Falling Backwards

Jann Arden

Falling Backwards

Falling Backwards

  • Title: Falling Backwards
  • Author: Jann Arden
  • ISBN: 9780307399847
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Hardcover

This long time darling of the music industry and singer songwriter of international renown will capture your heart and keep you in stitches with her powerful stories about coming of age as an artist and as a human being.Jann s legions of fans are drawn to her sincerity, wit, humour and that infectious sparkle she brings to everything she does Oh, and did we mention herThis long time darling of the music industry and singer songwriter of international renown will capture your heart and keep you in stitches with her powerful stories about coming of age as an artist and as a human being.Jann s legions of fans are drawn to her sincerity, wit, humour and that infectious sparkle she brings to everything she does Oh, and did we mention her sense of humour Jann s natural comedic talents translate seamlessly into her writing, and her dedicated fans will delight in the details of this memoir where there is no such thing as too much information Readers will learn about how her brother used to steal her maxi pads to repurpose as GI Joe bunk beds and how she once got gum stuck in her hair so badly that when she woke up her head was glued to the pillow But with the good times come the bad, and Jann opens up about the darker side of her so called prairie perfect nuclear family and the first signs that her brother was a uniquely troubled young man Jann s readable prose keeps the reader tuned in as she reminds us of the inestimable value of having a teacher who believes in you, wide open spaces to play and be a child, and a good mother.

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While I don't know a lot of her songs, I think the only one I can name is "Insensitive", I love Jann Arden. She is someone I would love to sit down and have a great chat with. And that is what this book is. A chat with a cool person, learning about their lives. She is so witty and has a great dry humour. It is amazing all the things she has done and how luck and supportive parents got her to where she is today.

I was lucky enough to meet Jann Arden at her book release and cd signing. So I managed to get this book autographed by Jann Arden herself!! This was a great book about Jann Ardens life, the tough parts and her very slow rise to fame at the age of 30! She is such an amazing person and I love how sarcastic and funny she is. She always manages to make you laugh, even when you really shouldn't be laughing. I definitely recommend this to all her fans.

I loved this book from cover to cover. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all about what made Jann Arden into the wonderful singer/songwriter she is today. Her story is written with warmth and heart and I loved all of her reminiscing, good and bad. It took me right back to my childhoodch a simpler time.

The Good Stuff * I love Jann, she is so delightfully honest and hilariously funny -- and so very accessible, you will feel like you are just shooting the shit with one of your pals while reading it * She talks about things that we all felt while growing up but didn't always have the honesty to talk out loud about * The paragraph when she talks about God and wonders if he had a Penis made me laugh so hard coffee came out my nose * Never lays blame or talks mean spiritedly about anyone * The love [...]

A long time ago, I read that the more personal you are, the more universal you are. I always thought these words referred to essays and poetry, but I’ve just learned how well they apply to memoirs, too. Falling Backwards covers Jann Arden’s earliest childhood memories, her school life, and the desire to write and play music, those inevitable young adult struggles and, finally, her first recording contract.I have to be honest and say that I’m a big fan of Jann Arden’s music, which is why [...]

I read a few reviews on GoodReads before reading this book, and I found myself agreeing with some of the critical remarks. First, the humour didn't really come across as funny, but maybe Jann and I just aren't a match when it comes to what makes us laugh. Second, I noticed some stories were repeated that could have been fixed with better editing. And the end seemed abrupt.I did enjoy reading about her early years prior to high school, and found myself talking with my husband during a long drive [...]

This was a very interesting biography by a very interesting woman who is a household name in Canadian music. I enjoyed reading Jann's life story because she wasn't afraid to reveal the sad, the ridiculous or the difficult from her readers and she put her own special brand of comedy into many of the pages in the book. It must have been hard to write this book without hurting feelings or revealing too much about the other folks in the family that didn't want their stories shared the same way. Jann [...]

