Lisbon: War in the Shadows of the City of Light, 1939-1945

Neill Lochery

Lisbon: War in the Shadows of the City of Light, 1939-1945

Lisbon: War in the Shadows of the City of Light, 1939-1945

  • Title: Lisbon: War in the Shadows of the City of Light, 1939-1945
  • Author: Neill Lochery
  • ISBN: 9781586488796
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Hardcover

Lisbon had a pivotal role in the history of World War II, though not a gun was fired there The only European city in which both the Allies and the Axis power operated openly, it was temporary home to much of Europe s exiled royalty, over one million refugees seeking passage to the U.S and a host of spies, secret police, captains of industry, bankers, prominent Jews, wriLisbon had a pivotal role in the history of World War II, though not a gun was fired there The only European city in which both the Allies and the Axis power operated openly, it was temporary home to much of Europe s exiled royalty, over one million refugees seeking passage to the U.S and a host of spies, secret police, captains of industry, bankers, prominent Jews, writers and artists, escaped POWs, and black marketeers An operations officer writing in 1944 described the daily scene at Lisbon s airport as being like the movie Casablanca, times twenty In this riveting narrative, renowned historian Neill Lochery draws on his relationships with high level Portuguese contacts, access to records recently uncovered from Portuguese secret police and banking archives, and other unpublished documents to offer a revelatory portrait of the War s back stage And he tells the story of how Portugal, a relatively poor European country trying frantically to remain neutral amidst extraordinary pressures, survived the war not only physically intact but significantly wealthier The country s emergence as a prosperous European Union nation would be financed in part, it turns out, by a cache of Nazi gold.

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Na verdade é mais 3,5*!Não conhecia o autor, apesar de pelos vistos ser especialista em política e história europeia moderna… falha minha! O tema II Guerra Mundial sempre me fascinou, talvez por ter sido um marco na História da Humanidade e que mudou o Mundo para sempre. Por isso e principalmente por o tema central deste livro ser o papel de Portugal nesse período, achei que seria uma leitura interessante e, quem sabe, enriquecedora do ponto de vista histórico… E foi uma boa aposta! A [...]

This book doesn't bring any new information but it's very objective about Portugal during the Estado Novo period, especially because it's unusual for Britons to understand the Portuguese point of view regarding WWII. Yet the author is quite impartial and completly understands the politics of a small state who managed to tread very carefully and shrewdly to avoid being sucked in to the worst conflict humanity ever went through.Salazar had three main objectives: preserving the independence of Port [...]

Sometimes, a small, quirky book can enlighten certain moments in history's backwaters with writing that may not be stellar, but gives us a unique glimpse at corners all but forgotten. Lochery had a tight, configured story to tell which helped explain the way the "neutrals" viewed Hitler, yet he tells his story in a film-noir style, evoking a Lisbon explicitly similar to Bogart's "Casablanca." Is the book a little bit gossipy in its tales of Wallis Simpson and Peggy Guggenheim? Without a doubt. D [...]

Um excelente trabalho de investigação sobre o papel de Portugal na II Grande Guerra, e mais uma vez feito por um estrangeiro.

The content of the book is in fact really interesting. Being Portuguese myself, I must admit that I ignored many of the dynamics that revolve around Portugal's role in WWII.This book tells the story on how Portugal kept its neutrality and came out better than before, opposite to everyone else.However, the way the information is structured is confusing. i understand the author's approach, and I can even imagine that, in theory, it sounded like a good idea to tell the story per theme, rather than [...]

I imagine that it is to my parents' eternal shame and disappointment that I, a history nerd who can recite random facts about Canada and Europe, know nothing about the country from which my family comes. And it looks like that ignorance might continue for a bit longer. The style of this book simply wasn't to my liking. I was rather enthusiastic at the beginning - the chapters are short enough to pick up for a few minutes and set back down - but I really lost interest quickly. Perhaps I'll steal [...]

