Underground Time

Delphine de Vigan

Underground Time

Underground Time

  • Title: Underground Time
  • Author: Delphine de Vigan
  • ISBN: 9781608197125
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Paperback

Timetables Transport for London Timetables for all forms of public transport in London We use cookies on the TfL website to make it easy to use We also use them to personalise content and adverts, and provide social media features. Underground Time by Delphine de Vigan Aug , Underground Time is a difficult book to read I found myself setting it down, time and time again, telling myself I wouldn t pick it back up because there was enough depression in life without needing to read about it in a book too. Weather Underground Official Site Weather Underground provides local long range weather forecasts, weather reports, maps tropical weather conditions for locations worldwide. Tube Transport for London Travel information for all London Tube lines maps, timetables and fares Skip to navigation Skip to content Skip to footer We use cookies on the TfL website to make it easy to use. Underground TV Series Mar , Created by Misha Green, Joe Pokaski With Jurnee Smollett Bell, Aldis Hodge, Jessica De Gouw, Alano Miller With the country on the brink of Civil War, the struggle for freedom is dangerous than ever Underground tells the story of American heroes and their harrowing journey to freedom, with legendary Harriet Tubman blazing the trail. Underground Railroad HISTORY Feb , Abolitionist John Brown was a conductor on the Underground Railroad, during which time he established the League of Gileadites, devoted to helping fugitive slaves get to Canada. London Underground Getting Around London visitlondon Dec , Greater London is served by Tube lines, along with the Docklands Light Railway DLR and an interconnected local train network Underground trains generally run between am and midnight, Monday to Saturday, with reduced operating hours on Sunday.

Every day, Mathilde takes the Metro to her job at a large multinational, where she has felt miserable and isolated ever since getting on the wrong side of her bullying boss Every day, Thibault, a paramedic, drives where his dispatcher directs him, fighting traffic to attend to disasters For many of the people he rushes to treat, he represents the only human connection inEvery day, Mathilde takes the Metro to her job at a large multinational, where she has felt miserable and isolated ever since getting on the wrong side of her bullying boss Every day, Thibault, a paramedic, drives where his dispatcher directs him, fighting traffic to attend to disasters For many of the people he rushes to treat, he represents the only human connection in their day Mathilde and Thibault are just two figures being pushed and shoved in a lonesome, crowded city But what might happen if these two souls, traveling their separate paths, could meet Delphine de Vigan tells this story of urban isolation with poetic precision and resilient humor, in the much lauded follow up to her bestselling No and Me.Praise for No and Me Thought provoking and often poetic musings about No s life challenge readers to rethink their responsibilities to humankindQuiet yet gripping Kirkus Reviews All ages will find much to relish in this deceptively simple tale that is touching and enlightening Herald Scotland

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Rating: 4.5 StarsUnderground Time is a difficult book to read. I found myself setting it down, time and time again, telling myself I wouldn’t pick it back up because there was enough depression in life without needing to read about it in a book too. When I did, inevitably, pick it up, I found myself reciting, “It’s just a book, it’s just a book, it’s not real life, don’t let it get to you, their story isn’t your own,” over and over again. Delphine de Vigan, however, makes her cha [...]

If there's one thing this author knows how to do, it is capture hopelessness. I think going into this having no clue what other people thought of it or really anything about the author made for a really exciting experience for me. However, I'm going to spoil something for you. The blurb for this book made me feel a bit optimistic about what could happen:"Every day, Mathilde takes the Metro to her job at a large multinational, where she has felt miserable and isolated ever since getting on the wr [...]

I almost gave it one star but some of the emotions each character went through swayed me to feel it was okay. This is either an over-rated book or I just don't get it. I admit, the ending is exactly the way the world turns but I kept thinking 'what was the point of this story'? I don't need fantastic endings nor action but there was not a lot to carry the reader. In fact, I could just talk to a friend to hear some of the depressing situations and thoughts in this novel. There are many french nov [...]

