church is a whole thing, not separated by those living and those who have died, so we are all saints – just at different places on the path.I first came across Scott Hahn when I was studying Catholicism in 2005 and read his book [...]

I enjoyed this book about the “Communion of Saints”. We are connected to the saints and angels in this large Christian family in heaven and on earth. Scott Hahn never disappoints in stories of his ongoing conversion. This book traces his recent family pilgrimage to Assisi, Italy. A near tragedy involving his son opens up a new spirituality to him. After some introductory chapters we get to know the saints better with a short biography of each followed by a quote from the saint in something t [...]

Short Review: This is a pretty short book. I read it in half of a morning, although there was definitely some skimming. I try to read books outside my Evangelical tradition pretty regularly to learn about other Christians and understand different perspectives on faith. And I have read several other books by Scott Hahn. So I was happy to pick up the book when I was offered it for review. I was expecting something similar to his Signs of Life book which looked at the biblical origins of 40 differe [...]

Scott Hahn delivers a scholarly and well-referenced look at sainthood—what it means, how it’s achieved and how the saints (along with the angels) are a very real part of our God-given family. He does an excellent job of building a case for why we should turn to our heavenly family, and does an even better job explaining many popular objections people struggle with when approaching the saints. Hahn’s gifts as a theologian shine through with clear, concise Biblical references and explanation [...]

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.First, I will say that this book is extremely well-written. The author has obviously done his homework. This is not a book that was written haphazardly. For that, it earns 1 1/2 stars from me. Second I will say I completely disagree with the theology presented in the book. From the synopsis: "Only saints will live in heaven. We need to be more like the saints if we want to live in heaven someday."So, if the afterlife consists of hea [...]

Lives up to the titleIt both parts, the first being more about the topic of what the saints are and the second being more about who some off the saints are, Scott Hahn puts the whole topic within a biblical framework. It is not a book that will convince those with a thoroughly engrained Protestant paradigm of Scripture, because that is not the author's purpose (being originally trained as a Reformed theologian, the author is certainly up to that task). As with many of his books, Hahn's intended [...]

Like many of Scott Hahn's books, this one, too reads like a convert's guide for other converts to the Catholic Church. this one happens to focus on the Magisterium's historical teaching on angels and saints. As a cradle Catholic I wasn't particularly enlightened nor enthused by the odd choice of saints that make up the better part of this small book.The Catholic Church has been around for over 2000 years, and we probably celebrate a dozen or so saints every day of the year so, other than out of [...]

Scott Hahn writes a concise book of the lives of saints (many flawed human beings like us) throughout the centuries. For example, St. Augustine was raised in the Church, but was lead astray by worldly temptations as a young man for almost 2 decades. But his his mother, St. Monica, a woman of profound faith, never gave up hope for which she was rewarded, seeing her son converted and becoming a great theologian of the Church. Just goes to show what a mother's faith can accomplish! Also, St. Maximi [...]

Interesting and informative. I admit I was initially drawn to this book because I wanted to read more about Angels, but I honestly finished this book with a greater understanding of saints as well as angels and the role they often play. Written in a down to earth easy to understand manner with catchy chapter titles I found myself learning more than I anticipated while reading this book. The author introduces us to several saints but more than that he provides a glimpse at an unseen world where t [...]

I expected a book that was jam packed with complicated theology. What I got was a simple exploration of the Angels and the Saints. I read the angel section a while ago, so I don't remember many details about that part. I should read it again. What was great about this book, aside from its accessibility, was that it introduced me to saints that I might not have discovered on my own. Or at least gone through the effort to find their writings. Saints like Ignatius of Antioch. I also really apprecia [...]

Meet St Augustine who turned to heresy, took a mistress and made her pregnant and rebelled for years before becoming a true Christian. Meet St Thomas Aquinas who developed the theory of natural law, and St Jerome who also led an interesting life. These are just some of the saints whose stories are told in this deeply spiritual and helpful book. One of the most important people who you will meet is the Lady Mary, Jesus's mother, who is the mother of us all.Scott Hahn shows us what 'the communion [...]

I have read several Scott Hahn books and really enjoyed them and so I eagerly looked forward to this book especially because of the topic. It took me a year to get through the first half of this book and two weeks for the second half. While Hahn is a great writer and learned theologian, I think he missed the mark on this book with regard to the topic of saints and angels. Of the 18 chapters only one dealt with angels and I think he did a great disservice to angels who are so enigmatic and awesom [...]

Este es el primer libro que leo sobre este autor, me puse demasiadas expectativas. Aunque esperaba otro tipo de lectura, el libro en si mismo es muy bueno. La primera parta nos habla sobre la relación de los Santos con la Iglesia en la tierra, para entender con claridad que es una misma Iglesia en el cielo y en la tierra, en la que juntos oramos y alabamos a Dios por las necesidades de la humanidad.La segunda parte son pequeñas biografias de santos, muchos de los datos, ya los conocía por alg [...]

It wasn't a bad book, but it wasn't what I was expecting. I was expecting a theological treatise on the Communion Saints or a discussion on angelic theology. I got a little bit of that in the first part. But mostly it's personal meditation on the biographies of great saints: St. Ignatius of Antioch, St. Irenaeus, St. Jerome, St. Augustine, St. Therese, St. Josemaria Escriva, etc. So what you're mostly getting with this book is a collection of a lives of the saints, with a quote from their writin [...]

This is much more than just an erudite discussion of angels and saints. Hahn points out Old & New Testament passages that describe the function of the angels and saints. He then gives a brief biography of a few saints, but most importantly he adds a passage from the saints' own writings where possible. Hahn reiterates the Catholic position that we are all together in the struggle for sainthood with those living, those who have died, and those who are in the presence of God.

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