I love Jann Arden's music and she is a lot of fun in live performances; she is a great storyteller on stage. I did not love the book and for many of the reasons other people already stated: the book barely skimmed through the teen years when she was starting to sing and play guitar and spent a lot of time on her early grade school years instead. There is not a lot of insight or explanation about her musical background or influences. It is amazing that she is basically self-taught, but I would ha [...]

I have always loved Jann. It started the when I bought and listened to "Living Under June." over and over again at 12 years old. Her songs have always spoken to me in ways no other music has. Is it no surprise that the words she wrote on her life would be the same. So honest, so straight forward but also with the humour she brings to her live shows. This book will make you laugh out loud, cry a few tears and then have you pulling out her albums so you can listen to them with a new found understa [...]

I laughed out loud too many times to count while reading this book. Jann is a great example of how to accept your family, yourself and your friends as they are, imperfect beings doing their best. It is a great reminder to never underestimate the power of compassion, encouragement and humour while you put your shoulders back and keep moving forward. I am so pleased that I was invited to look in the windows of a "real Canadian family ", just as weird and wonderful as my own.

I thoroughly enjoyed this laugh out loud exploration of her early life.Though we are some years apart, I related to a lot of her childhood experiences and interests.Maybe that's more of a Canadian thing?Oh the misery of a home perm!'With a smell like a burning cat that someone's thrown up on.' yep. That's it!Her descriptions are singularly her own, that's for sure.:-)

I really enjoy her first book and this one is even better. If I didn't know any better - I would think we lived the same childhood. Born and raised and still living in Calgary - it is nice to hear the names of the old places that were around growing up.Jann Arden is hilarious

A great sense of humour, a sometimes tragic life and she still holds her head up high. She jumps around topics a lot but I think that is her personality coming out. I really liked this book. a totally different career than Gordon Lightfoot. As much as Gordon was my favourite singer, I like Jann's character better.

Very entertaining and engaging read! And I giggled so many times and read passages out loud to my husband. Being a Calgarian and a fan added to my enjoyment of this book. My respect for her has only grown. Pretty amazing story how she be came a Canadian musician and stayed so true to her roots!!

A most enjoyable read, with raw honesty and lots of self deprecating humour. Funny, sad and very real!

Jann Arden's life up until she gets her first record deal. Really interesting stories from her early years. Jann has lead quite the life!

This is Jann Arden’s delightful memoir about her early years and takes us from her time growing up as a school child till the day she signed her first record deal. Her road to becoming a successful singer songwriter was not easy and there were lots of bumps along the way. But she shares the ups and downs in an open and honest way and there are lots of “laugh out loud” moments along with the really difficult and tragic times.Jann lived with her family in an area west of Calgary. She was a r [...]

Often times, it is the things NOT present that reveal the most.“Falling Backwards” (Knopf Canada) is not a typical celebrity Tell ALL, rife with scandal and unending accolades to ones self: it’s quite the opposite. If you’re looking for something to dish about… this is not the book for you. There are no photos of Jann posing with other celebrities, standing on the stages of packed venues, or accepting numerous awards. The photos tell a story of family and friends: revealing the things [...]

Though I like Jann Arden's music, I was drawn to read her book because of her appearances on the "Rick Mercer Report". I liked her interactions with Rick Mercer and she's seemed like a hoot. I enjoyed this book and her personality comes through.Jann tells her story of the family's beginnings in Calgary and her early years there. The family moved outside Calgary to the country when she was young. While initially devastated, she quickly adapted by becoming friends with Leonard and Dale who taught [...]

This was one of the shortest biographies that I have ever read. For me this floats between a 2 and 3 stars but ultimately I gave it three stars. This is a very honest memoir done in Arden's trademark self-deprecating manner with some humour thrown in. While I am usually very disappointed with most memoirs in that they quickly skim through childhood, practically all of Arden's memoir is about her childhood! This really blew me away. At the half way point of this book she is still at the junior hi [...]

