Grounding Quinn

Steph Campbell

Grounding Quinn

Grounding Quinn

  • Title: Grounding Quinn
  • Author: Steph Campbell
  • ISBN: 9781463583279
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Paperback

Eighteen year old Quinn MacPherson s biggest fear has always been turning out like her mentally unstable mother Solving algebraic equations comes in as a close second That is, until she meets Benjamin Shaw Quinn thinks hooking up with Ben over summer vacation will be nothing than a quick fling She can t even commit to a nail polish choice, much less some guy UnEighteen year old Quinn MacPherson s biggest fear has always been turning out like her mentally unstable mother Solving algebraic equations comes in as a close second That is, until she meets Benjamin Shaw Quinn thinks hooking up with Ben over summer vacation will be nothing than a quick fling She can t even commit to a nail polish choice, much less some guy Unfortunately for her, Ben is not just some guy Ben gets her the real her, flaws and all and that scares the hell out of her When Ben does the unthinkable tells Quinn he s in love with her she does what comes naturally She pushes him away Ben can only watch from a distance as Quinn lashes out, and punishes him for daring to care about her But how far can you push someone, even someone that loves you, before they are gone for good

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Here We Go Again. It looks long but it goes fast ;)The Story is the most cliché thing you’ll find. Girl afraid to fall in Love. Boy that Loves her. She pushes him away. They get back together. End of the story. A lot of books have this plot and I LOVE IT! It's my favorite subject – I think… - and so when I read the summary I knew I had to read it. Sadly, my relationship with this book didn’t turn out nearly as good as I hoped :/ This is not a hate review whatsoever, it’s just a take o [...]

This sounds like an awful book.

For those of us who prefer dysfunction to dystopia, relationships to spaceships, cupid's darts to bows and arrows, and real emotions to EMOTING, this is an awesome book. When we first meet MC Quinn, she's in the principal's office, sneakily blacking out her father's smarmy class photo smugface with a sharpy. And Quinn spends most of the rest of the book trying to obliterate herself, as well. She's actually doing a pretty good job of it, too, what with the prescription drugs she steals from her w [...]

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Wow. This novel was definitely a surprise. A great surprise. Perhaps more of a crossover YA/Adult novel than straight up YA contemporary, Grounding Quinn is a brilliantly written, hard-edged coming-of-age romance.The eighteen year old titled heroine, Quinn, is a wonderfully drawn character. Her voice is snarky with arsenic-laced wit and yet there is a beautiful vulnerability to her and undeniable likeability, despite her varied flaws. But perhaps THAT is what is so beautiful about Quinn. The rom [...]

CLICK HERE TO READ MORE YA REVIEWS AT READING, EATING & DREAMING I WAS BLAIR WALDORFGrounding Quinn by Stephanie Campbell was a well-written, engaging story. This story was good and it made an impression, however, it was what the author, Stephanie Campbell, did that made me like this book so much: In so many different ways, she made this story REALITISTIC AND AUTHENTIC!Grounding Quinn was a marvelous modern-day romance and extremely hilarious at times. I loved that it was current and relatab [...]

Ok my earlier review was horribleI wasn't feeling ok and I took it out on the bookw this is my real reviewWhen I saw the cover of this book it automatically grabbed my attention (don't ask why) and when I read the description I thought this will be good! I absolutely love this kind of books where the guy fights for the girl and they stay together and live happily ever after. But this one I don't know what happened.The first part was really good we got to know Quinn and Ben and I thought their re [...]

Oh my, what a rollercoaster that was! I loved the book but there sure were a lot of ups and downs!The story follows Quinn, the female main character. She has a dysfunctional family and believes herself to be a damaged, unloveable product of that. Her mum drinks way too much and takes a vast amount of medication each day leaving her spaced out. Her dad likes everyone to see them as a happy family but that doesn't stop him doing things he shouldn't. Her parents constantly argue with each other but [...]

