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  • Title: Trackers
  • Author: Deon Meyer K.L. Seegers
  • ISBN: 9781444723663
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Paperback

This thriller features a housewife running from years of domestic abuse, a bodyguard hired to escort a smuggled rhinoceros, a group of Islamic terrorists based in a quiet residential street and a secret government agency threatened with amalgamation within a bigger department.

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Many thrillers are about saving humanity, not necessarily inhabiting it. Maverick heroes are replicated from types previously established in classic iconic stories. Villains are cut from generic, barbaric cloth--the more psychopathic and gruesome, the better. Character and language are sacrificed for plot and standard themes, and the admirable hero/ine (or noble anti-hero/ine) saves the world. Gosh, with the hundreds of thrillers published each year (month?), the human race is lucky to be alive. [...]

Long before I started recording the books I’d read and writing reviews, I read my first Deon Meyer novel called Heart of the Hunter. It was a tremendous introduction to South African fiction—rich with characters strong and brave, written with such specific local color, one could be nowhere else on earth. I now grab Meyer’s new books whenever a bookstore is wise enough to stock them, and recommend them to anyone who likes international mystery fiction.In this latest offering, Meyers takes o [...]

Trackers is four interrelated novellas by South African author Deon Meyer, translated from Afrikaans. In “Milla” (Conspiracy) a Cape Town housewife walks out on her abusive husband and selfish teenage son to start her life afresh. Trained in journalism she is picked up by a government agency which produces an in-house magazine and reports. This is a front for the Presidential Intelligence Agency (PIA), and she is soon involved in profiling a local Moslem cleric with links to the gang ‘Rest [...]

Many thrillers are about saving humanity, not necessarily inhabiting it. Maverick heroes are replicated from types previously established in classic iconic stories. Villains are cut from generic, barbaric cloth--the more psychopathic and gruesome, the better. Character and language are sacrificed for plot and standard themes, and the admirable hero/ine (or noble anti-hero/ine) saves the world. Gosh, with the hundreds of thrillers published each year (month?), the human race is lucky to be alive. [...]

Divided into four “books”, TRACKERS features a large cast of characters and is an incredibly complex work. It’s intimidating to even begin to think of summarizing what takes place in the book, so hopefully, a brief synopsis will suffice. Basically, the book focuses on security issues within South Africa. The country’s intelligence agency is on high alert with information indicating that militant Muslims are planning to a terrorist act. There are a few smuggling schemes, one involving dia [...]

Meyer captures the flavour of post-apartheid South Africa so well in his novels - the changing social engagements between a wide variety of people. Trackers mixes up white farmers (Zimbabwean & South African), mercenaries, Muslim extremists and a whole lot more, in a complex plot which is recent and feels like it touches many of the issues we read about in the daily newspapers. The ending is rather unsatisfying - I won't give away why - but the mix of people who meet in such a variety of sit [...]

Once I discovered Deon Meyer I purchased five of his books in succession. This review is for all five of them. Meyer's work is of outstanding quality. He has an intimate knowledge of Cape Town and South Africa in general. His grasp of the undercurrents in the widely diverse society of this troubled country is exceptional. Interesting characters are expertly woven into the fabric of his spellbinding plots. I highly recommend anything penned by this gifted author.

Trackers is an epic novel reaching across the South African landscape - city, suburb, coast line and Karoo - involving three stories of people from different walks of life. First we meet Milla Strachan, the 40 year old disillusioned wife of a straying husband and mother of a manipulative teenaged son. Milla summons the courage to leave them and her stultifying suburban neighbourhood. She seeks out a job that might use her college background in journalism and satisfy her desire to get back into w [...]

i am not sure this book does or says something meaningful about the human condition*, but it sure is a hell of a read. it's divided in 4 related parts, and while the set up in the first part is a bit slow (but the book is almost 500 pages!), the rest is really engaging and fascinating. post-apartheid south africa is a place where organized crime seems to have blossomed with great generosity, to the point that the international organized crime world sees it (south africa) as a nice safe haven. at [...]

Exceptionally excellent plot. Very strong characters.

Bringing back two characters from previous novels, the South African author has written a complicated story with three separate plots which are related both in circumstances and the people involved. One theme involves what appears to be a Muslim plot, which a government intelligence service suspects at first to be a tradeoff between the smuggling of diamonds in exchange for weapons. A second, an offshoot of the smuggling operation by a man seeking to recover a large sum of money he claims was st [...]

I read this book on the reccomendation of my friend and fellow-librarian Susan, as an example of South African mystery. The settings were fascinating, and as the book was written by an Afrikaner, it provided an interesting window into post-apartheid life in RSA. The story was a series of linked mysteries, with people suddenly finding themselves caught up in events set in motion somewhere else. No one ever had the whole picture except for the reader- a different way to write a mystery. While vari [...]

I loved this book with it's strong local (South Africa, Johannesburg, Cape Town) flavour. Besides familiar locales and colloquialisms I enjoyed the pace of the book, the tension and the strong larger-than-life characters.Trackers is a brilliant holiday novel that will have you observing your fellow South Africans with far more interest.

Het eerste boek van 2016 is uit. Wat heb ik weer enorm van de schrijfstijl van Deon Meyer genoten. De spanningsopbouw, de korte hoofdstukken. de verschillende verhaallijnen die in elkaar gevlochten worden. Geen moment te vroeg wordt de clue weggegeven. Een mooi begin van 2016.

