The Soprano Wore Falsettos

Mark Schweizer

The Soprano Wore Falsettos

The Soprano Wore Falsettos

  • Title: The Soprano Wore Falsettos
  • Author: Mark Schweizer
  • ISBN: 9780972121163
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Paperback

No 4 in the Liturgical Mystery series Detective Hayden Konig is a success in anyone s book He has a job that he loves as Chief of Police in the small Appalachian town of St Germaine, North Carolina He s employed as the part time organist and choirmaster at St Barnabas Church He s just proposed to his sweetheart, Meg Farthing, and, to top it all off, he s as rich as No 4 in the Liturgical Mystery series Detective Hayden Konig is a success in anyone s book He has a job that he loves as Chief of Police in the small Appalachian town of St Germaine, North Carolina He s employed as the part time organist and choirmaster at St Barnabas Church He s just proposed to his sweetheart, Meg Farthing, and, to top it all off, he s as rich as a televangelist with his own 900 number In spite of all his apparent success, Hayden Konig s life long dream is yet to be realized He longs to write the next great hard boiled mystery Though his past attempts have been less than impressive, Hayden is convinced that using Raymond Chandler s actual typewriter purchased at an auction is just the impetus his writing needs to push his detective story over the top Unfortunately, he s dead wrong St Barnabas, meanwhile, has come into a great deal of money Sixteen million dollars, to be exact, and the members of the congregation all have ideas on how to spend it Suddenly, a shot rang out A woman screamed, and Detective Konig has another dead body in the choir loft It s business as usual in St Germaine With Easter right around the corner and suspects galore, Hayden must find the murderer Can things get any worse Hayden Konig s 4th mysteryThe Soprano Wore Falsettos It s not what you expect s even funnier

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This is the fourth in the hilarious series. Go back and read my earlier reviews to get some idea of the characters and situation, although Hayden is on extended leave as organist from St. Barnabas. Another book within a book, the interior one again Hayden hopes will be a contender for the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest. For example:“The wind slapped me in the mug like a petulant chippy; then it threw its drink in my face, kissed me hard on the mouth, slapped me again, kissed me once more, showe [...]

Another good entry in this series. Very funny

"The Soprano Wore Falsettos" is the fourth in Mark Schweizer's series of "Liturgical Mysteries." They all center around Hayden Konig, a man with three occupations. He is the chief of police in the small town of St. Germaine, North Carolina. He is the organist and choir director at St. Barnabas' Episcopal Church. And he is an aspiring murder mystery writer, using the 1939 Underwood typewriter of his ideal -- Raymond Chandler -- which he bought at an auction. Each of the books in the series contai [...]

This is the fourth book I've read by this author and I have to say it's the best. The description of the pirate church service is priceless. There is no need to read this series in order. Every book gives the basic background information so the reader doesn't need to have read what was in earlier books. These are not serious mysteries in any way.but they're the best spoofs I've read in a long time.

Quite possibly the most racist, misogynist, transphobic piece of filth I have ever read. Truly horrible.

Love these.

This fourth chronicle in the exploits of Hayden Konig, Chief (and only) Detective of St Germaine NC and chief (formerly, now subbing) organist of St Barnabus Episcopal Church, gives us another mysterious murder and another of Hayden’s liturgical mysteries, written on Raymond Chandler’s old typewriter and running as an absurdist parallel to his real-life crime investigation. This time, organist Agnes Day, Hayden’s not-so-talented replacement at St Barnabus, is given a great wallop in head w [...]

Book 4 in the Liturgical Mysteries: Reading the series in order, I've gone from sneaking a peak at guilty pleasures to devouring each word of these amusing and entertaining mysteries. The main character, Hayden Konig writes a Raymond-Chandleresque mystery within the story of a fascinating case he investigates as chief detective in the small Appalachian town of St. Germain, North Carolina. In this adventure, Hayden is on leave of absence from his part-time job as choir and musical director for St [...]

Love the liturgical mysteries about Chief Hayden Konig and the lovely village of St Germaine. Populated by colorful characters, the town does seem prone to mysterious deaths, but no fear, Chief Koenig is more than equal to the task of solving the mysteries. He is less adroit, however, in negotiating the ins and outs of modern liturgy at the Episcopal church where he is organist and choir director. From blessing of the animals to a Pirate mass, he watches bemusedly as one atrocity follows another [...]

Another very funny entry in the Liturgical Mysteries! The Pirate's Eucharist is way better than the Clown Eucharist. Agnes Day (pun intended) has been the substitute organist ever since Hayden Konig quit his job as music director at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church. He's called into church to investigate when the hapless organist is murdered by a handbell. Who did it? The new operatic soprano Renee Tatton? Kenny, the medicinal pot farmer? There are suspects galore. And how will the church spend the [...]

Schweizer is a N.C. author who writes liturgical mysteries. I thought parts of the story were very funny! The setting is reminiscent of the Jan Karon series but the plot is a mixture of small mountain community, money, murder, and church. We discovered this book because I was tracing another author,Lilian Jackson Braun, in Tryon, N.C. Some of the humor might be lost if you were not clued in to church protocol. The ending surprised me. I did find that the style of two simultaneous story plots wer [...]

This is the fourth in the series of Liturgical Mysteries. They are hilarious but much more so if you understand the workings of churches. This one really had me laughing out loud at several points in luring during the pirate worship service. I thought I knew who the murderer was early on but then I changed my mind and wasn't sure. Turned out I was right the first time but ended up being surprised then.

This book was hilarious. It's a murder-mystery set in an Episcopal church setting, with a lot to do with choral music (the narrator is an organist). As I am an Episcopalian and have sung in the choir, it was very appealing to me. It was very unique in it's style, quite funny and entertaining. (I mean, they hold a Pirate Eucharist! How awesome is that?)I'd recommend it to anyone who has church ties, be they Episcopalian or no.

This is one of five books by this author. The books are hilarious if you are 1)an Episcopalian, 2) a musician, especially an organist,3) a writer/reader, or any combination of the preceding. He skewers the quirks of all of these folks. I've laughed out loud more in reading his books than in any book in recent memory.

3.5 starsStill a fun series, but maybe I need a break from the antics. I was not quite so enchanted with the fourth book as with previous entries. I will pick up the series again, however, as they are clever and entertaining.

These books are easy entertaining books. Actually, they are hilarious!


Best title EVER!

These are so funny!

Another hilarious book!! Southpark references, shoe shining and nail guns in church!! Fun stuff!!

Fun, light read. Although, as I am an organist, and someone in my parish gave me this book as a gift, I'm looking over my shoulder for a while.

This series is a riot. so if you have ever been involved with a small town.or notturgical church/choir. I am reading the whole seriesd can't stop laughing.

Another great laugh!!!

This series gets better with each installment. This one did a great job of setting up multiple suspects amidst the most entertaining Episcopal antics.

Quick, entertaining read. Good series if you enjoy not-so-serious mysteries.

Very silly - second story in the book getting better with each writing.

Very much enjoyed this book and the ending was a good one!

Ha, ha! The puns pile up as our hero writes about a bar called Buxtehooters, tries to ignore a substitute organist named Agnes Day, and investigates a soprano who is as false as her falsettos.

Love this series. This is the weakest book so far but I still love this series and the Pirate Mass was a hoot.

Probably not as funny overall as some of the earlier books in this series, but it still had its moments. Highly enjoyable.

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