Goldilocks and His Three Bears

A.M. Riley

Goldilocks and His Three Bears

Goldilocks and His Three Bears

  • Title: Goldilocks and His Three Bears
  • Author: A.M. Riley
  • ISBN: 9781611185133
  • Page: 277
  • Format: ebook

Brian, a young transplant to Los Angeles, frequents the leather bars where he meets Paul, a big, tattooed, Harley riding leather daddy who introduces Brian to the ways of a sub Brian is instantly smitten, but then Paul travels out of town on business leaving Brian in the dark about the status of their relationship Enter Jim, a big nurturing Momma Bear who helps Brian dBrian, a young transplant to Los Angeles, frequents the leather bars where he meets Paul, a big, tattooed, Harley riding leather daddy who introduces Brian to the ways of a sub Brian is instantly smitten, but then Paul travels out of town on business leaving Brian in the dark about the status of their relationship Enter Jim, a big nurturing Momma Bear who helps Brian deal with his loneliness Coincidentally, it turns out, Jim is also one of Paul s roommates and then Jim goes out of town as well, leaving Brian with a key and a request to water Jim s plants in his absence.Brian is doing just that when the third roommate, Scott, appears, an overly friendly little baby bear who snuggles up to Brian immediately Soon Brian and Scott are sharing a friends with bennies type relationship.It all comes to a head when Paul and Jim return home and surprise Scott and Brian in bed together Now Brian has to make some hard choices.Can Brian find a place in this unusual household One that s just right Publisher s Note This book is a re edited, revised version previously released by another publisher and contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable BDSM theme and elements, male male sexual practices, menage polyamory m m m m.

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I shouldn't have liked this book. I shouldn't have liked this book at allbut I did. I liked it alot.I shouldn't have liked this book becauseof the slut-a-riffic main character, Brian.But I ended up liking Brian because he's not having sex just to have sex. He's a small town guy who's feeling lost in the big city. When he finally meets a big 'ol bear, Paul, that he clicks with, Paul ends up leaving. Paul leaves Brian without them defining whether they have a relationship or not. Brian's feeling l [...]

Do you like bears and daddys? I do not and this book is filled with hairy muscled bear sex with young boy, who is as slutty as is possible in such novels. Brian was searching for his dream bear and got not just one but three. The book is filled with sex scenes which are not hot I do not like them big and hairy and sweaty. The plot is not the point of this book, the point is sex.

It feels a bit strange to review this book from the perspective of it being a new release, because although it was only published by Loose Id last week, I've owned a copy for over a year now, perhaps even as long as two years. The version I own is from the book's previous release at a different publisher. Once the contract ran out on it, the book languished in limbo until Loose Id picked it up for publishing. I can't tell you how pleased I am about that because it's a book that deserves some rec [...]

Bear read with Shell in 2014! *growls*

Yum. Brian is so slutty. LOL.He met Paul (say, his first Daddy, first love, first fuck), then Daddy went away for a few months, he met Jim (Momma Bear), apparently Jim is Paul's house mate. Brian didn't care, he just need a fuck, and it's not like Paul said anything about exclusivity, right?So, after few weeks with Jim, Jim went out of town for business. He met Scott after that.Then, he fucked Scott. You know who Scott is? LOL. Go figure.Seemed that Goldilocks found his three bears anyway. But h [...]

Thanks to a very kind friend, Christmas came early for me and I recently found myself in possession of a crapton of m/m ebooks. Yea, the angels did sing a chorus of hallelujahs and I squeed like a rabid fangirl. This was the first story I read out of the plethora of reads. Please keep in mind that while I love me some m/m action, I've got girl cooties and this review is from the viewpoint of someone with a kitty.This was a fun little story about a cute little twink named Brian who has a fascinat [...]

I’m one of the many that bought this book when it was published previously but for whatever reason never got around to reading it. So when I got it from Loose Id, I realized it was re-released but definitely worth getting. It’s a very cute story about a polyamorous relationship and it’s one that really works. I’m not always a fan of multiple partner books but this one is so cute, adorable, warm, and very entertaining. It’s just simply works as a great story and one that’s likely to l [...]

I don't even remember how I ran across this title. I do remember, however, howling out loud at the description and knowing that this was a story I absolutely had to read. I'm a red-blooded woman and I like leather daddies just as much as the next guy. The thought of one little twink with a daddy bear, a mamma bear, and a baby bear just intrigued the heck out of me and I was dying to dive into the story.Brian is feeling pretty lost in the Big Bad Woods of Los Angeles until he meets Paul, a big, b [...]

This book was lovely. I think the first part was better than the last, because the repetition of the meeting of Brian (cute young man who arrived in LA, he's a little lost, a little lonely and little slutty) with the three bears has the hypnotic rhythm of the fairy tale. I think this was a little lost after the second half of the book, where the story becomes more traditional - traditional in the broadest meaning of the word. I also think that the book would have been more interesting with only [...]

Pleasantly surprised by this book. I was just excepting sex scene after sex scene - and don't get me wrong there was plenty of that - but there a little bit of story too. Overall, I thought this was an enjoyable polyamorous re-telling of Goldilocks, with quite a few sweet and funny moments.

This one is a little funny jewel, I needed to stop reading it to go out dinner with a friend and I spent almost all the time trying to retelling all the funny scenes I read.Brian is a walking trouble. Pretty, cute and innocent, he is a small-town guy who finds himself in big-city and feels empty and lonely. Young and without the money to go college he works as clerk in a food store and meanwhile browse the gay club trying to fill the void in his life. No string attach relationships don't help hi [...]

