The Black Snowman

Phil Méndez

The Black Snowman

The Black Snowman

  • Title: The Black Snowman
  • Author: Phil Méndez
  • ISBN: 9780590448734
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Paperback

Phil Mendez, Illustrations Carole Byard A disillusioned African American boy discovers the magnificence of his culture and his own self worth with the help of a magical snowman.

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This book sent me back in time to a younger version of myself. A time where I felt embarrassed, ashamed, even cheated for being born into my race, similar to the young boy. My heart went out to all other people who still feel this way, although the world that is supposed to be embracing, accepting of diverse culture and heritages. The boy in the story learns to be courageous, strong, alas PROUD of who he is through the guidance of a magical snowman. This snowman shows him the strength of his anc [...]

I thought this book was really sad. I hate that this character felt so bad about himself because of his skin color. This would be a good book to discuss racism and it's reprecussions. I think we have all felt bad about ourselves before but to feel bad for something that is who you are and beyond your control is not fair and not right.

A children’s book from a child’s perspective about finding the value in his African Culture.

A little boy doesn't think "black" equates to "good" - but learns some good cultural lessons with a black snowman he builds with his brother. Good story.

The idea was good but I just didn't feel like there was enough. I wanted more history, I wanted Jacob to learn and experience more, wanted to see him growI guess I wanted this to be a chapter book instead of a picture book.

A middle grade boy is struggling with his life and heritage. His young brother encourages him to build a snowman with him. They find a scarf and the black snowman comes to life to share about pride in their heritage. The book does have elements of Frosty included.

"The Black Snowman" is about a little boy, Jacob, who hates being black and does not understand the significance his heritage. Jacob and his little brother, Peewee, go out back, where the snow is full of dirt and soot, to build a snowman, a black snowman. In search of something to warm his shoulders, a kente is found; a scarf type shawl that is colorful and full of the memories of African ancestors. Placed upon his shoulders, the snowman becomes magical! I thought this book was excellent, in all [...]

This book is about a young African-American boy named Jacob who hates being black. He complains that his family is poor and he feels oppressed and disadvantaged because of his skin color. One day, Jacob and his brother make a snowman that is black because the snow had been trampled on by so many people. To add the final touch, Jacob’s brother, Peewee, finds a colorful cloth in the trash that he turns into a scarf. Little do they know that the scarf is magical and it is called a kente, which br [...]

Grade/interest level: Upper elementary (3-5)Reading level: Fountas-Pinnell M/Lexile 550LGenre: Modern Fantasy/MulticulturalMain Characters: Jacob, Peewee and the Black SnowmanSetting: Inner City/Urban environemntPOV: First PersonSummary:This story centers on Jacob, a young African American boy who does not understand his culture and heritage. He believes that everything black is bad. He basis this belief off of his personal life experiences. Jacob and his little brother, Peewee, build a snowman [...]

Grade/interest level: Primary (K-3) Reading level: 2.7 (Lexile 550L) Genre: Multicultural, Modern FantasyMain Characters: Jacob, Peewee, the Black SnowmanSetting: Inner-cityPOV: Jacob Jacob Miller is a poor, unhappy boy who lives in a small apartment with his mother and little brother, Peewee. Jacob has no pride in his African heritage, and equates being black with being second-class. He comes up with a mantra, “Everything black is bad,” based on his surroundings, from his home, to his peer [...]

The Black Snowman is about a young boy named Jacob Miller who has a problem of appreciating being African American. He also struggles with his entire existence of being poor and black. In the story there is a magic scarf which originates from Africa, and the scarf teaches him about African American history and the importance of being black. As a teacher I would use this story to reinforce the importance of descriptive writing and also building upon characters. Using describing words that allow y [...]

This book is a fiction story with a recommended audience of 2nd-4th grade. This book was kind of sad in my opinion. It is about a little boy named jacob who hates his skin color and does not understand his history. Jacob and Peewee his little brother go out back to build a snowman. The snow was dirty and full of soot the snowman ended up being a black snowman. After they finished building they wanted something warm to put around his shoulders so they found a kente. When they put the kente around [...]

Author: Phil MendezReading Level: 5th GradeJacob is a boy who dislikes the fact that he is black. He believes that everything black is bad. The fact that Christmas is arriving soon, does not make Jacob happy. Jacob and his younger brother (Peewee) take a walk in the snow and end up making a black snowman because the snow was dirty from all the people walking around it. The Snowman comes to life with a Kente Peewee puts on. The magic of the Snowman does nothing to Jacob's thoughts and feelings. O [...]

