Beauty and the Beast

Enter a world of enchantment with this magical retelling of Beauty and the Beast Award winning author Ursula Jones tells the story with elegance and humour, capturing all the magic and excitement of this timeless fairy tale Illustrated with exquisite style by Sarah Gibb, this is a beautiful book to pore over and cherish.
Beauty and the Beast Enter a world of enchantment with this magical retelling of Beauty and the Beast Award winning author Ursula Jones tells the story with elegance and humour capturing all the magic and excitement of t

  • Title: Beauty and the Beast
  • Author: Ursula Jones Sarah Gibb
  • ISBN: 9781408312711
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Beauty and the Beast More About Beauty and the Beast View photos of Emma Watson through the years, discover about the early career of Josh Gad , plus look back at this formidable group of animated and live action princesses Beauty and the Beast Disney Movies Disney s Beauty and the Beast is a live action re telling of the studio s animated classic. Beauty and the Beast From Beauty and the Beast Mar , Category Music Song Beauty and the Beast From Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack Version Artist John Legend Album Beauty and the Beast OMPS Vol. Beauty and the Beast Official Site Disney Movies Visit the Beauty and the Beast official site to play games, find activities, meet the characters, browse photos and shop for merchandise. Beauty and the Beast Rotten Tomatoes Beauty and the Beast is a production designer s dream The sets, locations, graphics, props, lighting, and costumes are beyond compare In particular, there s a physicality to these locales that make you believe that these places do indeed exist The town is a quaint fairy tale community and the majestic castle has an impressive gothic air. Beauty and the Beast US Official Trailer YouTube Nov , Disney s Beauty and the Beast is a live action re telling of the studio s animated classic which refashions the classic characters from the tale as old as time for a contemporary audience, staying true to the original music while updating the score with several new songs. Beauty and the Beast Beauty is much than just an influential animated classic It is a grand and powerful fable, sugar coated with the best animation effort in a time where CGI was becoming a movie mainstay In its finest moments, Beauty is a rousing musical, making your head move and getting caught up right in the mix. Beauty and the Beast Beauty and the Beast French La Belle et la Bte is a fairy tale written by French novelist Gabrielle Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve and published in in La Jeune Amricaine et les contes marins The Young American and Marine Tales. Beauty and the Beast film Beauty and the Beast is a American musical romantic fantasy film directed by Bill Condon from a screenplay written by Stephen Chbosky and Evan Spiliotopoulos, and co produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Mandeville Films. Beast Disney Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia Beast in Beauty and the Beast The Enchanted Christmas In the midquel, which takes place not long after the Beast rescued Belle from the wolves, much to the Beast s frustration, Belle wants to celebrate Christmas and throw a real Christmas party.

    • Free Read [Fiction Book] ☆ Beauty and the Beast - by Ursula Jones Sarah Gibb ↠
      131 Ursula Jones Sarah Gibb
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    About the Author

    Ursula Jones Sarah Gibb

    There is than one author with this nameWhen I was little, I wanted to be an actress I still wanted to be one when I grew up, so I became one Having trained at RADA Royal Academy of Dramatic Art I worked in what was called weekly rep The actors put on a play every week, performing one at night and rehearsing the next one during the day It s hard work I shed kilos Then I took a banana boat to Jamaica where I helped research a frog that hatches baby frogs and not tadpoles I moved on to New York where I did some exciting, experimental theatre Back in England, I was lucky enough to join the Unicorn Theatre for Children in London.It was there that I discovered I wanted to be a writer, too And so that s what I did I wrote lots of plays for the company, and I haven t stopped writing for children since.I work in London and from a small house on the edge of a forest where Moon, the cat, Turpin, the dog and his daughter, Beatrix, make room for me Beatrix has the look of a hairy marrow than a dog but she can t see herself so she doesn t care Full bio available at official website.

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    • Miss Clark said:
      Oct 17, 2018 - 18:44 PM

      3.5 starsThe illustrations were lovely, but not quite as detailed as in The Princess Who Had No Kingdom. There are far fewer silhouettes.The retelling was good up to the moment where the Beast is STARVING himself to death because Beauty is not returning home. Seriously? No.I did like how Beauty staying on longer than promised was presented though."We'll make her break her promise to return in a week. Then the Beast will eat her," said one."We'll beg her to stay when the week is up. We'll pretend [...]

    • Michelle McBeth said:
      Oct 17, 2018 - 18:44 PM

      This is NOT the Disney version of Beauty and the Beast. This is based on the original fairy tale by French author Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont. In this version, Belle's father is a wealthy merchant. She has two sisters who are selfish and mean. Their father loses all of his money and they are forced to move to a small house in the country. On a return trip from the city, Belle's father becomes lost in a blizzard and comes across the Beast's home. The Beast says he will kill the man for taki [...]

    • Cristina said:
      Oct 17, 2018 - 18:44 PM

      Ursula Jones takes the reader back to the 18th century with an intriguing version of the classic, Beauty and the Beast. In this story, a rich merchant has three pretty daughters, however his youngest, Beauty, radiates the most splendor. After the loss of his fortune, the family moves to the country. When a previously lost ship arrives, the merchant hopes to gain a profit, but is only able to use the money to settle his debts. During his return home, he becomes lost in a blizzard and stumbles upo [...]

