Born to Bark: My Adventures with an Irrepressible and Unforgettable Dog

Stanley Coren

Born to Bark: My Adventures with an Irrepressible and Unforgettable Dog

Born to Bark: My Adventures with an Irrepressible and Unforgettable Dog

  • Title: Born to Bark: My Adventures with an Irrepressible and Unforgettable Dog
  • Author: Stanley Coren
  • ISBN: 9781439189214
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Paperback

For Christmas the woman who would become my wife bought me a dog a little terrier The next year her Christmas gift to me was a shotgun Most of the people in my family believe that those two gifts were not unrelated So begins Born to Bark, the charming new memoir by psychologist and beloved dog expert Stan Coren of his relationship with an irrepressible gray Cairn terr For Christmas the woman who would become my wife bought me a dog a little terrier The next year her Christmas gift to me was a shotgun Most of the people in my family believe that those two gifts were not unrelated So begins Born to Bark, the charming new memoir by psychologist and beloved dog expert Stan Coren of his relationship with an irrepressible gray Cairn terrier named Flint Stan immediately loved the pup for his friendly nature and indefatigable spirit, though his wife soon found the dog s unpredictable exuberance difficult to deal with, to say the least Even though Flint drove Stan s wife up the wall, he became the joy of Stan s life The key to unlocking this psychologist author s way of looking at dog behavior, Flint also became the inspiration behind Coren s classic, The Intelligence of Dogs Undeterred by Flint s irrepressible behavior and by the breeder s warning that he might be untrainable , Coren set out to prove that his furry companion could pass muster with the best of them He persevered in training the unruly dog and even ventured into the competitive circles of obedience trials in dog shows, where Flint eventually made canine history as the highest scoring Cairn terrier in obedience competition up to that time Stan chose not to tell his wife that the highest ranking obedience dog of that year, a border collie, earned a total score that was fifty times higher The longest running popular expert on human dog bonding, Coren has enlivened his respected books and theories about dogs with accounts of his own experiences in training, living with, loving, and trying to understand them A consummate storyteller, Coren now tells the wry, poignant, goofy, and good hearted tale of his life with the dog who in the words of his own book titles taught him How to Speak Dog and How Dogs Think and whose antics made him ask Why Does My Dog Act That Way Illustrated with Coren s own delightful line drawings and photos, and interwoven with his heartfelt anecdotes of other beloved dogs from his earlier life, Born to Bark is an irresistible good dog bad dog tale of this extraordinary, willful pooch and his profound impact on his master s insights into canine behavior as a research psychologist and on his outlook on life as a whole.

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This is really a book about the author. We are half way into the book before we are introduced to Flint, the Cairn terrier that the author, Stanley Coren, loves.First he tells us about his childhood growing up with dogs, his parents and grandfather and their expectations for him, his decisions including marrying the girl of his family's choice. He tells us quite a lot rather negative things about himself and I didn't like him much. He eventually walks out on his wife and children, using an illne [...]

Even though this book is cataloged with the 636s, it reads like a memoir of the author's life with dogs, and in particular with a special little Cairn terrier. As a dog lover, I was thoroughly engrossed. I do not have a Cairn terrier, but I do have two Jack Russell terriers, and terrier behavior is pretty universal.I was intrigued with the way he analyzed his terrier's thinking and modified his training techniques to fit the dog's natural behavior. I couldn't imagine how he managed to marry two [...]

O que era contado até era bastante interessante.As capacidades deste senhor enquanto escritor é que não.Parecia que estava a ditar a lista das compras do mês.Sem sentimento.Uma pena.

Review written for the giveaway "First Reads" book! This was a great read! I'd never read anything written by Stanley Coren before and do see that he has written a number of books. Yes! I will now be reading more of his work. He likes well, each and every one of the canines that he writes about and makes training dogs very interesting. What I especially liked about his 'true stories' was that his work evoked total unexpected laughter (OUT LOUD) several times. What a 'good read' and a well-writte [...]

Having read Coren’s other books especially the great”Intelligence of Dogs” I was quite disappointed in this one which is more a memoir of Coren’s life than a training or dog psychology book. Born To Bark focuses on Flint, an irrepressible Cairn Terrier, who becomes an Obedience Trial graduate, quite a feat for a Cairn: I’ve owned one and know the experience of having the dog perform all the required exercises and then during the “stand for inspection” biting the judge. Back to Born [...]