The description of this really doesn't do this book justice. This was such a fun read. Brian a.k.a. Goldilocks is new to town and feeling like he is insignificant until he meets Paul. And then that vision from Olympus looked down and noticed Brian's measly self. "Hi there," he said, in one of those voices that carries across a room full of noise. And he simply reached out and fondled Brian's head, his big fingers gentle in the curls. "Aren't you a pretty little thing."Paul travels a good portion [...]

See my review on The Romance Reviews.This dick is too hard. This dick is too soft; this dick is just right! No, this isn't your usual re-interpretation of Goldilocks and the three bears. The three bears are all different and very attractive men. In fact, the only thing that is too hard, too soft and just right is the bed of each bear. Their dicks on the other hand are all perfect.Brian is the cute as a button little Goldilocks. He falls for Paul, Daddy Bear, after a whirlwind fuckfest. By accide [...]

Brian likes his men big and hairy. Being new to L. A. and lonely, he ventures into a leather bar where he meets Paul. The two go back to Paul's place where they enjoy themselves as Paul's roommates are away. Brian sees his big daddy, Paul every night until Paul tells Brian that he has to leave for a few months. Brian is crushed but soon rebounds with Jim. Another big bear, Jim turns out to be one of Paul's roommates. Brian is really hurt and confused when Jim has to go away for a while. As you c [...]

This was much better than I was expecting. Pretty hot too.It had a lot of safety, condoms, safewords, protective, and making sure everyone was on the same page.Failed on proper use of condoms. But that's okay. I'm not a stickler for safe sex in books (they are supposed to be fantasy).just an observation when there was a big effort towards protection.This was sweet, funny, and really had more story than I thought it would. And I think I'm officially over the word "Daddy". I didn't even cringe the [...]

What a romp in the park! This is so unlike any other of AMR's: light, silly. (bounce!). Using a voice that a fairy tale might (no deep analysis, even the angst gets a light touch), AMR still manages to tell a serious story inside the sexy fun. Very 'guy'ish, too, with hairy bears, which is a refreshing change from the usual 'made for us gals' m/m.Read this one for smiles, and to remind you that life is too short to take seriously all of the time.I'm sure glad that Loose ID reissued this, I'd bee [...]

4.5 starsThis was so cute, and I absolutely loved all the characters! I was worried about the dynamics of the menage relationship at first, but I like the way it all worked out. It also left me excited about reading the sequel because I really want to see the continued development of their relationship.Edit: This is a review for the newer version from Loose-Id. I believe it's been re-edited and more stuff was added to it.

This was a fun, tongue-in-cheek, hot and steamy retelling of Goldilocks and the three bears. Very easily read and very enjoyable. Brian has sex with all three bears in different constellations, some readers might consider it "cheating"The book did try to go a bit deeper with a few issues, but that didn't really work for me. But the main storyline I enjoyed. Lots of fun.

Liked this better on re-read, but I'm not sure if that's a commentary on the lack of good BDSM books ATM. This depicts a polyamourous relationship between four men, with two primary couplings, based on very loving BDSM. Teensy plot, mostly smexin'. Enjoyable and sweet.

DNFBummer I though I was going to like this, as I love bears characters. Brian to slutty for my taste.

Brian is new to LA and has found solace in one of the leather bars. One night he meets Paul, a big tattooed leather Daddy and they start up an exclusive relationship. Paul has roommates who are never home and things are going well, when Paul has to leave for several months for his job, and he never makes a commitment to Brian. He's hurt Paul left, but he meets Jim, a bit of a pot-head and they start a relationship, when Jim finally takes him home, holy hell, it's Paul's house. Then before long, [...]

i have to give this a 4.5 i came across this on a lending pagee title interested me then i saw the cover and was intrigued immediatelyi thought it would be like a spin off of the actual children's story of goldilocks and the three bearsme similarities but not too manyi've never really been a fan of threesomes or multiple partners but throw in that and the dom/sub storyline and it totally worked for meBrian is a total spaz and my imagination was running wild with images of him bouncing around af [...]

I wasn't at all sure about this book with its title and the nicknames in the blurb but I really liked it! Was a fun, playful, yet wonderfully naughty novella focusing on Brian and his meeting of 3 roommates of very different types of men. Brian eventually solidifies a relationship with Paul, a dominant in the making, because Paul is a natural submissive looking for his bear. The other guys become part of their relationship with Brian and Paul and each other and they become a family unit and lear [...]

This is a smut-a-thon which generated mixed emotionsinly 'cos the main character is a slut But still it's written in such a way that one can't help but like it I'm not a fan of main characters sleeping around but somehow i ended up not minding it in this one

I liked it at first, the idea of Bryan meting the three men separately and then being with all of them was cute, but then two things were introduced in the plot and the book plummeted for me. Drug-harvest and mild BDSM, Bryan was too wicked for me.

I really wanted to hate this book because all it was,was sexing but it's just something about it that made it hard for me to put it down even though I glossed over most of the sexing. The story line was still great and I enjoyed the characters and dialogue.

Nice, light-ish read that has that bit of depth that makes it interesting. I like the way Riley played off the original Goldilocks story, even if it DOES get a little dumb-blond-y at times.

Very kinky, surprisingly sweet and exactly what I wanted!

OK it did get better even made me laugh! Just an ok read a whole lotta sex though, ooh wee baby!

An average story with very hot sex and lots of furry daddy men! YUM!!!

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