    • Merrilyn Tucker said:
      Oct 17, 2018 - 18:44 PM

      I thought this was going to be the answer to all of my prayers for the perfect read aloud fairy tale book for first grade. Alas, it was not. The illustrations by Sarah Gibb ( of Emily Windsnap fame) feast the eyes and bring alive the stories of all characters whether beast or beauty. The telling of the tale is too wordy, however, for a read aloud. Some of the best listeners could sit still for the whole book, which I soldiered through for one class, but others wanted to know if the story was ove [...]

    • Elevetha said:
      Oct 17, 2018 - 18:44 PM

      Beautiful illustrations, most especially the silhouette pages, with the exception of the Beast, who was ugly but not even in a prettily-drawn ugly sort-of way. The story was hardly an exceptional retelling, the dialogue wasn't great, and I fail to see how exactly Beauty ever fell in love with the Beast. It also lacked that fairytale romance I've come to expect from Beauty and The Beast. Still, a lovely book and little girls will likely love it.But Beast was so bloody melodramatic, I swear I coul [...]

    • Miriam said:
      Oct 17, 2018 - 18:44 PM

      Pretty standard version of the text (although I don't recall the Beast threatening to eat the father, usually) and pretty illustrations. Basically the same pluses and minuses (SO MUCH PINK!) as I assessed for her Rapunzel: Based on the Original Story by the Brothers Grimm.

    • Exina said:
      Oct 17, 2018 - 18:44 PM

      Beautiful and wonderfully detailed illustrations, but the story is a little bit superficial, sadly it is too simple, without real depth. It is not a remarkable retelling of the “Beauty and the Beast”. But again, the illustrations are outstanding!

    • Mary Catelli said:
      Oct 17, 2018 - 18:44 PM

      Faithful rendition of the fairy tale with a few tweaks. Done up with lovely art -- a mix of delicate and delicately colored illustrations, with fine and detailed silhouettes (with a few splashes of color.)

    • Chicco Padovan said:
      Oct 17, 2018 - 18:44 PM

      Salvo qualche piccolo tocco nei dialoghi, la fiaba, riscritta per l’occasione da Ursula Jones, rimane quella classica. Le illustrazioni di Sarah Gibb, quelle sì sono spettacolari, da sole valgono l’intero libro. Consigliato a tutti gli amanti delle fiabe classiche.

    • Miri said:
      Oct 17, 2018 - 18:44 PM

      Ursula Jones's retelling of the story is much more interesting than the ones you usually see. There still isn't much depth or logic to it, because hey, it's a fairy tale. But as a bonus, Sarah Gibb's illustrations really are impossibly beautiful.

    • Trina Marie said:
      Oct 17, 2018 - 18:44 PM

      Absolutely stunning illustrations.I love love Beauty and the Beast. I also borrowed the movie from the library so this weekend at home is about to be WILD.

    • Bree said:
      Oct 17, 2018 - 18:44 PM

      Notes:terrible retelling mingled with gorgeous arthow disappointing

    • Brooke said:
      Oct 17, 2018 - 18:44 PM

      This classic tale as told by Ursula Jones is a refreshing departure from the Disney version. Jones use of color and lack of color gives this story an interesting look. The black figures, surrounding structures and castle allow her to create a striking contrast to the beautiful night sky and the illuminated rooms of the castle that are bursting with color. This book I feel would be for second or third graders, with large paragraphs covering some of the pages. The story includes Belle's sisters wh [...]

    • Niki Brogen said:
      Oct 17, 2018 - 18:44 PM

      I found the art to be incredibly enticing. The colors, very well thought out. It was also interesting to hear one of the original renditions of the "Beauty and the Beast" fairy tale. I was very surprised at the cruelty of the sisters and how dark it really was. (Well, I shouldn't be surprised considering the stigma of step sisters in fairy tales in general haha). Overall I thoroughly enjoyed reading this even is the dialogue and some of the pacing seemed a bit off for me.

    • Tom Wing said:
      Oct 17, 2018 - 18:44 PM

      I read this to my granddaughter tonight and was disappointed. As everyone notes, the illustrations are excellent. The writing leaves much to be desired. The choppy and scattered style feels like a hurried draft rather than final copy. Lastly, not only is the writing simply hard to read, it sounds poorly read out loud.

    • Evelyn said:
      Oct 17, 2018 - 18:44 PM

      The illustrations in this classical fairytale are beautiful, enchanting and attention grabbing. The Beast is represented with great detail. It is a wonderful retell in comparison to a few of the other versions. Jones use of color within each illustration tells the magical story of love all on its own from beginning to end.

    • Miss Ryoko said:
      Oct 17, 2018 - 18:44 PM

      The illustrations for this book are beautiful. I've never read the actual story of Beauty and the Beast, and I rather liked it. It was sweet, and I enjoyed Beauty's honesty with the Beast. I really enjoyed this book!

