No.6, Volume 2

Atsuko Asano

No.6, Volume 2

No.6, Volume 2

  • Title: No.6, Volume 2
  • Author: Atsuko Asano
  • ISBN: 9784062756358
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Paperback

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Hay muchas cosas que quiero decir, pero sinceramente intentaré ser lo mas breve posible. No.6 en general es una historia de dos tonos, o todo es blanco o todo en negro a excepción de Nezumi que aparenta ser completamente malvado, intenta marcar esa diferencia del chico duro el cual le ha tocado una vida complicada y que ese "armazón" (si se podría llamar de alguna forma) se ve quebrado por completo por Shion, que simplemente es puro, es noble, muy blando. Mas o menos en esto se desarrolla es [...]

Okay, so I will readily admit that this is totally full of cliches and tropes, but I really don’t care, because the dystopian aspects of this story are so good and I am absolutely in love with the characters.

*Spoler alert*“Aveva incontrato Nezumi e l'aveva compreso. Aveva finalmente udito la voce della sua coscienza stridere mentre combatteva contro le sue catene. Si era sempre sentito soffocato. In No.6 aveva tutto, aveva cibo in abbondanza, un letto caldo e completo accesso a cure mediche a portata di mano. E non era tuttoa due anni, quando era stato riconosciuto come un individuo top ranking negli esami, aveva acquisito il privilegio di vivere nel lussuoso quartiere di Cronos. Tutti i suoi resi [...]

I don't know. I mean, it's still too early to judge it as a whole and all but having both watched the anime and read the translated part of the manga already, I can say that I like the anime way better.I mean, I totally get where he's coming from but Nezumi is just too bitter and full of hate all the time, conversely Shion is just way too "natural" as constantly stated there; and this portrayal of the characters feels sort of predictable. In the anime, somehow, they are portrayed more complexely [...]

We finally get to know the west block, and, oh, how I loved this raw place! Additionally, two new supporting characters are introduced and we partly learn what exactly Nezumi does for a living. I also really like the idea of Inukashi's business, btw.Shion and Nezumi keep arguing over pretty much everything (let's face it: Nezumi couldn't be more negative ^^), but I was intrigued by the fact, that even though Nezumi has more life expetience, he didn't always win. I really hope they won't end up a [...]

OMG how I love the love dovey Nezumi - Shion ! ♥♥I was like 'boys stop flirting and just kiss already!'But at the end of the book, I spotted a TSTL character!Yes, you're rite, it's Safu!Also I'm a bit confuse with that former journalist role here.I meant, I thought that Karan's note was will reveal bigger thing other than a former youth crush right?!Still, it's a delightful read!

Read as a fan-translation here.Look, all I am sayin' is that this series seems to be really good at mixing things that are Awesome and things that are Ridiculous in almost equal measure.


I love how Shion is not remotely fazed by Nezumi. It's awesome.

The journey continues with more revelations of this dystopia world. This book also introduces new friends and foes that I expect to see more in the future. What I love most in vol.2 is still the exchange between two main characters: Nezumi, harsh, cruel and sarcastic yet gentle and protective of Shion; and Shion, naive, kind but can be fiercely strong when it comes to Nezumi. Two different people, one living outside the wall, the other inside, one fears the light, the other immersed in it. But m [...]

Sigo diciéndolo: me sorprende que me esté gustando tanto la novela ligera, siendo que el animu fue uno más de la lista. Probablemente se deba a que en el texto, conocemos más acerca de lo que piensan y sienten los personajes, y no es algo tan simple y banal como una sucesión de escenas.Me agrada mucho más Nezumi aunque puedo entender la ideología de Shion, y es curioso cómo dos personas tan diferentes llegan a tener algo en común, y cómo un mismo hecho tiene diferentes perspectivas y c [...]

Following the events from volume one, Shion has come to terms with his brush with death, and the fact that he may be trapped in the West Block outside No. 6 forever. He’s adjusting to life underground and below the radar, and learning from his mistakes as he goes. The young teen travels out into the main part of the Block, and comes face to face with the reality of the world outside his alloy walls, and the fact that life is a cruel and harsh game that no one has ever survived. But unlike the [...]

En este tomo comienzan a ponerse las cartas sobre la mesa. Ya se establece mucho mejor el panorama respecto al conflicto de los personajes y, del mismo modo, podemos conocer más a los personajes.No quiero comparar la novela con el animé —del que tengo recuerdos poco claros—, así que no lo haré, me limitaré a hablar de la novela.Me gustó poder ver diferentes puntos de vista, aunque ciertamente el relato está más centrado en el POV de Shion, pero en esta ocasión aprendimos más de Nez [...]

The translation is a bit awkward and unclear at times, with some verb tense consistency problems, but overall it's still understandable and seems to have captured the atmosphere well.Regarding the story itself, I have to say the relationship between Nezumi and Shion is one of the most beautiful relationships I've seen. Despite his bitter words, Nezumi treasures Shion a lot, and it's almost tragic imagining those two being enemies, if that's what happens later on (though I don't think it will hap [...]

"It is 2017. After being chased from No. 6, sixteen-year-old Shion sees the outside world, and its reality, for the first time. What was it that I thought I knew? What have I been seeing all this time? Shion strives to live through every day he spends with Nezumi, but he is confronted with a fateful question― "Me, or No. 6 - which one do you choose?" Fate accelerates, and bears down upon the two."We get to know which purpose No.6 was founded for. I belive this to be partially the 2 nd volumes [...]

yeyyyy selesaiiii selesaiii biasa, lama gara2 tidak gokus baca 1 buku saja. yah gitu dehsooo nih buku oke nya. 1. tamattt nya boooo kerennnnn. analognya si Nezumi bikinnn awwww . enggak kuat. jadi oengen ngelus2 tuh anak. lol2. hubungan nezumi n sion meningkat drastis boooo. biiin awww di mana mana he he he.3. kejujuran sion buhahahaha ampun deh tuh anak, bisa2nya ngomong hal memalukan seperti itu. nezumi, sabar yahhh sabar4. ada dooogggyyy cute dogenggak oke nya1. ada cewe payah aka safu. huh, [...]

Read a fan-translation of this here. :)We learn more about Nezumi in this volume. He really is more of a jerk here than in the anime, but haha, I guess it's his charm. Nezumi's sarcasm and Shion's honesty actually go together pretty well in the sense that you know there's drama but it doesn't go over the top. It's just the right amount of drama to twist your heart a bit and feel for these two boys.In this volume, Shion (as well as the readers) finally gets a taste of what it's really like in the [...]

3.5 . Sometimes the writer gives so many explanations for her characters' actions, as if we're not paying attention to the story It gets a little bit annoying. But anyway I'm really enjoying the series.

Lei esto de una traduccion de un sitio de fans igual que anteriormente no difiere demasiado de lo que para en el manga aun no veo el anime pero ciertamente lo hare pronto :p me sigue encantando el caracter de nezumi :p y todo su odio haceia una ciudad

Another beautiful addition to the No.6 series, this book had me enraptured with the development between Shion and Nezumi's friendship. I am looking very much forward to the next one.

Help x2

4 stars.


wow how are these guys only 16

Another volume down, moving along to the next!I'm a huge, huge, huge fan of the animated series, and this novel version is just as wonderful. le sigh.

¿Por qué incluso cuando sé todo lo que va a pasar duele? ¡¿POR QUÉ?!

naprawdę dobrze się czyta xD trochę jak fanfika, ale jeśli już to takiego niezłego ;)

me: rate this based on the writing style & all the weird things the narrative was doingalso me: why not rate it based on how gay it was,,,,

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