I am a BELIEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!Deon Meyer RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Milla Strachan, a middle-aged Cape Town housewife has finally gathered up the courage to walk out on her emotionally abusive, cheating husband and her rude, demanding and ungrateful college-aged son. She has found herself a new apartment and sets about finding a job. She knows that it won’t be easy, having been a housewife for half her life to her well-off husband, living in a nice house in a nice area. However with relative quickness, Milla finds a job writing reports for the Presidential Int [...]

This book was good but not my style. I am not a big CIA/spy reader so this book wasn't the best for me. It did have several compelling parts: the story of Milla Strachan, an abused housewife, who finds the courage to look for a new life and finds adventure, heartbreak and visions a far reach from her old life And Mat Joubert, a private investigator, who appears in the last portion of the book. It seems that the book ended and a completely new story started. The first parts and the last finally m [...]

I read it in Afrikaans (why, because I can) but it is also available in English, Dutch and a bunch of other languages. Translating a book where a mix of languages is the norm is always difficult, so how that part turned out I do not know.This is my second Deon Meyer novel and although I enjoyed the first one, this one really gripped me. It was full of suspense, the plot is interesting, the different story lines fit in well together and most importantly, I learned a lot of new facts (useful and i [...]

The description of this as "Lemmer #2" misleads: What we in fact have here are several inter-linked stories, one of which features Lemmer. Since this was published in 2010, several of the loose ends may have since become novels on their own, so to speak.All the stories concern tracking someone or something. In spite of the rhino on the cover, we never witness any big game being tracked.The first installment makes for hard sailing because of the density of names and the scarcity of direction sig [...]

Fabulous story, complex, ingenious and exciting. Different stories that meshed together and integrated to give the whole story at the end. Best of his that have read so far. This writer is good! At least the equivalent of Nesbo and co. Amazingly plotted book. Great characterisation too.

I think I'm in love with Lemmer.

My first read of this author. Great setting, many characters, complex tale. It is balanced out well so you don't lose track and get lost in all the threads. I will more of his.

I will say a 3.5 star. Too much details kinda blurred the main structure: real life may be in this form but this is not a very pleasant character for a novel. (Or maybe it’s a translation loss?)

Really struggled to get into it at the start, stayed with me through the book so probably biased

Tre parallella historier, utrotningshotade noshörningar, gängstrider, ett rasifierat polisväsende och diamantsmuggling. Kort sagt en fullfjädrad deckare som dessutom ger en nya perspektiv; nämligen på det nya Sydafrika.

Trackers by Deon MeyerHodder and StoughtonISBN: 978-1-444-72366-3• Sam North reviewTrackers presents quite a challenge for a reviewer. A novel with three distinct strands and three or perhaps more central characters to each section means you have to be on your toes as Meyer weaves three unconnected story strands together with skill and prescience.If you are just picking up a Deon Meyer thriller for the first time, I’d start with Dead Before Dying featuring Mat Joubert who takes the final slo [...]

Deon Meyer mausert sich so langsam zu einem meiner Lieblingskrimiautoren. Woran man sowas merkt? Zum Beispiel, wenn man von diesem Autor sogar Spontaneinkäufe in der Bahnhofsbuchhandlung tätigen kann und trotzdem Volltreffer landet.Hier haben wir es mit gleich drei in sich abgeschlossenen Handlungssträngen zu tun, die jedoch nach und nach einige Berühungspunkte erkennen lassen. Bei einigen Aspekten war das für mich erst wirklich ganz am Ende erkennbar, bei ein paar dagegen gar nicht. Aber t [...]

Wanneer 'n mens dink aan Afrikaanse spanningsfiksie, dink mens altyd eerste aan Deon Meyer. Dis hoekom dit snaaks is dat ek nog nooit een van sy boeke gelees het nie. Seker maar omdat ek nooit gedink het Afrikaans kan so lekker lees nie. Dis die manier hoe Meyer die taal tot sy voordeel gebruik wat mens vasgenael hou.Met Spoor voel dit asof mens in die middel van 'n Amerikaanse spioenasieverhaal vasgevang is. Die Presidensiële Intelligensie-agentskap veg teen tyd om uit te vind wie wat insmokke [...]

Another five star thriller from this superb South African writer. I found the first 73 pages quite challenging - there is a lot of technical data and the introduction of many different characters requires concentration.The pace picks up considerably after that and I found myself reading into the early hours of the morning.The story is told in three parts. After 20 years of marriage to an abusive bully Milla Strachan walks out on him and her obnoxious son and lands a job in the Presidential Intel [...]

Als Leserin habe ich sofort gemerkt, dass unglaublich viel Arbeit notwendig war, um dieses Buch fertigzustellen. Die ganzen Recherchearbeiten und teils detaillierten Beschreibungen der Orte können eben nicht „einfach mal so“ niedergeschrieben worden sein.Der Schreibstil ist sehr erwachsen, fast zu bürokratisch mit Fremdwörtern gespickt (vor allem im ersten Teil). Der Einstieg ist mir dadurch recht schwer gefallen, aber auch weil ich zu Beginn so manchen Sachverhalt mehrfach lesen musste u [...]

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