This book is a combo of Christmas, African Pride, and African folk tale.This African-American boy isn't happy that everything to do with being "black" is bad. They make a black snow man out of dirty snow, and find an old shawl to cloth the snowman. It is actually a sacred shawl from Africa passed down from slaves to now and magic happens. It is a good books but I didn't love it. If you aren't proud of your race and people, instead of moaning about it, do something about it! Stop the bad cycle no [...]

A good read-aloud book for a second/third grade audience, regardless of race and economic background. "Everything black is bad," yells young, poor Jacob, a realistically sad young character. There are other reviews that summarize the plot, so I will not go into any of those details, but I will describe my rapt audience of 7 and 8 year olds. My students' eyes popped when they heard Jacob's words, and I was concerned that the African-American students would be hurt or embarrassed. I kept reading, [...]

I was given this book as a graduation gift from my teachers. The entire sixth grade team at Winburn Middle School who was called the Ashantis. The book circles around the Kente cloth, which is why we were given this book. I lost my copy years ago while moving. A heartache, I lost a few boxes of books that meant the world to me. Now, I'm a mother of a four year old and I plan on buying this book so he can read it as well. The idea of magic, overcoming obstacles, and the ancestry of a people was w [...]

The characters in this book give us a story of how one should be proud of their heritage and who they are. Jacob is a young boy who believes that all black people are poor and they have meager lives. Through the use of a magical wrap, Jacob is taught about his heritage. The story goes on to tell about how this magical wrap has been used throughout time. He is taught about how his ancestors were warriors, kings, and queens. This magical wrap helps him save his brother from an abandoned building t [...]

This book is about a boy named jacob who doesn't understand his African heritage. This story is similar but with a different twist to Frosty the snowman. Jacob and his brother use a kente, which is a traditional african scarf, to use on a snowman they built in their backyard. The snowman comes to life and teaches Jacob about African heritage and pride. This book uses magic and fantasy to convey a great message.

This book was very emotional for me. It forced me to think about those out there who do not like their race, or heritage, and what thoughts could go through their mind on a daily basis. I also appreciated the spirits of great Africans appearing to this child to show him that he has a lot to be proud of in regards to his heritage. i think this is a great story to have in any collection, and I think it teaches an important lesson about being proud of where you come from.

Used for grades K-4 when discussing unit topic "Me" It's about a little boy named Jacob. He is poor and unhappy with himself because he is black. He builds a black snowman and cloth him with things form the garbage. He put a brightly covered cloth on the snowman and he came alive because the cloth brought magic. The snowman taught Jacob to accept who he was.

A wonderful fantasy book about a young man who is upset about his situation, and the events that transpire to change his opinion. Wonderfully written and the illustrations just add to the story. I kept stopping while reading just to take in the illustrations. I read this book twice, I enjoyed it so much. A wonderful addition to any classroom.

I have never read this book before even though my sister had given it to me 5 years ago for my classroom. It is a nice book to read to children. There is a snowman made from dirty snow (therefore black snowman) that comes alive. The underlying theme though is accepting your heritage and being proud of who you are.

I just finished reading this story to my children. It's about a young boy who lacks love for himself and his people. He finds self love and strength with the help of a black snowman brought to life by a magical kente clothe that once being too an old African storyteller in Africa hundreds of years ago. We loved it.

An updated version of Frosty the Snowman -A poor, unhappy boy from the city builds a black snowman with his brother. After cloaking the snowman in a kente, the snowman comes to life. This story confronts issues of race and poverty blended with a little bit of fantasy, history, and family values.

This is both a story about a snowman that comes alive and about pride of heritage. I thought it was not a very good read. It was sterortypical of african-americans being poor and not appreciative of their ancestors. It is a picture book for older children with a reading level for 9 - 12 year olds. The magical kente cloth was so similar to Frosty's magical hat. So predictable.

This book has a bit of peril for the main characters.

I just reread this book, pulled to it because of our snowy winter, our discussion regarding ethnic book awards, and my desire to fill my classroom bookshelves with books that work as mirrors for kids who used to look out the windows. I sometimes put this one next to The Prayer Shawl. What do you think?

I really enjoyed the story, but dislike the title. While it may not be a racist story, the title gives an un-easy feel. I like the fact of an Afican-American story, because there aren't many to read, but needs a better title.

I found the idea of a magic Kente cloth interesting, and wish this had been made into a chapter book, with each chapter being another story about the travels of the Kente cloth and the magic it performs. The ending of this story just begged for a sequel!

This was a really great book. Although I would not suggest this as a story time book for a large group of kids.

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