It is a great view and great research about the "so-not-neutral" position of Portugal and Salazar's politics during the WWII. However it could also focus more in the portuguese, their reactions to the war phases and their living style amongst the the dictatorial system and so as the refugees (besides looking to portugal as "gate" to the USA or Palestine)

Lisbon a city in the shadows is a non-fiction book by Neil Lochery about a country's importance in WW2 and the stories that go unheard.A city where the allied and axis powers fought over espionage,propaganda,refugees fleeing France and natural resources within the country.This book also goes through how the dictator of Portugal at the time Slazer helped guide Portugal through the war without declaring war on the allies or the axis powers.This book will help you understand how important of a role [...]

A solid history of Portugal's role as a neutral country and Antonio Salazar's efforts to keep the country from being drawn into World War II -- or worse, being attacked by Spain. It tells the story of the capital, Lisbon, which was the capital of espionnage and counter-espionnage for the Allies and Axis powers during the war. Lochery keeps the story relevant to American readers by not delving too deeply into the histories of various Portugese personalities in the story, even cutting the story of [...]

Lisbon in 1939, had a 400+ year alliance with Great Britian and no standing army. Add in a Spanish neighbor with ambitions for conquest and an alliance/friendship with Germany; it was only thru skilled negotiations and compromises that Portugal remained neutral. Salazar, dictator and leading government bureaucrat had a long memory of 1807 when Napoleon invaded Lisbon. He knew how long it took to recover and he knew how poor Portugal was in 1939. He traded with both Allies and Axis to protect Por [...]

Para quem se interessa pelo tema da II Guerra Mundial, este livro expõe magnificamente a posição de Portugal, as políticas de neutralidade de Salazar e a espionagem face à guerra. Excelente e muito bem documentado.

This history book, complete with copious notes, a thorough index and detailed bibliography, reads more like a spy novel. Indeed, spies proliferated in Lisbon at the start of World War II and the book covers the period of the war. The story of how the Prime Minister, Salazar, steered a careful course between the Allies and the Nazis to keep his country neutral and a safe-haven, while at the same profiting from trade (in wolfram) and diplomatic (the Azores) relationships with both sides, is a fasc [...]

Bardzo przyzwoicie napisana i niezwykle solidnie udokumentowana książka. Zjeździł autor pół świata, przesiedział w archiwach setki godzin, przeczytał dziesiątki tysięcy stron ale czasu nie tracił!(Drugą książkę poświęcił Brazylii w latach wojny - "To Read"!) A że jest wielkim luzofilem, sympatii do Portugalii i Portugalczyków w niej pełno. A jak nie sympatii - to zrozumienia - ot, choćby w ocenie samego Salazara. Przez całe powojenne dekady, PRL-owska propaganda stawiał [...]

Solid history, particularly interesting as I had not previously read about World War II from the perspective of a small, neutral country strategically located near the European and North African fronts. I developed some respect for Salazar, whose postwar leadership is often negatively portrayed, as he tries to keep the war out of Portugal by carefully balancing the conflicting demands of Germany and the Allies. Then, as the war is ending, he must try to maintain Portugal’s independence in the [...]

An intriguing and well researched narrative on Lisbon during WW2. Has enough about spires and subterfuge in an awkwardly neutral country to offer frisson, social snippets and hard information, and a bucket list of locations to investigate. I read this one and then serendipitously visited Lisbon a year or so later. Like any well-written and committed urban history, it mightily enhanced my few days in the subject city - here Lisbon and later onward to Porto. Recommended, simply as a good read - an [...]

good background information on/about the "players"I bit of information I learned while visiting this country I am adding lest I forgetsource: enpedia/wiki/Portugu. Legend also says that the dish was developed to test Jewish converts' new Christian faith; consisting of pork and shellfish (two non-kosher items), Marranos were expected to eat the dish in public in order to prove their complete detachment from the Jewish faith

Very interesting and complex story about what happened in Lisbon and Portugal during WW2. Salazar had to maintain a balancing act to keep his country out of WW2, like it or hate it, he was able to keep Portugal from being occupied and destroyed by bombing. He made mistakes but he did care for Portugal.