(Source: I own a copy of this book.)Quinn likes to steal her mother’s pills, and likes the buzz they give her, she also likes sex. When she starts dating a new boy called Ben, she wants to have sex with him, but he’s a virgin, and doesn’t want to rush into things.Can Quinn wait for Ben though? And will popping her mother’s pills land her in the hospital?I really wish I hadn’t bothered reading this book; it was dull, and fairly boring.I didn’t really like Quinn, and I couldn’t relat [...]

While the writing is clever, well-paced and engaging - sadly the story is not. "Quinn" is one of those teen-land dysfunctional love stories that has been done to death. Plot redundancy in and of itself is not the end of the world, but this story never explores more than one level and time spent on that level was brutally interminable. Quinn is such an expert at sabotaging herself, I'm surprised Ms. Campbell didn't title this "Burying Quinn". The author, however, is clearly talented and I really [...]

Grounding Quinn is the story of eighteen-year-old Quinn MacPherson, a pill popping product of an extremely dysfunctional family. Her mother is a bit crazy, her father is banging the girl the next door, and Quinn has learned that the only safe way to live is by keeping people at a very safe distance. Then she meets a guy, Ben, and falls for him. She doesn’t exactly handle it very well.I enjoyed the book on a lot of levels. Witty, believable dialogue, characters with real problems, and some laug [...]

A poignant and powerful book about the relationship between two people in many ways opposite. One from the mythical perfect family who always does what is right, and the other from a hot mess of dysfunctional family who cannot even follow the rules, such as they are, it has.I found this book very moving, and the lead female character reminded me in a lot of ways of my first love. I'm not ashamed to admit that tears were running down my face several times during this book. It brought back some of [...]

Heavy sigh So there was great potential here, I live for a good gritty tale however this one left me with a huge "WTF". Girl has messed up family, girl abuses prescription meds and almost OD's, girl falls for the obvious great guy-gets scared due to her emotionally distressed up bringing-ends up screwing up relationship with said perfect guy. Months pass by and girl has an epiphany, goes crawling back to perfect guy, he forgives her. Happily ever after. The end. No back lash from over dosing, no [...]

If you enjoy contemporary romance, then this is a great novel to read. I love a good romance, but Grounding Quinn is so much more than that. Stephanie Campbell has done a wonderful job writing this novel. Quinn is a beautiful young girl who comes from a very dysfunctional family. Her mom is mentally unstable, and lives on prescription meds, and her dad certainly has a plethora of his own issues. Growing up in the midst of all this has left Quinn a very insecure girl, though she tries desperately [...]

What a beautiful and amazing book! Let me tell you people that this book rock my socks off. It is beautifully written, amazingly told and a great book that I can read over and over again! From the very first word on the page, I was hooked and done for.What got me hooked on this book is the amazing plot line. I loved that Ms. Campbell created greatly flawed characters. I love seeing characters grow and become new. Seeing characters open their eyes to what they thought they were to someone they ar [...]

Quinn is the product of an overachieving accountant with so much professional success it outshines his family obligations, and a mother who masks her entire world by being constantly absorbed in alcohol and prescription medication. No wonder this poor girl is so distraught! Quinn finds herself at a stand still in life. A senior in high school and already 18, Quinn has no motivation and no ambition because she somehow assumes she will end up like one her parents regardless of what she does. Choos [...]

Real. That's the word I kept coming back to as I read this novel. It's not a story about perfect people doing perfect things, it's ugly -- in a good way. Every character had their flaws, even Mason. I really liked it because of that. Quinn's downward spiral at times was frustrating. I just wanted to yell at her to get it together at several points, which takes me back to "real." We've probably all been there to a certain extent, and I know I have in some of the stupid mistakes she makes. Campbel [...]

