Goddess Cottage

Sherri A. Dub

Goddess Cottage

Goddess Cottage

  • Title: Goddess Cottage
  • Author: Sherri A. Dub
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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Sierra Kastian has been raised by her mother in Silver Dust, Nevada She was told from birth that she has no other living relatives Her childhood memories consist of hours spent in casino lobbies, while her mother invested every dime she had into psychic gambling Though her mother s talents often supplied her the jackpots she sought, she d always put the majority of theSierra Kastian has been raised by her mother in Silver Dust, Nevada She was told from birth that she has no other living relatives Her childhood memories consist of hours spent in casino lobbies, while her mother invested every dime she had into psychic gambling Though her mother s talents often supplied her the jackpots she sought, she d always put the majority of the money right back into the machines While Sierra doesn t hesitate to confirm her mother s magical feats, she s always kept her own abilities to herself.She longs for a normal life, without the confusion her extra sensory powers cause Today, on the verge of turning thirty and co owning a coffee shop with her best friend, a hot stranger walks into the cafe and hands her an envelope that will change her life forever In it, there is a letter from an estranged woman claiming to be her dying aunt and a tarot card entitled, The Fool If that isn t bad enough, she is asked to accompany the handsome messenger to an undisclosed destination.Hayden Wells isn t too happy to have to travel from Hailey, Alaska to an over crowded part of Nevada to fetch the long, lost daughter of the Ivory witches coven But, he doesn t have a choice if he wants to continue to live Being a werewolf has its perks, but being left unmated, isn t one of them He must convince Sierra Kastian that she has an aunt and a destiny that she cannot escape, or his pack will have no future and her family s legacy and powers will be lost.Sierra s best friend convinces her to take the journey, but it will be up to her to accept her powers and her place in a delicate balance of nature and magic, all hidden from the outside world in the Alaskan wilderness.

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I really enjoyed this book. The author is new to me, and as I find new authors there many things that I look for, and this one fit the bill to say the least.I love erotic romance and all of the varied sub genres, and I also love the paranormal genre as well. But since I live in the huge state of Alaska, I also try to keep my eyes out for stories that are based in Alaska. I have found but a few, and most have been a great enjoyment to read. I recently picked up the novel; "Goddess Cottage" by [...]

Really great story! I love the characters. They're not typical, and they are very human (even the ones that aren't ;)). This is the second werewolf novel that I have found that portrays werewolves in a way that I actually like. I'm actually starting to think werewolves aren't as lame/weird as I used to think they are!My only complaint was the high number of typos. I think some of them may have been due to the iBook formatting, but there were more than the average number of typos. Fortunately, th [...]

I normally do not read paranormal romance, but I obtained this book for free. I enjoyed the story but I must say that I found multiple spelling/grammar errors. I understand that sometimes that happens during formatting, but many misspellings, I don't believe, were not caused by conversion. Ms. Dub used "its'" throughout the novel, which isn't a word. The spelling errors didn't pull me out nearly as much as the phenomenal head-hopping. Unfortunately, Ms. Dub has no command of point of view.That b [...]

I loved how the author mixed the witches with werewolves and created a story where they weren't just co-existing of helping each other, but depended on one another. I believe it is a page turner because of the characters. The main couple has a lot of chemistry and the tension between them is amazing! In some points I thought there was too much information and description going on and wanted it to be rushed and get to the action! I also found a few grammar issues that got my attention. The story [...]

Very fun paranormal to read. I cared about the characters and wanted to read more. This is the author's first book and I am impressed!

Warning: Here follows a rant. It had potential, but it needed an editor. Badly. The heroine came off as a petulant pain in the rear. The reader is so wrapped up in her nonsensical narration that there's no feel for the hero. Also, its' is not a word.Just because your mother ran away with you as a baby and changed your last name does not mean you don't exist or that you're a bastard. If your bff in the whole world wipes your nose for you and takes on your troubles as his own, you don't get to be [...]

I really enjoyed the action and fantastical events of this novel! Some of the editing and grammar could have been better, and I would have liked it to be less cliche overall, but it was still a good addition to it's fantasy genre. If I could change anything, it would be the romance as it was too glib and predictable, and perhaps develop the character of Mitch a little more. I would also stop the jumping around from each character's point of view, as it would be a more consistent and enjoyable st [...]

I wrote this book and love it.I hope that you will give it a read, especially since I have it listed for .99 cents~on Ebook formats. Once it goes to print, it won't come so cheap:)However, I am proud of this book. The characters will live on for me, always. I have had several comments about making it into a trilogy, but I am not sold on the idea, yet.Please give it a read and let me know what you think.You can hit my website up, as well: sheropatra or the (LIKE) button on my FaceBook page @ Sher [...]

I enjoyed the story and plot that kept pulling me farther to see how it turned out. I liked the omniscient perspective because numerous books only let you see one characters view in the story. I liked how realistic the characters were even though they weren't all quite human. The only negative thing was the typographical errors that detracted a little from the story, but I think maybe that had to do with ebook format and low cost. I'm definitely interested in reading more by his new author!

This was a good book by a promising author.  The characters are well developed and likable.  My only complaint is that while there was a tease regarding Sierra's friend Mitch having some sort of power, it was never discussed.  I think that while Sierra's mother and Mitch were great, their characters definitely could have been given a greater role.  All in all, this was a very pleasant read and I was very happy with the way it ended up.

Goddess Cottage was such a fun read! I enjoyed the quirky and original plot, along with the sassy main characters. I will not post a summary here, but I will say that there were many typos and grammatical errors in this novel. I'm sure the author knows and will correct them promptly. I'm looking forward to some more engaging paranormal romance from Sherri Dub; keep writing, lady!

Just wrote some of my thoughts down--and nuked them. :-( Anyway, GODDESS COTTAGE, was a super read, well-written with interesting and unique characters. I loved the setting--Alaska, rolled my eyes at the "mother" rooted for the heroine, Sierra, and I definitely owe the author some kind of medal for giving me a new affinity for werewolves. Go Hayden!Well done.

This book hit all the buttons for me. Humour, romance, sex, paranormal and intrigue all thrown into a fab story line. Very well written.


This just didn't work for me. I didn't like how the POV jumped aroundI didn't care for the characterse story itself wasn't a bad idea but things just didn't come together for me.

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