I loved this book! And like most people I love free stuff that I can use! But a free book is heaven! I am an avid reader. If I could make a living reading I would do it in a nano-second. I will read nearly anything. So I signed up for the giveaway of this book. A few weeks later I got an email saying I had won and to expect my book in 4-6 weeks. I was thrilled. 3 weeks later the book arrived!It is a memoir of a psychologists life with his many dogs, how he came to study animal-human behavior, an [...]

I had plenty of laughs while reading this book as we have a cairn terrier too and they are a law unto themselves! I love my little fur baby even more now :)

I didn't always like the way the author describes his relationship with his dogs and his wives, but it did bring a chuckle when he described the antics of his dogs.

Born to Bark: My Adventures with an Irrepressible and Unforgettable Dog by Stanley Coren is a delight to read. Educated at the University of Pennsylvania (undergrad) and Stanford (Ph.D.), Coren gives a brief account of his own life to help readers understand his interest and love of dogs. He entwines his own life experiences with the antics and training of this particularly entertaining, personable dog. Readers can empathise with many of the problems and obstacles Coren faced, but they can also [...]


Didn't really care for the book.

I did a lot of comments while reading this book. So if you find my review interesting there is more in my commentsI am definitely much less than thrilled about the characters in this book, who, very unfortunately, are real. Stanley seems to be a brilliant man with very little common sense. The fact that he didn't know alcohol could be fatal to dogs is unbelievable! He ignores his marriage and children to the point where his first wife becomes exceptionally cruel. He doesn't tell anyone when his [...]

There are many reasons that I love this book:*I have two spirited dogs who I have never full been able to understand.*I am married to a scientist and can identify with Cohen's wife.*I love dogs and aspire to obedience train my next one.*Only certain people in this world share the same relationship with their dogs that Cohen shares with his.Two food quotes stand out. Yes, there is a food reference in every book."Three or four weeks had passed since Tippy's obedience test, and on a weekend day my [...]

Stanley Coren's books have always been my "first love" with regard to books on dog history and behavior. I own and have read every single one of them, and use them often for reference. The author never ceases to regale me with tidbits about dogs throughout history, and each book teaches me something I didn't know. Born to Bark is no different This book is as warm, funny, enlightening and entertaining as its predecessors, though written from a more personal (and less educational) point-of-view. H [...]

Born to Bark chronicles the story of Stanley Coren, a psychologist and dog-expert, and his Cairn terrier Flint. Mixed in are stories about some of Coren's other dogs and a lot about his long suffering wife's relationship with the mischievous Flint. A fair amount of the book is about Coren's training methods and trial-and-error discovery of how to train the irascible breed. He was so successful that, at one time, Flint became the highest-scoring Cairn terrier in obedience competition.The story i [...]

Having my own gray Cairn terrier, this was an amusing read.

Equal parts informative and entertaining. Very amusing. Stanley Coren's love for dogs is evident throughout every word of this book. While many people try to change their dogs and mold them into their own ideal, Stanley Coren appreciates the genetics of each breed and, while others would get annoyed at some of their natural behaviors, such as barking, Stanley Coren adores and even nurtures these behaviors. There have been some negative reviews of this book due to training methods and questionabl [...]

I recieved this book as a first reads giveaway. This book was the perfect combination of psychology and memoir. It told the fantastic story of a terrier and the man who loved him. Flint the Cairn Terrier was such an amusing dog and I greatly enjoyed hearing his story. I enjoyed here the story of Stanley Coren's life just as much. It is always nice to know that you are not odd for talking to your dog like they are a person. Even if you just read this book to see how he trained a dog that many con [...]

I received this book as a "First Reads" selection. I enjoyed this book thoroughly. The antics of this irrepressible dog were so interesting. I loved that Mr. Coren put his personal story into this book, since the dogs in our lives are interwoven into the whole family dynamic. Through the process of training his Cairn terrier he learned as much as the student. The author also hit on how to us dog lovers, they touch a special place in our hearts. I was so amused that someone else "talks" for their [...]

