Bakuman, Volume 8: Panty Shot and Savior

Tsugumi Ohba Takeshi Obata Tetsuichiro Miyaki

Bakuman, Volume 8: Panty Shot and Savior

Bakuman, Volume 8: Panty Shot and Savior

  • Title: Bakuman, Volume 8: Panty Shot and Savior
  • Author: Tsugumi Ohba Takeshi Obata Tetsuichiro Miyaki
  • ISBN: 9781421538891
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Paperback

By the creators of Death Note The mystery behind manga making revealed Reads R to L Japanese Style Average student Moritaka Mashiro enjoys drawing for fun When his classmate and aspiring writer Akito Takagi discovers his talent, he begs Moritaka to team up with him as a manga creating duo But what exactly does it take to make it in the manga publishing world Drama swBy the creators of Death Note The mystery behind manga making revealed Reads R to L Japanese Style Average student Moritaka Mashiro enjoys drawing for fun When his classmate and aspiring writer Akito Takagi discovers his talent, he begs Moritaka to team up with him as a manga creating duo But what exactly does it take to make it in the manga publishing world Drama swirls around the manga creators as they try to move forward after being canceled from Shonen Jump Moritaka and Akito work hard on a new comedy story pitch while Aoki and Nakai struggle with some personal issues But when Kaya uncovers Akito s meetings with Aoki and Iwase, things might never be the same.

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I'm finally getting back into this series & I'm really really REALLY hoping to complete it this year. I enjoyed this one much more than the last one, but there were also aspects of it that I wasn't too keen on. I'm not loving the treatment of the female characters, but I also wonder if this is how females are actually treated in the manga industry or if it's just a way to add more drama to the story. I guess I need to do some research & find out.

This one did a fantastic job of progressing some side plots and reigniting my need to know what happens next!

5 / 5Podría decirse que este tomo es casi completamente sobre la parte romántica de la historia. ¡Muy bueno! Reí como nunca.

Not going to lie-- this was my favorite so far, despite Iwase's return >.> Really, I should have seen it coming (after all, they did bring back Light's early partner in Death Note uuughhhh). ALSO I SHIP TAKAGI AND MIYOSHI SO HARD YOU DONT KNOOOOW. And Aoki is precious, which is something I never thought I would say.

This series is really dragging, I wish they'd just wrap it up already instead of continuing with the endless loop of "OMG we hate gag manga, our edirtor wants us to do gag manga, we suck at gag manga, our editor wants us to do gag manga" and the relationship subplots aren't much better.

Ooo story lines are coming together!

Reseña deAndrés Accorsi para su blog:365comicsxyearVolvió la alegría. No lo digo por mí ni por las reseñas, sino por Bakuman, el manga de la frescura, la vitalidad, los sueños, los ideales, la pasión, el amor. El manga que tenés que amar si alguna vez amaste al manga (o al comic, o a como lo quieras llamar).Siempre digo que mi único “pero” para con esta obra es que se extiende a lo largo de 20 tomos, lo cual a priori parece una bestialidad. Sin embargo, una vez que estás adentro, [...]

In SummaryTeam Ashirogi hits more choppy waters – this time on the romantic front. Akito’s innocent meetings lead to trouble with Kaya and ultimately results in a rift between Masahiro and Miho! The relationships in Bakuman take on a high school shojo feel as the boys struggle to win their girlfriends back and make their return to Jump!The ReviewCertain volumes of this series have really come across as battle manga – and this is not one of them. While Team Ashirogi is still struggling hard [...]

This series is very different, in some ways, to your typical shounen manga. It has many classical themes, such as competition between a field, only substituting the world of Jump authors and editors for the athletes or gamers that usually populate such series. However, I have never read another series (especially one published in Jump itself) like Bakuman. I keep wondering about the name "Bakuman." So far there have been no hints to the identity, purpose or meaning of Bakuman, but another of Ohb [...]

I wish I could love this series more but Tsugumi Ohba can't write female characters. His character fail to pass the Bechdel test on a level that's almost insulting. The females are only ever talking about men and their attractions to men and Takagi and Mashiro can be total douche bags in the way they talk about their significant others and the rest of the supporting cast. That aside, the series continues to entertain with it's insider's look into the manga industry and the story within the story [...]

♫ ♪ Lalalala ♫ ♪Algún día haré (?) esta reseña. no será hoy (?), ni mañana (?), ni posiblemente la próxima semana (?). sin duda la haré (ò_ó)9

Fukuda & Ko weird pair but they make me laugh alot, I love them

Yep. Yep. Back to five stars.

The story itself is really good and I'm enjoying the manga creation aspect of this series, but I'm definitely not okay with how women are portrayed and treated. I don't know if this is actually how it is in the manga industry, but if it was done just to create more drama and draw attention to the series then that just sends a terrible message. I also wasn't too happy to see the sudden return of Iwase. I don't like that her character returns only to cause trouble and I would've been fine if she w [...]

