Bakuman, Volume 7: Gag and Serious

Tsugumi Ohba Takeshi Obata Tetsuichiro Miyaki

Bakuman, Volume 7: Gag and Serious

Bakuman, Volume 7: Gag and Serious

  • Title: Bakuman, Volume 7: Gag and Serious
  • Author: Tsugumi Ohba Takeshi Obata Tetsuichiro Miyaki
  • ISBN: 9781421538884
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Paperback

By the creators of Death Note The mystery behind manga making revealed Reads R to L Japanese Style Average student Moritaka Mashiro enjoys drawing for fun When his classmate and aspiring writer Akito Takagi discovers his talent, he begs Moritaka to team up with him as a manga creating duo But what exactly does it take to make it in the manga publishing world MoritakBy the creators of Death Note The mystery behind manga making revealed Reads R to L Japanese Style Average student Moritaka Mashiro enjoys drawing for fun When his classmate and aspiring writer Akito Takagi discovers his talent, he begs Moritaka to team up with him as a manga creating duo But what exactly does it take to make it in the manga publishing world Moritaka and Akito face the prospect of their series being canceled in Shonen Jump due to dropping popularity Can the duo avoid the axe and keep fighting And when Akito starts becoming friendly with fellow manga creator Ko Aoki, how will it affect his long term relationship with Kaya

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I want to jump into this volume and strangle the boys' new editor. What a jerk dirtbag buttface!I have such strong feelings about this volume but I can't say much without giving spoilers sooo good stuff, you should read it.

Volume 7 opens with a major setback and the rest of the volume is tackling how to deal with that. The main conflict is between Muto Ashirogi and their editor, Mr. Muira. What makes it interesting is not so much that either is wrong, but that both have very different personalities and desires in what they want to read in manga. A fight with an editor is entertaining to read because, once more, you can feel for both sides. Then near the end, some potential relationship drama kicks in, something th [...]

Y ciertamente, lo inevitable lleganque guardaba las esperanzas de que el rumbo fuese diferente, al final ha sido lo más lógico. Es imposible que logren su objetivo de la manera que quieren con Detective Trap y también es cierto que la pausa ha sido una consecuencia más, pero han podido aprender mucho sobre cómo llevar una serie y el hecho de que lo hayan conseguido a pesar de los muchos problemas, es de admirarse y mucho.Ahora toca pensar con qué seguir ahora. Por lo pronto deciden a cual [...]

This is one of my favorite volumes! so many good story lines!

3.5 / 5Me he desesperado mucho en este tomo pero qué bien se torna al final.

Honestly, this volume was complete shit. I don't think I stopped rolling my eyes once during the last chapter. The stuff with the editor was interesting, but the rest was too bad for me to give it a higher rating.

This series is definitely interesting. The quality picked back up, and the story takes some good twists.My one major complaint with this series so far is the HUGE amount of text. Don't get me wrong, it's great. But it's a lot.

Getting back on their feet after Trap being cancelled creates new issues for the manga making duo. Disagreements emerge between them and their editor based on the genre of manga to create next.

** 4.5 stars **

Entretenido. Los personajes "nuevos" van adquiriendo relevancia


Una saga que nos explica genial como es la vida de un mangaka, todo el proceso y como lo hacen. Totalmente recomendable

Reseña de Andrés Accorsi para su blog:365comicsxyearVuelvo al manga, después de unas cuantas semanas de abstinencia, y vuelvo con el mejor manga que se está publicando actualmente en Argentina. Este es un tomo importantísimo en la obra de Tsugumi Ohba y Takeshi Obata, porque acá los chicos protagonistas se ven obligados a replantearse un montón de cosas, entre ellas el rumbo que van a elegir para continuar con sus carreras como mangakas. Es un tomo que avanza lento, muy hablado, muy pensa [...]

I think this series is at its best when it focuses on the mechanics of how manga magazines make the decisions they do. I found this volume's look at creator-editor conflict with Muto Ashirogi and Miura to be really engaging because I could see where they were both coming from. Plus the focus on statistics and trying to analyze what makes a manga likely to succeed in the long-term was interesting. Its something I instinctively want to argue against because I feel like the stories that really expl [...]

Di antara 7 volume yang lain dari bakuman, cover volume 7 ini merupakan cover favorit Hanaterlihat realistik dan memberikan kesan saiko dan shuujin anak gaul jaman sekarang yang nongkrong d restaurant :Phehehhe(meski kalau baca komiknya bakal sadar kalau saiko dan shuujin jarang mengerjakan manga di luar studio mereka) manga ini menceritakan bagaimana saiko dan shuujin bangkit setelah trap diputuskan untuk diakhiriterjadi masalah karena ada perbedaan pendapat dengan editor merekague pengen bilan [...]

