Honor Guards


Honor Guards

Honor Guards

  • Title: Honor Guards
  • Author: Radclyffe
  • ISBN: 9781933110011
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Paperback

When you re the president s daughter and the closest thing the country has to a first lady, your life is never really your own When you re the woman charged to guard the first daughter, and you also happen to be her lover, every moment of every day is filled with challenges and a mistake could cost you everything.Unbeknownst to either Blair Powell or Secret Service AgentWhen you re the president s daughter and the closest thing the country has to a first lady, your life is never really your own When you re the woman charged to guard the first daughter, and you also happen to be her lover, every moment of every day is filled with challenges and a mistake could cost you everything.Unbeknownst to either Blair Powell or Secret Service Agent Cameron Roberts, they are at the center of a conspiracy that will rock the world when a net of violence and death draws down upon them and the nation In a journey that begins on the streets of Paris s Left Bank and culminates in a wild flight for their lives, the president s daughter and those who are sworn to protect her wage a desperate struggle for survival.

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WowThis book was amazing for several reasons. Firstly, the sensitivity and compassion for 9/11 was astounding. The way Radclyffe retold that eventful day tore at my heart in memory of all those innocent victims. Also the emotions and shock you could feel in her writing was true heart rendering. I'm still amazed at how well she put it together.The book was full of action, heart break, sadness and the worst being betrayal. The strength of all involved was astounding.The book is excellent. Radclyff [...]

I have been enjoying the honor series. There are flaws, to be sure. The romance is dramatic and overwritten (as is typical of Radclyffe). The action is slower than it should be. Each book seems to focus on one dangerous event, and the build up is always more drawn out than it should be. The conflict is also rarely resolved until the next book, even after all the build up. But despite that, the series is engaging enough to be entertaining. I really had a problem with this one, though. If you're g [...]

This series is character and relationship driven and the plot is just a background, so I will not take away points for that. And as cheese as the loving couples were, I remember a time in my relationship when "I love you!" felt like the only thing that mattered and if I didn't say it every minute, I would have bursted from passion That is a blissful time and is better the longer it lasts. So I can understand the cheesiness. I just had no idea it is so annoying from the outside and in a book. But [...]

This is a truly wonderful story focusing on the events and likely situations that very well may have occurred leading up to, during, and following the shattering happenings on September 11, 2001. The national and global implications blast across the pages while two love affairs act like bookends to comprise and reflect these shocking days. The larger-than-life women caught within this staggering turmoil drew me into their hearts and concerns. I do believe the impact I experienced was larger afte [...]

The Honor series is probably my favourite Radclyffe series, although I do love the Justice series also. Haven't read them for a while. Usually, when a new part appeared, I started from the beginning. Now, with two new unread books, I'll start with #4. I realized I've missed Blair and Stark very much!!And they're are just as great as I remembered!!!

Enjoyable series. Intrigue, mystery, suspense, 9/11 tragedy, new love, humor, and much sensuality. The premise is interesting, unbelievable yet intriguing enough to keep me interested.

I went a k and forth as to whether or not I wanted or needed to read a book about 9/11. I live in NY and it is still fresh in my mind. So with that I decided to read it as quickly as possible. 1. Cameron is the worst secret service agent ever. Like seriously what is this the third time she's been shot and the fourth time there has been an attempt on Blairs life. Even for fiction that is a bit much. 2. Blair is whiny and annoying. 3. Stark is a grown woman stopMaking her use Geez as a word. You s [...]

The fabulous Honour series continues another great story can't wait for the next one

It's always the same in all his books, the only thing that changes is the name of the character, is completely predictable (And I'm going to do the same with my reviews)

Whilst the first three novels in the series felt like a trilogy that completed a narrative arc, this is very much a transitional book that begins to open up the series to allow a wider cast to come more centre stage and launch a new narrative arc on domestic terrorism that is cleverly interwoven with the 09/11 attacks on New York. This is done sensitively, those events mostly happen 'off-screen’ whilst this story concentrates on the fictional plot in its fabricated universe. Still, it's imposs [...]

This is the first I have read in this series so maybe that is why it seemed thin on plot. Again, just reading this one book, I felt like it's more of an installment, little to no setup and then it justends. I know there are installments that came before and others to follow but there isn't a cliffhanger, just an end, with no sewing up of outstanding questions, but also no gotcha to hook you for the next installment.I found the political/terror situations to be somewhat convoluted. I found the pr [...]

IncredibleI am an avid reader with eclectic taste and found Radclyffe's body of work looking for good lesbian literature. I have read a number of her novels as well as the Provincetown series and have loved them all. I decided to start the Honor series and hadn't planned to review them until I had read the last one. Couldn't wait!Let me just say, it has been YEARS since I have been so captivated by anything I have read, but this series has absolutely grabbed me. Not only because it is lesbian li [...]

There is so much going on in this installment. Radclyffe had me laughing, crying, in fear, and of course aroused lol. Paris brings Cam and Blair time to be together and the ability to sleep and wake up in each other's arms. It also brings Stark and Savard the time to explore their relationship. Radclyffe has a way of bringing the tragedy that we suffered on 9/11, a day that no one will forget, in a way that kept me guessing what was going to happen. It is intense I couldn't help but to tap in to [...]

This is the fourth in Radclyffe's enjoyable "Honor" series about Secret Service agent Cameron Roberts and the woman entrusted to her care: Blair Powell, daughter of the US President.This book is set during 2001 and uses the real events of September 11 as part of the narrative. Knowing part of what is to come only adds to the tension as events unfold that strike at the heart of Blair's security team. This is Radclyffe's best yet.

I liked the previous books better To me It seems that she only had one thing in mind the attack in the twin towers, she almost completely ignored everything else, there was no development what so ever I feel if I skipped to the 5th book before reading the 4th I wouldn't miss much of the main story. The only ray of hope I saw in this book was the reappearance of Claire and her true identity

this book gave me GOOSEBUMPS! I knew trouble was coming but i just didn't know when, so i had my guard up the whole book, then the one time i decided to let my guard down, BAAM. Drama overload. But, overall, this book was amazeballs. Definitely one of my favorites in the series. i loved the way Paula and Renee's loves story is laid out. Beautiful writing, beautiful story, i look forward to Honor Reclaimed!!!

This is the 4th book in Radclyffe's Honor series. The books in this series just keep getting better and better! This installment is about 9/11, and it moved me to tears. Highly recommended (but read the other 3 books first to get the full impact).

I read this because it's a retelling of the 9/11 happenings, and another installment in a New York series I've come to admire. Gotta say, it moved me to tears, much as the news did that day. A beautiful story populated with the horror and loss we saw that day. Well done!

My favorite in the series so far. Cam and Blair are communicating and moving forward. I was weary of the 9/11 plot but it was handled with care.

This fourth book is full of action and drama. I love this series.

Awesome series! Radclyffe is at her best! Note is does have Very hot erotic lesbian sex scenes!

Best book of series for me so far! Loved the tense! Looking forward to the book 5th!

đang nghĩ K-Stew sẽ hợp đóng Cam lắm trừ khoản ẻm hơi thấp :))


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