I find this series so interesting because never would I have thought that a manga about manga could ever be interesting, and yet it is. The characters are interesting and the story itself is really informative. Sometimes the series is a bit of an info-dump in terms of "LOOK AT ALL THE THINGS HERE!" and the panels can get cluttered and difficult to follow, but overall it's a pretty solid series.

The amount of pure high school bullshit in this oh my god. Are we five? Seriously?

Acabado y me sigue encantando esta serie

Muto Ashirogi continues to try and create their new series at the same time as both their love lives are in serious trouble.

This is getting better with new allies & rivals.

Ladieeeeeees. \o/ The women of this manga are great, why do we even spend time with other people. Kaya the friend making machine! The secret adorable squishy center of Miss Aoki! The steely idealistic moral core to Azuki! Iwase's inability to talk to a dude she likes without coming off really rude and judgemental ahahahaha, oh my gosh, that entire scene of Miss Aoki translating for her was gold. What an excellent way to kick off the volume.It's a good thing the ladies were so rad because dang, t [...]

El mejor volumen, sin duda.¿Por dónde empiezo? ¿Por Kaya Miyoshi? ¿Por Shuujin? ¿Por Aoki? ¿Por Iwase?¿¿¿O POR EL CASAMIENTO??? ME MORÍ, SHUUJIN TE AMO. "Así como sos mil veces más linda que Miyoshi, Miyoshi me gusta mil veces más que vos." Listo, de nuevo sos mi personaje masculino favorito, total Niizuma no está teniendo tanto protagonismo como antes, en el próximo volumen si va a tener (ese Hattori es un "loquillo").Nakai sos un pajero, espero que no vuelvas. Y si lo haces, que [...]

I finished this one last night. I wonder why I enjoyed it as much as I did, honestly. The discovery of what it takes to create a successful manga has grown repetitive--so the primary purpose--beyond exploring the lives of these characters--has fallen away somewhat by volume eight. However, the characters continue to be well-drawn (both literally and figuratively) and following them and their decisions continues to fascinate. There is a bit more of the goofy looking high emotion sketching of the [...]

I love Fukuda; he's a badass LOL I love how abrasive and no-BS he is. I feel like he and Miss Aoki could actually get along, I hope they end up in a relationship with one another -fingers crossed-(view spoiler)[ And what's with Takagi asking Miyoshi to marry him? That seems so out of the blue and unrealistic. Why the hell would you marry that young? Why not get some stable ground like a lot of money, a house, a car, insurance for Christ sake! (hide spoiler)] Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, this [...]

This was definitely an interesting installment with a lot of stuff going on.There was a lot of the fall-out of the cliche misunderstanding between a boyfriend and girlfriend, but Shujin and Miyoshi got it all figured out. The change in Nakai's character seemed well, it did seem possible, I guess I'm just sad that his character turned out that way, as I had been rooting for him when he was first introduced and really admired his determination.I like the way that Aoki and Fukuda are getting along, [...]

This one approached a soap opera several times and was kinda hard to read. There's lots of romantic misunderstandings, love triangles and unrequited love. Also, what's with all the super pervy guys? I felt really bad for Aoki!Overall I liked it but not as much as the others.This is the last volume the library has for now. I'm hoping they get the next ones in soon, since I want to see how it all ends.

I'm really enjoying this series and the twists and turns! This is the first manga I've read, though I've seen others in anime and live action form (including Death Note, a very popular series written by the same pair). Also learning a lot about manga in general, which could be applied to any kind of writing. English translations of the next two books are available and I'm looking forward to reading them!

Aaahhh, mulai capek dg rapat2 serialisasi dan deg2an diterima atau tidakAmpun dah si Takagi, mo nikah umur 18??? huaaaa. ngalah2in si Moritaka yg mo nikah begitu manga jadi anime, meski yaahhh, ga tau juga kapan bakal terjadi :DDuh, kenapa si Iwase nongol ya? more or less, the way she thinks of manga is almost similar to what I thought about manga years before until I encounter this series. lol eh, until I encounter Takeru. #ganyambuungg :D

The love story has always been the weakest part of this series, so when the authors devote an entire story arc Kaya and Takashi nearly breaking up over something that could be resolved with a five minute conversation, I have to ask what the authors were thinking. Get us back on track with exciting tales of the publishing industry, not high school-level romantic misunderstandings.

The story is starting to get (more) interesting with additional characters becoming more prominent - in particular Iwase who has decided to make a play for Takagi, whilst he is talking with Aoki about Manga at the zoo. But what will happen if Kaya finds out? The second story is pretty ho-hum but the Manga side remains pretty interesting.

It turns out Iwase still loves Takagi, which causes a misunderstanding with both his and Mashiro's girlfriend. Eventually Aoki comes to the rescue and explains what happens and how she actually had a crush on Takagi. To get his girlfriend back and to prove his love he proposes to her so they'll get married after they get a series. Now all thats left is for Mashiro to get married.

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