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this book.No, she is not my friend, family member, or someone who paid me ;OI ran across her blog, saw the cover, read the first chapter and had to read more.She did a brilliant job with tough subjects, a tortured but so freaking awesome MC in Quinn and a book-boy worthy of anyone's love.Her character's were real, the language was beautiful and the story had EVERYTHING I look for in good fiction.So, yeah. I'd recommend this to anyone :D

Both the US and UK ebooks have undergone cover makeovers!Check out all of the new covers here: stephcampbell/201The Simon & Schuster UK edition (in both ebook and paperback) releases May 9th, 2013, and contains updated and new content! :)

Awesome read. Very strong snarky voice on protagonist, Quinn. Equally engaging & well written from 1st person POV is her love interest Ben. Gets you engaged from page 1. Buy this book you will love it.

I really like stories where teenage characters act like teenagers would - dramatic, without thought of consequences. This is what I loved most about this book.

this book tortured the HELL out of med i loved every damn second.

Last year, when I read Delicate there was one particular character that stuck out to me. While I enjoyed Sydney and Grant's story, I was anxious to learn more about Quinn. There was just something about her that intrigued me. She was a good friend to Sydney, but I could tell there were more layers to her and I wanted to find out why. Well, I finally got to know Quinn and she was even more interesting than I had imagined. I don't want to give too much about the story, but I feel it's necessary to [...]

I loved the uniqueness of this book! We have lots of good girls falling for bad boys but it is rare that we have a good boy falling for a bad girl. I LOVED it!One of the major deciding factors on whether or not I like a book is how well I connect to it emotionally and I connected with this one. The characters were well written and I completely understood them and their actions. The storyline was also very believable because of the character's pasts and personalities.In my opinion, Quinn is actua [...]

Steph Campbell has collaborated with Liz Reinhardt to write LENGTHS. It's scheduled to be released August 13th. *Squeee!!!* deep breath. *Squeee!!*So, this had me thinking. Two of my favorite authors writing a book together? Can the Indie world handle that much awesomeness in one book?*Answer: Yes, yes we can!*I read Grounding Quinn months ago. I can write this review at the top of my head. This book just stuck with me. I love when ANY novel refuses to let me go. It rings my emotions every way p [...]

“You always hear people talk about how there are moments in your life when you just know that things will never be the same. I always thought that was all horses**t. But here, now, with the feeling of her soft, incredible lips moving with mine, I know that it happens.”This was my second book by author Steph Campbell (the first being Delicate) and I have to say, I definitely enjoyed Quinn's story more than Sydney's.In Grounding Quinn we see Quinn, an eighteen-year-old high school student stru [...]

I've been wanting to read this, and so when I finally saw it on sale in the Kindle Store for £0.86 (99cents) I grabbed it! Yay! This book was a lot heavier than I thought it would be. Quinn's family is dysfunction all around. But, who's family doesn't have a little bit of dysfunction? I know mine does! Quinn takes it to another level though. She thinks because her family isn't perfect and she has many problems, that she isn't worth loving. That's when Ben comes in. Ben makes Quinn feel normal. [...]

If you need a great read, pick up this novel. The characters have depth and will become friends with the reader. The reader will be rooting for Quinn and Benjamin, the main characters, throughout the novel. The plot itself, while nothing otherworldly or extra special, is very interesting. Not too many books are about a girl having a fear of relationships and not chasing after the guy. Quinn makes for a great, complex character. She has a safe where her heart should be. However, she doesn't make [...]

Well, I can assure you that this book is great. I’d want to read it all over again. I think alot of people would be able relate to this book, especially those who find it hard to trust people again and those who wouldnt want to be like their parents or those who wouldnt want to make the same mistakes their elders did. :)I find myself relating to Quinn, as she stumbles along through life and the way she's having a hard time letting people in. Most especially her fear to become like her mother. [...]

Actual rating: 1.5 stars.Infuriating, annoying, ridiculous, shallow main character. Throw in a new guy and love and just back and forth "You deserve someone better"-drama. Sickening and shocking happenings, cheating, lies, pills-and-alcohol-addict mother, a father that has affairs with his younger employees, ex-girlfriend/boyfriend(s) drama, disapproving parents and just family drama. Lots of unnecessary drama. sigh.I feel like I've wasted my time reading this. I don't like this author's writing [...]

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