Improbable Cause

J.A. Jance Gene Engene

Improbable Cause

Improbable Cause

  • Title: Improbable Cause
  • Author: J.A. Jance Gene Engene
  • ISBN: 9781581163674
  • Page: 255
  • Format: MP3 Book

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Beaumont has a dead dentist on his hands His suspects include a sexually abused dental assistant, a brutalized wife, and her ex con lover.

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3.5 starsQuick read. I like our MCs. I like a good murder mystery, this wasn't anything earth-shattering but a solid read and i will read more of this series

It took me some time to get into it, so I did as my good friend, Tim, once told me to doI put it down for a couple of weeks and came back to it. Because I took it with me on a trip, I finally was able to get past the mundane and into the interesting part of the story. But by then, I was ready to move onI like the last 50 pages, but wouldn't read it again. I got this book free, and now I know why.

I hadn't read a J.P. Beaumont murder mystery in a while, so this was fun--full of sometimes crazy characters. A dentist is killed, and there are any number of suspects who might have had reasons to do the deed. Beau needs to keep more food in his apartment--the daughters of his old friend make raids on his pantry and fridge aa they are staying on another floor with an aunt. The last scene at the zoo was a riot--I love zoos anyway. If you haven't read one of this series, you should.

I have now listened to the first 5 books of the series. While its not the best book I have ever read I enjoy this series and enjoy listening while driving around town, and working around the house. I think part of my enjoyment is the reader. I have began listening to another series with a different reader and don't find myself enjoying it as much. Definately enjoying the series more as time goes on.

I enjoyed this one much more then Taking the Fifth I think it is because Beau was presented better, more likeable - at least by me :-)The crime: a dentist is found dead in his own dental chair, something thin and sharp was shoved down his throat - ewwwwThat sounds like a terrible way to died then we find out that he was an abusive, cheating poor excuse for a husband/father/son. Not only did he abuse his wife for 10 years, but he abused his mother as well, the last time causing her to break her h [...]

This the fifth of Jance's J. P. Beaumont series which I am reading in order. Beau investigates the murder of an abusive dentist whose wife has recently left him and fled to a battered women's shelter. It takes a while for Beau to actually find and interview her. Meanwhile he has to deal with the dentist's elderly (70s?) mother and aunts who won't give him the time of day. His new partner, Big Al, is marginally helpful, but as usual elsewhere when Beau really needs him. (Al misses the final confr [...]

I have realized that it is hard for me to read books that were written when I was under the age of 10! Yes I know that I am young, but it drives me crazy to think of how difficult it must have been before cell phones to get in touch with people! I think I would have gone crazy! The story was great! Thought characters were great. Love the LOL's!Will read the rest of the books as I find them!

J. P. and Big Al are called to investigate the murder of a local dentist, Dr. Nielsen. It turns out he was basically a jerk. He abused his wife and was having an affair with his receptionist. Still, he was murdered and the case needs to be solved.A plethora of suspects abounds - is it the abused wife? the ex-con carpet layer? the receptionist's husband or any of several other possibilities? Well, the other police have their sights set on the ex-con. He is obviously trying to flee the area and he [...]

This was my first JP Beaumont cop mystery and I found it pretty entertaining. I listened to it in my car and I did find a few of the raspy character 'voices' a bit hard to listen to but fortunately, they were minor who rarely made an appearance. I thought the plot moved along smoothly and I like Beaumont. The ending did seem to drag out a bit -- the description of the last setting seemed waaaaay more detailed than it needed to be. Felt like a ploy to artificially increase the suspense, because b [...]

I enjoy the JP Beaumont series, and this book was no exception. My husband and I listen to them while making road trips and they are always entertaining. They have interesting characters, not the least of which is the crusty detective, JP Beaumont, and we always love the -now historical in most cases- locations in Seattle, where these stories take place. This probably wasn't one of the best of the series, but still fun.

I am reading all of JA Jance's JP Beaumont series in order. "Improbable Cause" is #5 and so far is the one I have liked least. The case sputters to a halt, then Beau spends what seems like the entire fourth of the book meandering around while he and his partner know the suspect is out there. Yet Beau refuses to have any police officers join them in the search. I am a huge fan of Jance and this is truly an aberration.

This was one of the shortest JP Beaumont books I have listened to.7+ hrs. The plot was good, no new characters added, no love interest for JP, but something felt missing Dentist was killed - not a nice man. 3 good suspects identified. Story worked its way thru and then wrapped up neatly. Nothing added. Felt rushed. Will see how #6 works out.

More excitement!What I like about books in series is how the main character keeps changing as I follow his thought process and experience. I am usually not satisfied when women write as a male character or when a man writes as a woman, but Nance has me following along as the character builds. Thank you.

