Imadoki!: Nowadays, Vol. 2

Yuu Watase

Imadoki!: Nowadays, Vol. 2

Imadoki!: Nowadays, Vol. 2

  • Title: Imadoki!: Nowadays, Vol. 2
  • Author: Yuu Watase
  • ISBN: 9781591164692
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Paperback

Imadoki Nowadays follows the trials and tribulations of a budding horticulturist as she makes her way down the winding road to friendship From Yuu Watase, one of Japan s most beloved shoc jo artists, Imadoki packs comedic charm and heartfelt antics into an adorable bouquet of whimsical fantasy It sure isn t easy being a working class girl attending the most posh highImadoki Nowadays follows the trials and tribulations of a budding horticulturist as she makes her way down the winding road to friendship From Yuu Watase, one of Japan s most beloved shoc jo artists, Imadoki packs comedic charm and heartfelt antics into an adorable bouquet of whimsical fantasy It sure isn t easy being a working class girl attending the most posh high school in town Even difficult is starting up a Gardening Committee in a place where every bit of flora and fauna is artificial wouldn t want to flare up the aristocratic student body s allergies It s a good thing that Tanpopo Yamazaki is as tenacious and full of moxy as they come With her eye on the prize, and an adorable pet fox named Poplar, Tanpopo is prepared to make friends and plant flowers by any means necessary.

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This volume kicks off with Chapter:1-6.This was one of Watase's more confusing series pertaining to chapters, because every volume starts back at Chapter 1. The plot is a quick moving one, and doesn't stagnate. The main character Tanpopo(Dandelion) transfers to a top academy in Tokyo from Hokkaido. In the U.S. this would be equivilant to Hickville Alabama public school going to Harvard University. This seems to be a popular theme in manga dealing with bullies, and I love how Tanpopo approaches e [...]

its sooo cute how friends first meet in manga. even ones that hate you. and onces you have to watch out for. this book showed me so much. but alot of times still went the long way out and still lost aloteat read

Tanpopo and Koki try and make the planting committee into an official club but the student council president refuses unless Tanpopo gets rid of the girl hassling him. As Tanpopo tries she finds out that the girl is pregnant and just what a jerk the class president really is. As well as this we have the budding romance between Tanpopo (who got in on a scholarship and is looked down on by everyone) and koki (practically school royalty)While I prefer Yuu Watase's fantasy stuff there's no denying sh [...]

It is a great book to read

Classmate and grade-A hacker, Aoi Kyogoku, has just shut down all the power in the school, and trapped Koki and Tanpopo alone together in an elevator. Tanpopo is terribly afraid of the dark AND cramped spaces, so now Koki's chivalry and affections force him to find a way out of the elevator, but meanwhile so much could happen in such close quarters!Later, in hopes of having just a simple club that has every say-so over the newly planted flowers on the school grounds, Tanpopo and Koki take up the [...]

he artwork in Imadoki! is fantastic - this was one of my first manga series and the art immediately drew me in.Yuu Watase utilizes her artwork well: it's rarely (if ever) confusing or ill-placed. Unfortunately, the plot isn't quite as gorgeous as the artwork: poor girl at a rich school crushing on the richest rich boy isn't exactly original, but this volume offers originality in the form of the planting club, which Tanpopo and Koki want to start. Council member Ogata says he'll allow it only if [...]

Tanpopo Yamazaki is a young girl entering Meio Academy, which is a very posh, exclusive school. Almost everyone who attends is a son or daughter of someone rich and/or very powerful. Tanpopo, on the other hand, managed to get in by having excellent grades.It's somewhat like Boys Over Flowers in that the other students look down on her and treat her in a bad way. Matters get complicated when she meets a boy who appears to be nice (and who happens to be sort of a "big man on campus" type), but who [...]

I love this series but I do not this volume. Its one of the weakest volumes of any Watase manga that I've read.This volume introduces two new characters, who are actually great characters, especially Arisa. But even though they are great, how they are introduced to the story is pretty awful. Tanpopo should be pressing charges against Aoi, rather than befriending him, and Arisa doesn't come off much better.When I decided to re-read this series, I debated skipping this volume. Obviously I decided [...]

enjoyable quite cute and funnyllows a young student who has just started high school and updates with all her crazy antics. not being the most popular studebt doesnt knock her back as she and her companion (a fox) spend they're days enjoying life. sheds both happy and sad moments i thought this manga was adorable.

Nyooooooo, nambah lagi satu tokoh yang gendeng sempurna. Kyougoku Aoi, si maniak komputer yang dengan seenaknya mensabotase keamanan sekolah demi membuktikan keunggulan dirinya. Haissh, interaksi penuh pertengkaran antara Kyougoku dengan Saionji Tsukiko; gadis matre pendengki yang selama ini pura-pura menjadi teman baik Tanpopo bikin saya nggak berhenti ketawa.

Well, this volume was certainly much better than the first. The characters in this series seem to be super extremed it's curious to me how even after they do something awful, they all suddenly just become friends. If only real life actually worked that way.I was glad to see Koki act like a human being in this volume instead of a complete ass.

Life of the young and drama ridden. I never thought I would like a manga like this, but it is very entertaining. I love the new character Kyogoku (Flippy). Although he is most definitely twisted, there is something about him I really like.

Yamazaki dan Kouki ada yang mengincar di Meoi School tempat mereka sekolah. Dengan rencana matang seseorang, mereka terjebak di dalam lift hanya berdua saja. Seluruh listrik disekolah mati total. Dan dalangnya adalah Kyougoku Aoi, anak arsitek Meoi School yang sangat jago sekali komputer

Seeing a lot more character development here, and additional characters that really help flesh the story out. I thought the first one was a little silly, and while there are still silly moments here, overall the story has taken a more serious turn.

A very cutesy, typical shojo plot of a girl who makes friends by sheer force of will with the difficult people around her(and is loved for it in the end).

TAMBAH KONYOL DARI YANG SEBELUMNYA!! =)) =))Gw berhasil ngakak di kelas dan nyaris ketauan baca komik ini.

serurjuangan Tanpopo kalo ga slh tkh utamanya yg masuk sekolah, nan eliti pejuang tangguh ya!!!!menaklukkan siswa dingin ,

Lupa baca nie Komik kapan, seingetnya sih pas SMA kelas 1, pinjem ke temen kakak. Komik yang tidak bisa dilupakan sampai sekarang keren banget.

Imadoki Nowadays: Magnolia, Vol 2 by Yuu Watase (2004)

tanpopo kenal dengan kyogoku si maniak komputer yang pengen menghancurkan meio school

Eh, it was ok. Much of this was ridiculous.

Honestly the series is cute enough. It's okay but it doesn't feel as great as her other series. This book is good if you want to have something lighter.

Another refreshing read. I think I'm going to have to collect this series. :)


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