    • Teresa said:
      Oct 17, 2018 - 18:44 PM


    • Sara said:
      Oct 17, 2018 - 18:44 PM

      I love the silhouette illustrations on these.

    • Haley said:
      Oct 17, 2018 - 18:44 PM

      The art was beautiful but sadly the writing was not.

    • Susannah said:
      Oct 17, 2018 - 18:44 PM

      Beauty and the Beast is one of my favourite fairytales. I came across this book and decided to read it in advance of the new film coming out. It is a sweet, and traditional retelling, with particularly awful sisters for Beauty. I love the silhouette-style illustrations by Sarah Gibb, accented by pops of colour, as well as her full-colour illustrations. Recommended for any Beauty and the Beast fans.

    • Esther Grace Watts said:
      Oct 17, 2018 - 18:44 PM

      Beauty and the BeastBy Ursula Jones, illustrated by Sarah GibbBeauty is a young girl who has two sisters and a father. Throughout the book, her two sisters are very jealous of her; her father is a rich merchant who lost his fortune and had to move out of the city and into the countryside. Beauty and the merchant became farmers and the sisters stayed together and searched for their princes in the forests, to no avail. The merchant found a ship that had come into the harbour so set out for the cit [...]

    • RLL22016_MarinaVasquez said:
      Oct 17, 2018 - 18:44 PM

      A merchant had three daughters two whom wish to get marry to wealthy men, and Beauty who wanted to stay home with her father. He end up losing all his money to misfortune and Beauty's sisters were upset, because now they were poor; however, the merchant found out where his missing boat was and went to go get to sell it, but that money end up being for his debt. Once he try travelling back home a storm hit and he had thought he would die of coldness, yet a beast save him and let him stay at his m [...]

    • Anna Kozlowska said:
      Oct 17, 2018 - 18:44 PM

      This is one of my traditional fairy tale picture books. The “Beauty and the Beast” by Ursula Jones and Sarah Gibb closely resembles the original version by Jeanne-Marie Le Prince de Beaumont. However, in this story there are two sisters who remind me of the sisters in Cinderella. As I read this version to my students, I found my 2nd graders making comments about the sisters, as that seemed to be what sparked their interest about the book. The story is lengthy and contains eloquent language a [...]

    • Margaretann said:
      Oct 17, 2018 - 18:44 PM

      Is there a version of Beauty and the Beast that we have not yet read? At this point, I'm totally an expert on the many, many versions of how this tale can be told! This one is in the style of French folklore - We have the jealous sisters, the merchant father who goes bankrupt and moves everyone to the countryd then all the other traditional elementsMy little one LOVES this book. She has taken to sleeping with it under her pillow. (CUTE!) Since she knows it belongs the library, she asked if we co [...]

    • Sarah Harmon said:
      Oct 17, 2018 - 18:44 PM

      Beauty and the Beast is the tale of a father with three daughters. They lose their fortune and move to the countryside. The father leaves and meets the Beast. The beast threatens to kill him unless the father brought back Beauty (one of the mans daughters). Beauty stays with the Beast and they end up falling in love. The story ends on a good note and Beauty is also reunited with her family.I have always loved this tale from ever since i was little. This book tells the story magnificently and mak [...]

    • Wren said:
      Oct 17, 2018 - 18:44 PM

      Spoilers, maybe. But who hasn't heard of Beauty and the Beast? Anyway, I love fairy tales and have read many variations and retellings of this one. I did not enjoy this retelling. The artwork was okay, but nothing special, in my opinion. The dialogue felt too modern. Beauty is supposed to be this kind and selfless person, but this Beauty didn't seem that way at all. I know this is a book for kids, but she felt wooden in this version. All the characters did, in fact. At the end, it was like, "Yes [...]

    • Paula said:
      Oct 17, 2018 - 18:44 PM

      This is a U. K. import that retells the classic tale of the Beast and Beauty. It includes the presumed original’s elements of Belle’s two avaricious and heartless sisters. Their hate of Beauty plays an integral part in this standard tale of good versus evil and the power of true love. The descriptive prose follows the traditional tale and contains a few British idioms. The illustrations are dramatic, ranging from layered silhouettes to romantic scenes shot with jolts of bright pink. The larg [...]

    • Sharon Dillon said:
      Oct 17, 2018 - 18:44 PM

      I read this for week 9 fairy tale picture book.This version of Beauty and the Beast was a fun read-aloud to my class. The illustrations were very well done and engaging and the story had some humor in it. It takes the reader back to the 18th century and it is different from the Disney version. My students enjoyed trying to make connections to the other Beauty and the Beast book we read. There are similarities to Jan Brett's version but this version had 2 sisters that seemed just like the sisters [...]

    • Goshen PL Childrens said:
      Oct 17, 2018 - 18:44 PM

      Original nomination suggestion: "Illustrations are beautiful!"Ms. Laura: I like this book. The story is really well done for readers of all ages. Nothing too scary for the little kids but not too easy for older readers. This picture book style fairy tale might be one of my favorite editions because of the illustrations. The nomination suggestion was right beautiful! The silhouette of the characters, the soft glows from the candles only slightly illuminating scenes, too full blown beauty in the d [...]

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