Well after Trap was cancelled Muto Ashirogi started to argue with their editor about whether or not to do a gag manga. Mashiro didn't like the idea, but their editor surprised them by showing them all this research about why gag mangas can last longer and change story quickly. While at the same time Shujin is having trouble writing about girls, so we and Aoki start to share ideas because she needs help writing about boys. Aoki meets a girl that had a crush on him though and now secretly arranges [...]

4.5 starsI was never a huge fan of Miura, to be entirely honest, so these chapters have me pulling my hair out. Other than that, I'm really excited how this new idea that Takagi has! Honestly! I loved Trap and was super disappointed about it ending, but at the same time, I like that things are taking a new direction cause that's life, right? Hah! On the other, other hand -- for those of you with three hand, I guess -- I hope that there really isn't going to be something in the future between Aok [...]

Episodeyang paling emosional so far. Setelah Trap dihentikan, kalang kabut lah Duo Ashirogi Muto. Alih2 nglempruk patah hati, mereka bangkit dengan kekuatan dua kali lipat! Selama pencarian ide, sempet masuk ke ngimpi. Jadi ikut pusing n ga bisa tidur! wkwkwk SegitunyaaaSemakin ngga bisa brenti ngomik Bakuman semakin ngga sabar nonton filmnya. Semakin ngga sabar liat promonya di Youtube Duh, ngga sabar liat Takeruuuu :D

Bakuman certainly has its moments. Our intrepid heroes (yeah, I know, I am going to be milking this one) have been serialised but can they keep it up? And what happens if they don't? I kind like the back story in this volume on how the editorial room at Jump works (supposedly) but I can help but wonder if an Australian writer had an issue with their editor, instead of writing more drafts/names to prove a point, they would just get punched :)

I really liked the back and forth between Saiko, Shujin and their editor. They all have very strong opinions on what will work. It is also good to see the Ashirogi team being open to trying something new, once the latter half of the book starts up. Seeing the amount of work that Miura has put into the research for the gag series that he wants Saiko and Shujin to do really makes me appreciate him more, and not see him as just a huge goofball.

No le pongo 5 estrellas gracias a Miura! Qué insistente que se volvió. No me parece un buen editor para los chicos.Me encanta que Aoki tenga más protagonismo, se está volviendo mi personaje femenino favorito! (El masculino es Niizuma pero anda el puesto peleado con Shuujin).A veces me pregunto si Shuujin de verdad quiere a Kaya, y eso es otra de las cosas que me enferman. Para colmo ahora apareció Iwase Pobre Kaya, veremos qué le tienen preparado.

La sospensione della serie in corso, la ricerca di una nuova serie.E sopratutto, gli scontri con l'editor, ben più inesperto del primo che avevano avuto, fissato in maniera ossessiva con l'avere delle serie sotto il suo controllo e amante della comicità ma Ashirogi potrà davvero fare qualcosa di comico?

As usual the story and artwork work together like genius. I love the expressions, they are exaggerated, yet realistic and just great, and the body language is spot on. I like how the story is developing, they have spring forward, then fall back, but they never lose their enthusiasm and are always thinking up new schemes to get what they want.It's very funny as well.

Interesting read in the series where we see our two aspiring manga artists and their friends deal with creating new series. Left off on a bit of a cliffhanger with Akito Takagi meeting up with Aoki (purely platonic?), and seeing his ex (Iwase) there. Can't wait how that's going to play out later in the next volume.

This episode is great. There is a set back. It shows how the characters grow as people or as craftsmen of their art. Relationship with editors: disagreement and collaboration. Manga business is really serious, even when it is about gag manga! It is also inspiring to learn how to generate stories from this episode!

Just finished another three volumes of this series, and it's great to finally get back into it.I did find my self getting bored sometimes, but the story would always pick back up. The characters pure passion and determination is so inspiring and motivating!! Definitely recommend this, especially if you're a manga fan as it gives plenty of insight into the creation of manga.

I find this series so interesting because never would I have thought that a manga about manga could ever be interesting, and yet it is. The characters are interesting and the story itself is really informative. Sometimes the series is a bit of an info-dump in terms of "LOOK AT ALL THE THINGS HERE!" and the panels can get cluttered and difficult to follow, but overall it's a pretty solid series.

Maybe it's because I'm a high school librarian that I love the dedication Saiko and Shujin have for creating great manga. There is something infectious about the optimism of teenagers. I will keep rooting for them for many volumes to come.

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Finished yesterday night. Don't even really feel like I have anything new to say here, but the characters came together with the various elements of the plot I like most and made for an extra-strong volume.

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