Seven Stories

Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky Joanne Turnbull

Seven Stories

Seven Stories

  • Title: Seven Stories
  • Author: Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky Joanne Turnbull
  • ISBN: 9785717200738
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Paperback

All of Krzhizhanovsky s stories depict something aberrant, which is strongly rooted in something true Bookforum It is now clear that Krzhizhanovsky is one of the greatest Russian writers of the last century Financial Times A natural storyteller, striking intellect, and deeply creative soul are found all in one a rare combination Complete Review

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Another collection of Krzhizhanovsky's blackly philosophic modernist fables, mostly from the 1920s. A couple of these also show up in Memories of the Future (the brilliant apartment claustrophobia horror story "Quadraturin" and "The Bookmark") but the others are all very worthwhile, particularly his biting dystopian energy crisis satire "Yellow Coal" and the weird story of physical and metaphysical striving-after-impossibility "The Unbitten Elbow". Plusm a dead man's account of the revolution an [...]

Rarely do I read stories that make me feel I have been transported to deep within the mind of a genius and am experiencing a transformed reality.This is the case with Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky's Seven Stories. I'm grateful to GLAS, New Russian Writing for bringing out the first English translation of these fantastic, yet immensely grounded, tales. Krzhizhanovsky was an unsung hero who stayed true to his vision during repressive times. But these stories are about much more than a simple escape fro [...]

Krzhizhanovsky deserves to be better known in this day and age, both inside Russia and outside in the greater sphere of literature. His short story collections are hard to track down but are all superb in the work that they show. This is only the second I have seen after Memories of the Future and it also doubles up containing 'Quadraturin' and 'The Bookmark' in both collections. So two of the seven short stories are contained in another collection which is a bit of a bummer. All his published w [...]

Add a star if you are a writer and another if you understand parables and symbolic references to 1920s Stalinist Soviet Union. The inventive surrealism reminds me of Gogol.

I think the only tragedy I encountered while reading this collection was the fact that I read it after reading 'The Violent Bear It Away,' which has become one of my foremost favorites. Although I didn't like 'The Bookmark' and 'Autobiography of a Corpse' all that much, I think 'Quadraturin,' 'In the Pupil,' and 'Yellow Coal' serve the price of admission. Before I speak about the stories that impressed me, I must make a confession about the stories that haven't. I think that a particular type of [...]

Objectively, this is just as strong a collection as NYRB's Memories of the Future, which shares two of this volumes seven stories ["Quadraturin", "The Bookmark"]. If I had to suggest one collection out of the two, however, it wouldn't be this one: it's a little bit harder to find, and it could have used one last pass by the proofreader for the handful of typos and repeated words that lept out at me.

I thought it was one of the more inventive collection of short stories I've read in a long time. He's an extremely clever writer who manages to make the surreal seem like an everyday occurrence that warrants little more than casual observation. The genius of the stories is in their simplicity. The writing style is so clear and not muddled with a lot of obvious "psychological over thinking" as to become laborious. I couldn't put it down and can't wait to read the other collections that are slowly [...]

Funny, wry, self-reflexive, and all-around delightful.

Krzhizhanovsky has the imagination of Kafka, the philosophical principles one would find from Borges and the intensity of a Russian author. Intelligent, humorous and surprising.

most interesting short stories i've ever read

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