This is life in the 21st century: Wake up and hear the noises of the city around you. Heave your body into a train car, squeezing every last inch of yourself into a vacancy. Physically contact several people during your commute; feel utterly alone. Sit at your desk and consider your work. Encounter numerous people throughout the day; connect with none of them. Push your body into the train again; stand mere centimeters from several other human beings. Return home, exhausted by your solitude, mis [...]

Tak táto kniha ma dostala. Táto útla knižka nám ukazuje na príbehu dvoch osamotených ľudí jeden deň v ich živote. Od rána až do večera. Na mňa tento príbeh zapôsobil veľmi silne. Vyvolal vo mne emócie a neskutočne intenzívne som prežívala každú stránku. Nie je to príjemný ani pozitívny príbeh, naopak je to smutný, depresívny príbeh o ľudskej samote v ruchu veľkomesta, ktorý nám ukazuje dvoch osamotených unavených ľudí, ktorí sa snažia preraziť vo veľk [...]

Habiendo conocido a la autora con su novela "No y yo" que me dejó con muchas ganas de seguirla leyendo. Llegué a Las horas subterráneas a ciegas y me encontré con la desolación a través de sus dos personajes Matilde y Thibault, ambos viviendo en esa ciudad omnipresente que absorbe el alma de sus habitantes. La forma en que la autora ahonda en su existencia, el vacío, el cansancio, la incomprensión y lo más triste, la resignación. Todo ello con esa prosa envolvente y adictiva, con esos [...]

Some books change the way you view the world, if only for a short period of time, affecting your outlook and forcing you to question all you see. The everyday becomes remarkable, the mundane becomes extraordinary and a book in which nothing much happens presses your Refresh button and helps you to face the day. Such a book is Underground Time by Delphine de Vigan.Now, I'm not mad about the title, even if it perfectly describes the book. In the original French, the book is called Les Heures soute [...]

I kept putting off reading it because of some of the reviews below, but I shouldn't have: Underground Time is an extraordinarily well-written treatise on the loneliness one feels even when surrounded by people. The language is sparse but beautifully rendered. The city is real and the desperation of the characters is palpable.Of the two protagonists, Mathilde's story is stronger than Thibault's. The stories don't parallel as closely as I think they were intentioned to and often Thibault comes off [...]

I loved the stories and mathildes story got my at some point. Its horrible living that way and i wished that in the end they would actually meet and everything would get better. I hoped for a better happier ending tho.

This is about as far as you can get from my normal reading. (And for that, you can thank my profession and my coworker for planning a booktalking program on bleak books. Coming this summer!) I read as stress relief, which for me means exploring new places, getting to know characters that I like, finding meaning, or some combination of those elements. Real life is ambiguous, and hard, and filled with people that can be difficult to like. I live real life every day, and it's nice to leave it from [...]

I didn't like the narration nor the story of this book. You read like, 75% of it, waiting for something to happen and then you can guess the ending right away. What a waste of an ending!!

Ici, pas de batailles héroïques, de héros qui sauvent le monde, d’érudits qui découvrent quelque chose de révolutionnaire. Non, juste deux personnes, une salariée Mathilde et un médecin Thibault, deux âmes vivantes mais écorchée, vidée, acculée par un monde indifférent mais ravageur. C'est incroyable comment l'être humain est à la fois si fragile et si résistant. Mathilde endure toute les pires horreurs, celle des non-dits, des mensonges, de l'hypocrisie, du mépris hiérarchi [...]

Have you ever had a bad boss? (Wait a minute, isn’t that a stupid question?) The main female character in this novel has a truly horrific one. I mean, REALLY bad. Vindictive like you wouldn’t believe. Except, most of us can, in fact, believe the inexorable, fated decline of a working relationship that, because of its power differential and he-said-she-said trap, is impossible to put the brakes on. You try everything, but there is nothing to be done. There is a nihilism to this novel, somethi [...]

Not what I expected. I loved 'No and Me' but this book was not at all as beautiful to me. It followed two characters having a very bad day and for many many pages I was waiting for them to meet. I wondered what would happen when they did meet and how it would change their attitude to their life/day but I never really got to find out nothing changed by the end. really a disappointment after 'No and me' was one of my favourite reads of last year.

