Thunder Oak

Garry Douglas Kilworth

Thunder Oak

Thunder Oak

  • Title: Thunder Oak
  • Author: Garry Douglas Kilworth
  • ISBN: 9780552545464
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Paperback

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Long ago, long before Sylver the weasel was born, the humans all left Welkin Now life for a weasel under the heavy paw of the vicious stoat rulers is pretty miserable unless you happen to be a weasel who likes living in a hovel and toiling all hours for the benefit of the stoats.It s certainly not enough for Sylver Or for his small band of outlaws, both jacks andLong ago, long before Sylver the weasel was born, the humans all left Welkin Now life for a weasel under the heavy paw of the vicious stoat rulers is pretty miserable unless you happen to be a weasel who likes living in a hovel and toiling all hours for the benefit of the stoats.It s certainly not enough for Sylver Or for his small band of outlaws, both jacks and jills but slingshots and darts can only do so much against heavily armed stoats and life as an outlaw has a fairly limited future probably a painful one, too That s when Sylver comes up with his plan a heroic plan that could destroy the stoats reign of power for ever He will find the humans, and bring them back to Welkin And the first step is to follow up a clue from the past a clue that lies in a place known as Thunder Oak

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Diese und weitere Rezensionen findet ihr auf meinem Blog Anima Libri - BuchseeleRezensionsexemplar, zur Verfügung gestellt vom Verlag im Austausch für eine ehrliche Rezension ♥Tierfantasy ist ja sowieso meiner Meinung nach immer etwas, das ganz schnell schief gehen kann, wenn man sich als Leser z.B. einfach nicht mit dem Tier, das vermenschlicht wird, anfreunden kann. Allerdings fand ich das Cover zum ersten „Weasels“-Band so lustig und dachte mir, ich probiere dieses Buch einfach mal au [...]

I was looking for fiction books about weasels and happened to come across this on . I bout it and was very exited wen it arrived. I really wanted to like this book, I really did. But it had issues that bothered me and ruined my enjoyment. The biggest problem for me was the characters. This book had so many main protagonist that I could not remember there names. Also the personalities themselves were so flat and some didn't even have personalitys. The leader of the group, Syver (I think that his [...]

Original review posted hereThis is a book series I read and loved as a child, but haven’t picked up in a long time. I was a little worried that it wouldn’t have aged as well as I would have hoped – you know how it is with some things you read or watched as a child: you think they’re wonderful when you’re 10 but not so much as you get older.I guess there were some elements of this that weren’t as good as I remember. I am a good 15 years older though, and my tastes/reading age have cha [...]

When I picked up Thunder Oak I was expecting something similar to the Redwall series, and I was pleased to find that it was as such, and more! The story follows several characters in the land of Welkin, an island long abandoned by humans. In their absence the animals took over and statues came to life. Sylver, a weasel, and leader of a band of outlaws, sets out on a journey to find the humans. However, not all the animals wish for the human's return, because if such a thing were to happen, the a [...]

A lovely animal fantasy story, similar basis to Brian Jacques Redwall series - a bit like a combination of Redwall and Robin Hood really.Obviously this is targetted towards the young adult readership, but I do feel it is a little over simplified in places - such as how the sheriff is always on their tail on their quests, but when the weasels are home in half moon wood having loud celebrations, he's somehow never around hmm. I'm also not that impressed with how rats are made out to be evil creatu [...]

Not a bad series, but it's frankly a rip-off of the Redwall series (cross with Sherlock Holmes) by Brian Jacques, and Brian Jacques did it better (Brian Jacques actually has a balanced cast of characters, and his main character isn't just a male Gary Stu). Not badly written, but needs a heck of a lot more to be brilliant.

Absolutely fantastic a super read for all ages. Filled with excellent situations exepsional plot and writing. An absolute classic a masterpiece gary kilwoth does it again with this excellent novel.Moving on to book two which i am super executed for. 5 out of 5 stars, a must read!

I picked up the first 3 of this series at a used bookstore while on vacation. I've never heard of them before, but I think they may be just the think to feed my childhood love of Rats of NIMH.

Meine Rezension zum Buch findet ihr auf unserem Blog:fluesternderbuecher.d

Awesome fun! Must read the rest of the series sometime soon :) My only quibble would be it was a bit simplistic at times - they got out of some of those scrapes awfully easily xD

Good introduction to another land of animal conflict. The story flows through each book of the series. At first glance, Weasels are probably not an animal from which you might create a hero.

This was a favourite growing up as a kid. Simple writing, nice story, can't find third book

An imaginative fairly addictive story.

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