Love's Masquerade


Love's Masquerade

Love's Masquerade

  • Title: Love's Masquerade
  • Author: Radclyffe
  • ISBN: 9781933110141
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Paperback

Plunged into the often indistinguishable realms of fiction, fantasy, and hidden desires, Auden Frost discovers a shifting landscape that will force her to question everything she has believed to be true about herself and the nature of love It began one winter morning when Auden set out to interview for a much needed position as an editor in the nonfiction division of PalmPlunged into the often indistinguishable realms of fiction, fantasy, and hidden desires, Auden Frost discovers a shifting landscape that will force her to question everything she has believed to be true about herself and the nature of love It began one winter morning when Auden set out to interview for a much needed position as an editor in the nonfiction division of Palmer Publishing Haydon Palmer, however, the powerful young head of the company, offers Auden something far different something that ultimately forces them both to confront their deepest fears and utmost desires Unable to resist Hays s challenge and unaware of the charismatic woman s closely guarded secrets, Auden soon finds herself on a journey that will transform both their lives.

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Though I started out wanting to give Love's Masquerade five stars, I found myself more and more put off by the explicitness of the sex scenes, which strike me, at least, as definitely more graphic than loving. I prefer more subtly, which is why I love the emotional and romantic scenes between the two main characters and feel they are the novel's defining strength and why I would read it again someday.

This book was good and I mostly appreciated that she showed the beginings of a relationship between a interacial couple. That is one thing that I have noticed with writer's is that they very rarely step outside of their own race when it comes to the story and there are plenty interacial lesbian couples. Very good!

Good read! passionate,interesting and a sexy love story with some incredible flawed well developed characters (paperback!)

Wow! Some of the better erotic LGBTQ fiction I've read. I love the characters, the relationships, passion, tenderness, brutally honest, and frightening with coming outta the closet. My inner English major is enthralled with the prose.Just a sweet romance of two people who are lost in the word finding each other via writing.

I feel disappointed. This was a highly recommended author in the lesbian romance community and yet the writing is just dismal. It feels like a high schooler wrote this for NaNoWriMo or something? There was a lot of word-padding.

I can always count on this author to give a satisfying amount of angst, tension and overall good love story. That is, before the couple gets together. I almost wish they didnt just to prolong the good parts. Also, there's a lot of sex in this book!

A good, traditional romance. Interesting characters, both major and minor, lots of tension, sex, emotion, etc. It has it all.

One of the best stories I read this year! Funny, hot, full of love and expectations. BOOK that you cannot put down! ❤

I liked the previous bullet point review I did so I'm going to try that again here. (+ = positive, ? = unsure, - = negative).(+) Auden and Haydon (the two main women) had really interesting personalities and worked really well together. The secrets between the two of them were entirely believable and resulted in a conflict that I felt made total sense - which is rare for me to say about a romance book.(+) The side characters were pleasing and added a lot to the story. I loved how supportive Gayl [...]

WARNING: If you have any familiarity with traditional publishing, don't bother reading Love's Masquerade. The writer's depiction of the publishing world is so far off the mark it's embarrassing. Once you've been torn so thoroughly from the world of the story by a failure in the world-building, it's impossible to read further. I understand that the world of romance novels is supposed to be idealized, but unless I'm reading a fantasy I expect the world of the romance to reflect at some level, the [...]

Overall I liked the book but couldn't help but think that the author took the easy way out at the end when Hays survived.Auden and Hays's story was well done but there was a second romance short story woven into the plot that, while not bad, seemed out of place to me. Thane and Gayle deserved their own book IMO, but seemed to be used here as more of a filler.I think the author did this so she didn't have to delve too deeply into Hays's illness. How many readers want their romance novel to be abo [...]

The story was very emotional and dealt with terminal illness. It is a bit of a roller coaster ride emotionally and there are plenty of sensual scenes in the story. I really liked Thane, one of the side characters and an author at the publishing line Auden works at. She came off at first as flirty and cocky. But, there was a lot of heart to her and vulnerability at the end of the day. She might be my favorite character of the book. I liked her relationship with Gayle, Auden's tenant and best frie [...]

There were parts I was not impressed with, let's get those out of the way first.The sex was unremarkable. Sorry, Rad. Didn't do a thing for me and after I had closed the book, I barely remembered the sex, even though two characters were writing it.What did impress me and stayed with me after the book was closed was the secret between the two main characters. It was unique and believable, and the way their relationship flared and developed made an impression on me as well.

I liked Radclyffe's interesting idea of "books in the book", but was most impressed, of course, with the storyline itself. Once again, I did not think that I would be captured as much. The strength of the experiences on the approach to the end of the book made me feel emotional as well as physical pain. It was perfect and unbearable at the same time! I like the book very much, but I find it hard to think to re-read it even though I really want it.

I loved this book! I couldn't put it down and read it within 3 days! I loved the tension between Auden and Hays before they got together, and could really feel the love between them. My only issue with this book is that it was too short, there could have been so much more added to the end, I didn't expect it to end the way it did! I have only read a few of her books, and can't wait to read more!

As with most of Radclyffe's books, I was pulled into caring for these characters. I enjoyed the plot overall. However I had a few issues. A few moments here and there to me did not add up to an undying romance. Also the ending, which was arguably the most dramatic time for these two ladies, was abrupt and not well developed. This book does pull on the heart strings and is a good read overall.

Fabulous read not to be missedA wonderful story of fiction and fantasy meeting real life. Definitely worthy of at least 5 stars the emotion leaps from the pages and pulls you into the story . The clever way the book combines the world of lesbian fiction with the story of the interaction between the main characters is amazing one of Radclyffe's finest

An interesting book. It's a book about publishing and lesbian romance novelists. From the notes, it's clear it was challenging to write--there are bits and pieces of other books and sex scenes scattered throughout it--and it was sometimes challenging to read, too. But still very enjoyable. I can tell I'm going to lose a lot of money to this author. :)

Another winnerA great story. Clever writing with books within the books. Very hot and sexy as expected. Formulaic? Certainly, but so is Nora Roberts! Like Roberts, good strong female characters. I'll keep reading her stuff! Wish it weren't so expensive.

Excellent book.Thanks to Radclyffe for another great book. Interesting characters. A plot to keep you turning the pages as fast as you can. Everybody wants someone to love them. I'll add this one to my wish list for Audible to record.

Well if you are really into erotica you would love it. In my opinion it is a well written erotica with good storyline. However, for me good storyline and humor are high priority and couple of love scene would suffice along with it therefore 3/5!

good read.


This book touched me so deeply, on so many levels. I laughed, loved and cried with these characters. Just go read it. Go, go, go.

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