Korea, the Untold Story of the War

Joseph C. Goulden

Korea, the Untold Story of the War

Korea, the Untold Story of the War

  • Title: Korea, the Untold Story of the War
  • Author: Joseph C. Goulden
  • ISBN: 9780070235809
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Paperback

This is a gripping recreation of the Korean conflict, drawn from newly uncovered sources.

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Joseph C. Goulden used the FOIA to great advantage, using sources unavailable before. The book gives an account of MacArthur which makes me put him in the company of other commanders whose press outran their performance, such as McClennen in the Civil War, another case of legend in his own mind.The Marines, whose service was almost disbanded after WWII, were once again there, ready to fight despite lack of equipment, support and intelligence they could rely upon.The Army suffers in this account, [...]

This book is rocking with MacArthur dominating shit up in Korea, until he has to fight the Chinese coming from Manchuria. US only had 5 atomic bombs for this war, and it does not affect millions of chinks hiding in the mountains, waiting for the round eye in Korea to march to their hood. Americans suck battling in the night, because we smell of beef, while the gooks smell of noodles. Didn't know one stunk more, but night battles had Americans airless in this war so no air strikes were being cond [...]

Rather than a chronological description of the Korea war, this book is more about a story of MacArthur and Truman. It's based on disclosed cables during the war, connected with the author's imaginations to make an interesting reading. The arguments are always there that you are either pro-MacArthur or pro-Truman, though the author tried to be objective, his personal opinion against MacArthur is strong.The involvement of Chinese in the war is unavoidable in the big picture of conflicts between co [...]

A very well researched book about the conflict itself, including the life of some of the troops living through the Korean war and the political arena where it played out. Unfortunately, too much is spent on the who's-to-blame game (main targets being President Truman, Sec of State Acheson and, for obvious reasons, general MacArthur). Sad thing is that this messy war from 60+ years ago, which was fought for the right reasons at the time, appears so clean compared with today's urban warfares and s [...]

Had to read it for a research paper

Great resource.

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