I was looking for something French and poetic, a little European flair for a winter read. This book was depressing. I powered through it thinking the ending would somehow make up for the drudgery I'd endured. Frankly the ending was the worst part. Ugh.

I think it lost something in translation (and I hate saying that).

Wow! Just read it. It won't take long but you have to read this book. That's all I have to say.

Otäck och skrämmande. Jag undrar hur det gick sedan?Välskriven och jag sträckläste i två omgångar.

In diesem Buch begegnet man zwei Hauptpersonen, auf der einen Seite erzählt Delphine de Vigan von Mathilde, einer Witwe, die nach dem Tod ihres Mannes alleine für ihre drei Kinder sorgen muss. Mathilde ist Abteilungsleiterin und wird von diesem Beruf ausgefüllt, ihre Arbeit wird anerkannt. Auf der anderen Seite lernen wir Thibaut kennen, ein Arzt, dessen Verstümmelungen an den Händen es ihm verwehrt haben, seinen Traumberuf, Chirurg auszuüben. Diese zwei Einzelschicksale werden von der Aut [...]

Dieses Buch ist ein wichtiges Buch. Dieser Roman betrachtet den psychischen Zerfall und den Werdegang zweier mitten im Berufsleben stehenden Menschen, die sich durch einerseits Mobbing und andererseits Burn Out ins soziale Aus katapultieren. Es ist eine Beschreibung, wie mit Hilfe von unmenschlichem Miteinander im Beruf Menschen kaputt gemacht werden können. Mathilde und Thibault sind zwei Protagonisten dieser heutigen Arbeitsgesellschaft, die nach ständiger Leistung heischt und die aufgrund v [...]

Yeraltı Saatleri kitabının başını hem sevmemistim hem anlamakta biraz zorluk çekmiştim ama sonra bir şekilde yazarın üslubuna alıştım ve sevdim. 20 Mayıs tarihi o kadar çok söylendi ki her gün 20 Mayıs gibi bir algı oluştu bende çünkü günlerin sonlarında veya başlarında hep bugün 20 Mayıstı diyor anlayamadığım yer burası. Mathilde ve Thibault'un ayrı ayrı hikayelerini anlatıyor. Mathilde 3 çocuk annesi ve kocasını yıllar önce kaybetmiş. Bir işe girmi [...]

Such a perfect book. The plot is not amazing, but it doesn't matter, and it's better that it isn't. It's a perfectly normal, unremarkable plot of a woman being morally harassed at work; and in a parallel story we see a housecall doctor fatigued with his dreary life. But despite this misery, the book itself is far from miserable. The author accomplishes a heroic feat, really, in succeeding in not depressing the reader despite the topic, while not undermining it either with a disrespectful tone of [...]

I can't understand how such a book can be listed for the Goncourt. Its an easy read but in the case of this book it equates to a bland read. Frequently throughout the book, I wondered how is this novel any different from a longform nonfiction writing in a magazine. It almost isn't different. De Vigan is writing about a working woman without any creativity that the books feels like a listing of mishaps and downturns for our protagonist. The literary quality of this book is partially rescued by th [...]

People destroy each other for petty reasons, tragedy randomly strikes, people who should meetwell cannot tell you what happens. Great writing, realistic, do not read this book unless you want a depressing read. From the culture that gave us "ennui" and existentialism : a truth revealed, life consists more of what does not happen than what does.

Liked it a lot, if by "liked" you mean "experienced a slightly nauseous feeling of creeping dread that didn't require anything more supernatural than people being dicks towards each other". A story of two 40-year-olds lost in Paris, tied together by invisible threads that aren't even allowed to snap. Good stuff.

Très intéressant, j'adore le concept, mais vraiment trop déprimant Ne pas lire si parfois vous questionnez la vie!

J'ai aimé l'écriture, la mélancolie, la tristesse.Je me reconnais bien dans le quotidien parisien: les transports en commun, le monde du travail.

Very unusual style of writingriguingbut then the end was a major disappointment :(

j'aime énormément sa plume dramatique et ses mises en scène mais la fin m'a paru un peu bâclé et m'a déçue.

Great book. But I hated the ending!

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