Ms. Arden is one of my favourite singer/songwriters and she just happens to be Canadian as well. She's just a few years younger than I am and grew up and still lives on an acreage just outside of Calgary in an area that I became familiar with when I lived in Calgary for a few years in the early 80's. I've attended a few of her concerts in Victoria and these have supported the occasional statement I have read about her also being one of Canada's best stand-up comics. Her sense of humour - often a [...]

So far Jann is providing the reader with very detailed accounts of her childhood. I am not sure she is going to make it into the singing career part of her life at this rate as I keep looking at the thickness of the book. I shall keep you updated.I have been a fan of Jann Arden's music since the release of her first CD in the early 1990's. Her music has always helped me process life experiences, realize that life is complicated, and that we all hope to have relationships with people we can rely [...]

I love Jann Arden's original songs, written by herself. They say something to everyone who listens. In Falling Backwards, Jann looks back over her life, growing up in small town Alberta with an older and a younger brother. She endured trials but in her happy go lucky way, she was not fazed by them. At first, anyway. As she graduated and sought to find herself, she worked various jobs including highway construction flag person, fisher-person, busker and others. She always had the support of her p [...]

I first met Jann Arden in the early nineties when she was touring Canada to promote one of her early albums (I've forgotten which). She was gracious, funny and humble. There is no doubt that she is a talented singer/songwriter and I've always admired her talent. She is widely known and loved here in Canada. Her memoir helped me to better understand her family dynamics and early background growing up near Calgary. This book made me chuckle a few times as it is often quite humorous but it's also a [...]

I like Jann Arden. I mean I liked her. After reading her book, however, I love her. She is so insightful, and touching, and tells a mean story in a voice that sounds like the two of you are just sitting around a kitchen table drinking coffee. And funny - this girl is close your eyes so tears don't spurt out funny.Case in point - After hearing for years how difficult her birth was on her mother, Jann occasionally sends her MOM a card on Jann's birthday that she signs "Sorry about your vagina, Lov [...]

It wasn't what I expected. I read Jann's online journals for years and she's a poet philosopher whose earthy comedy keeps her grounded and I was hoping this memoir would contain more of that beautiful writing, but it didn't. I liked it but I wanted more out of it. It was too simple and the material not fleshed out enough. She's had an interesting life and I was hoping it would be more comprehensive. She's an amazing human being and I'd recommend anyone read everything she's ever written. She has [...]

This book had a pretty slow start - the first half of the memoir only gets up you to about age 5 for goodness sakes. But I'm glad I stuck with it. I would have liked more - I read it on my kindle and kept thinking there must be some mistake - it's just getting interesting - how can there be only 20 pages left! She has a wonderful literary voice - so honest, simple, and humorous. It wasn't as poetic or literary as you would expect from a songwriter, but direct and leaves you feeling you know her. [...]

I'm sad it took me two years to finally read this; it was actually really great! I laughed out loud quite a few times, and related to some of the trials of growing up in a rural community (and just general growing up) that Jann talked about. I thought my mom and dad, as Jann Arden fans, would also love this book, so I hurried through the last half and left it for them to read. It was mostly very well written except sometimes Jann would be telling a story and then another story would bust in, and [...]

Her life was interesting, and I liked the narratives about her childhood, but the jokes seem a bit forced throughout, and I found myself thinking that some of the jokes were very adolescent and not appealing to the general adult audience. Really, Jann, I did not need to know that you had worms as a kid, and what your mother's remedy was, and then be reminded of it several times throughout the book. I did enjoy the "in hindsight" view of her childhood as fairly idyllic, despite the problems of he [...]

Jann is relatable and funny, as you'd expect. She's also not afraid to expose her pain and embarrassing moments. She feels like someone you grew up with. I like her approach to life but as plot goes, it meandered a little and I felt it was too slow during her young childhood and ended just as she was breaking into the music business. I would have preferred to learn more about career and while the details about her family and friend relationships are many, there are no clues about her romantic re [...]

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