Three and a half stars. Right now I'm writing this and a Cairn terrier is watching me type and trying to bite my sleeve. In this book, Stanley Coren writes about his dog Flint, a gray cairn terrier who drives his wife crazy. I learned a bit about Coren's training methods and ideas, but mostly, you learn a lot about his relationship with his dogs and Flint's misadventures. I'd like to read more of Coren's more technical books, but I don't like reading about dogs when I'm not around them because i [...]

I enjoyed this book. The dog is a Cairn terrier and Annie is part terrier. So lots of little things came into the story that reminded me of my Annie. (Sorry, Larry, Lassie and Dixie.) The author told his life through the dogs he has had up to Flint, a Cairn Terrier/Toto, dog. The author, Staley Coren, is a retired psychology professor. He always wanted to understand what his dogs were saying. Obedience training and figuring out how to get a dog, a stubborn TERRIER, to do as he asked is how he st [...]

I have to admit that I only made it halfway through this before I skipped to the end. The library told me it was coming due and I just wasn't interested enough to renew it to finish. This was one of those books that was kinda good/kinda eh. It went back and forth for me.The end, however, made me get all teary because it made me remember my "Flint" and the heartbreak of losing him. My own little man touched a lot of hearts as well and we all grieved at his loss. It'll be two years this fall and I [...]

Born to Bark by Stanley Coren is a memoir about sharing his life with a mischievous terrier, a state akin to living inside a tornado. Stanely Coren has a string of well regarded books on the way dogs think.  He is a respected member of academia. Yet he can be just as besotted with his canine pal as the rest of us. Flint was a Cairn Terrier, a breed full of zest.  He was Stanley Coren’s companion and friend for many years.  The story of their life together is funny, challenging, inspiring, a [...]

Wonderful book: well written and charming account of an incredible relationship between a man and his dog. I appreciate both the comfortable and accessible writing style from an Academic at the top of his field (surprising) and a human Psychologist who has the best approach to dog (and people) training that I have ever seen. Watching GOOD DOG! episodes and reading Dr Stanley Coren's books have taught me a lot about dogs. This is the kind of gentleman I wish I had in my family just so that we cou [...]

Though I did not care for the author as a person, I did enjoy this book very much. A cairn terrier named Flint is the main star, but there were also many other dogs and even a few cats that added to the story.Besides being an unfaithful cheater,[which IMO his editor should have told him to leave that info out of the book], this guy is so weird that it almost threw me off reading anymore, but I was just having too much fun reading about the 4 legged characters to stop! I read in one sitting, beca [...]

Terrific book about one's mans life journey with his Brindle Cairn "Flint". Stanley Coren really gets into the mind of the Terrier with some deeply heart-warming moments. Wonderful depiction of his never-ending journey to understand his dogs. He tells how important his dogs were in his life. How as a child his dog saved his life and later on how another of his dogs saved the life of his child. Also gives a great insight to the beginning of dog training and psychology. Love the piece about Toto i [...]

Great story, but the art is the worst! The story is about a grey Cairn Terrier so the cover is a brown dog and some of the internal art it's just bad. But I'm not going to crap on the book's rating over the art. Read it for the insights about man/ dog relationships and close your eyes when you see any "art" coming up. Seriously, some of it looks like badly reproduced clip art. I read the hardcover edition

Took a long time to even get to the dog the book was suppose to be about. However, for me the story was ruined by the behavior of the author's first wife and the attitude of his second wife towards the dog. I mean, what the first wife did is one of cruelest things. To have the family pet put down because broke up? To not tell him she'd put the dog at a vets, to have put down if they didn't find anyone to adopt the dog? It ruined the book for me. Overall, it's why I gave the book low marks.

I received a copy of this book free through . What a gift it is! I am thrilled that I had an opportunity to read it. It is well written and has plenty of humor, "how-to", and heart tugging moments. Coren may have a research background, but he does not dismiss what cannot be proven in a study. Thank you!

Something about this book didn't work; it felt flat. The dog stories that seemed like they were supposed to be funny or interesting were just sort of thrown out there. I can only assume the author's wife doesn't interpret his attitude toward her as nearly as condescending as it sounds in the book. I didn't find it interesting as a memoir, a dog book, or a scientific dog history. Meh.

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