I couldn't get through this - over halfway through, 3 weeks of trying, and I just can't bring myself to read another page. It's a weird mix of frivolous commentary on the passage of the elite refugees, dryly told history lessons, and biography of a dictator without any seeming concern for war profiteering at the expense of millions of lives.

This book explains the role of Portugal in WW2, focusing on refugees, negotiations for Allied use of the Azores, and Portugal's receipt of Nazi gold stolen from occupied countries and the victims of the Holocaust.

read this and loved it

I found it interesting because it was the first detailed look I have taken into Portugal in WWII, but otherwise it was unremarkable

An interesting book about a fascinating and little-known corner of the Second World War.

Although the writing in this book was choppy and sometimes disjointed, the subject was fascinating. I had always wondered just how "neutral" Portugal was during WWII and how it could stay neutral. I also had very little respect for Salazar, Portugal's dictator for decades who was more in line politically to other fascist dictators like Mussolini, Franco and Hitler. As it turns out, Salazar was pretty deft in his ability to keep Portugal "neutral." That word is in quotation marks because there wa [...]

Lisbon survived the war without a shot being fired and was the hub and safe haven for the rich fleeing their conquered homelands and many refugees escaping persecution and a possible route to freedom in USA . Portugal was a neutral country and to preserve this state walked a nervy tightrope between the Alies and Axis powers and also under constant threat of an invasion by a Germany friendly Spain .In the 60's Salazar the Portugese President who led the country during the 2nd World War was demoni [...]

Esta obra do autor escocês Neil Lochery, especialista em política e história europeia moderna, trata o clima que se vivia na cidade de Lisboa nos anos 40, quando decorria a II Guerra Mundial.Lisboa torna-se um cenário de espionagem, bem aos estilo dos filmes de James Bond, em que o glamour e as tácticas de espionagem de guerra convivem lado a lado nos espaços cosmopolitas da capital e na zona de Cascais, onde se refugiam aristocratas e monarcas caídos em desgraça noutros países ocupados [...]

An additional sub-title for this book might be "how the dictator Salazar avoided fighting with either side, brought Portugual to a trade surplus and enriched its banks with gold stolen by the Nazis." Antonio de Oliveira Salazar, apparently the only European dictator of that era who did not strut about in military uniform, was in the sticky position of being leader of a country that had been allied to Britain since 1300 and also bordering a country, Spain, that appeared to be allied to Germany. S [...]

Portugal in the 1930s and 1940s was a contradiction: an authoritative, albeit benign, dictatorship in a period where the democracies were at war with dictatorships; but it also had an ‘ancient alliance with England’, with the Anglo-Portuguese Treaty dating back to 1373. A major supplier of tungsten to the Germans; but also a point of exit for numerous Jewish refugees.While not playing quite the ‘pivotal role in the history of World War II’ that the book’s dustjacket claims, the history [...]

I enjoyed this book, which gives some insight into parts of Portuguese and WW2 history that is normally not covered in the history books. The book is mostly a portrait of the Portuguese leader/dictator Salazar, and for me this was the most interesting part as I've found it quite hard to get a grasp of how life in Portugal under Salazar really were. In this book, the morally doubtful position of trying to keep Portugal out of the war at any cost (while trying to maximize wartime profits) is studi [...]

Portugal played a dangerous game of tightrope during World War II. On the one hand it was bound to England by treaty and on the other it was bound by idealogy to Fascism. But tthe Portuguese dictator, Antonio Salazar, was no Nazi ( he had Jewish friends and supporters) and correctly predicted that the Allies would win the war. His one goal was to keep Portugal out of the war especially in the light of his country's disasterous entry into the First World War. But Portugal had two things that were [...]

I like reading books about cities, especially when the city has a unique historic period. Lisbon certainly did during WW2, and Lochery provides good historic detail for anyone who knows little or nothing about Lisbon during this period. The book sleeve, unfortunately, provides the most atmospheric snapshot with suggestions that it will emit the same feel as the film, Casablanca. Alas, Lochery never delivers on this promise, mainly because his prose is dry and rather repetitive across the chapter [...]

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