A dentist that no one seems to like except his mother is found dead. He was found sitting in his dental chair with a hole in his jugular made by a dental pick. There are plenty of suspects for JP Beaumont and his partner to wade through.

I pretty much enjoyed this book. A good old-fashioned murder mystery (please read the book description, I won't repeat it here). I only took off points for languagequite a bit of cursing, which I'm not a fan of.

Another good J.P. Beaumont story from J.A. Jance love her books!

Another solid entry in the Beaumont saga. Besides being a believable character, it's a treat to follow J.P. through Seattle neighborhoods and at times, even pick up on some history.

I really like J.A. Jance’s books and I like her characters and descriptions of Seattle. I especially like Beaumont.

Sex and murdererJanice always write zzz Janice always writes a good story. The search at the zoo was, in my opinion, too long but t it didn't Detract from the story.

J P interviews the the family of the dentist and finds out that the dentist was an abusive man to his wife and mother. There are lots of people that could want him dead.

Next J.P.Beaumont book in series. Easy to read but keeps you guessing who the murderer is. Someone you would never expect.

story line ok but didn't like the narrator.Listened to it on MP3 format.

When a dentist is killed, Detective Beaumont discovers that the victim was a despicable character that society is well off without. And Beaumont soon begins to wonder about real justice as he unearths an unlikely bunch of vigilantes.I liked this story, felt more like the Beaumont I know instead of so hard nosed. I figured out the "killer" early but was kind of surprise with how she tried to "end" it. Overall good story.

THIS SUMMARY/REVIEW WAS COPIED FROM OTHER SOURCES AND IS USED ONLY AS A REMINDER OF WHAT THE BOOK WAS ABOUT FOR MY PERSONAL INTEREST. ANY PERSONAL NOTATIONS ARE FOR MY RECOLLECTION ONLYI also love the reader of this series:-)Peters (prevous partner) still in rehab for the broken neck also plays a part in helping Beau, much more so than "ole AL". Jance keeps Peters and his 2 young daughter active so far in this series.(view spoiler)[The crime: a dentist is found dead in his own dental chair, some [...]

I feel like if I ever get to Seattle, I feel like I will know it. Jance does such a good job of describingthe city, that the reader feels like they have been there. When a dentist is found dead in his dental chair, Beau needs to find the killer. He has a large case of characters to choose from including the dentist's wife, aunt's, and a man who had been to jail. This book has the funniest scene with Big Al, Beau, two old women and a parrot. I laughed like crazy. Of course, the higher ups want Be [...]

One of the many reasons I like Jance's books is her willingness to tackle "hot button" issues in a way that is sensitive and reasonable. Her characters often voice ideas and opinions that many people hold, which makes them seem more real to the reader. Sometimes they argue about issues. Beaumont is a good man, but he is not without flaws, although, to his credit, he is also willing to grow and change as he learns. In this one, Detective J.P. Beaumont runs into a case the ultimately rests on an a [...]

I didn't realize that this was #5 in a series until I started the next Jance book I got from the library only to find it was #15 So I think my recommendation is to start with the first in the series. I'm going to finish #15 & then see about picking up one thru 4 if the library has them. At least I know the main character will last another 13 books before she bumps him off. Ever since JK Rowling bumped off Sedrick & Dumbledore, I've come to believe that authors just aren't to be trusted. [...]

This is the fifth in Jance's J.P. Beaumont series, set in Seattle, and for me it was a step back. The elements were there, the body of a successful dentist killed over the weekend, not found until monday morning. It becomes clear early on that he was not the nicest person, and it seems there are multiple suspects in this brutal murder. As each is investigated, they seem to not be the killer, placing Detective Beaumont back at square one. By the time the killer is finally identified, it was almos [...]

JP Beaumont and his Partner Al Lindstom are called to a grisly murder scene on a Monday morning no less, to find the body of Dentist Fred Neilsen in his dentist chair badly beaten and stabbed with a dental pick. As usual there are several possible suspects but the whodunit is not that cut and dry. The victim was an abusive womanizing jerk who finally got on someones bad sides boss and reporter nemesis are breathing down his back to solve the case. Meanwhile he has to help take care of his former [...]

I'm going to end up repeating myself with Beau's reviews. I love the entire series. I'm a Seattleite and have been able to follow where the stories all go, from when the freeways had dead ends, to the commute across the lake. Even when he's tripped to Arizona, I can follow as I have traveled there too. JA Jance is an author whose books I feel can be picked up in any order and read as-is. you may not get all the references to occurrences in the past, but it doesn't detract from the story telling [...]

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